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#1 Record Import

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  • Album vinyle (31 mars 2009)
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  • Format : Import
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Par pirates le 31 octobre 2015
Achat vérifié
dommage que alex chilton (the letter) n'est pas connu la gloire avec big star c'est très bien que l'on réédite ses albums pour un artiste de la pop mais américain et bien aussi au site
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Amazon.com: 6 commentaires
Check Out this Amazing New Band Yo 22 octobre 2014
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur Amazon.com
This is not one of those you will either like it or hate it albums, and you don't have to be a sophisticated audiophile to be cool and understand Big Star. Big Star was ahead of their time, but not in a Flaming Lips sort of way, whose time is still down the road. Big Star recorded and wrote this album in 1971, over the course of many months, and it was released in 1972. The music on it should have been Top 40 in 1972, but could have been considered grunge, alt rock, or any other category from the mid 80's on. R.E.M., The Replacements, Yo La Tengo, and a host of other bands openly praise the influence Big Star had on their career. Big Star, and Badfinger in England, were the two bands that basically invented power pop music. In my opinion, so put your cursors down, internet police.

I firmly believe that I could repackage this album and make up a fake band name and get it air play today. I am certain if the song in the Streets is left off, or I make a big deal about my fake band loving that song so much they covered it, this album would be considered groundbreaking today. Not bad for 42 years old. If you don't own this album get it.

Side One

The album starts with the song Feel . Give the song 30 seconds, and there is an amazing break in the full sounding 70's noise into a great Chris Bell "Feel like I am dying" lyric that makes you realize this isn't Rush or other 70's noise, this is genius.

Second song, Ballad of El Goodo, is a great Alex Chilton song with some tempered cynicism and a sort of admission that he may not in fact have been up against "unbelievable odds" but is definitely up against "strong odds." The lyrics in this changed over time, and a live version has a great stand or fall line at the end that the original here doesn't. Who cares, though, this song is amazing. Every power pop song needs a sing along line. Not Chilton's, he delivers two. Try not singing to "there aint no one gonna turn me round" or "Hold on". If you can refrain from singing along put this album down and pick up that copy of the robin Thicke album he wrote, then didnt write, Big Star isnt for you.

Track 3 is "In the Streets". I don't watch much tv, so I had no idea the world know of Big Star. That 70's show uses a cover version of a portion of In The Streets" , by Cheap Trick, which does a good version of this classic, as its opening theme song. I have no idea if the show is good, but the fact a new generation knows of Big Star is great.

Track 4 is Thirteen. The segue from Feel to El Goodo to In the Streets made me wonder what power pop gem was coming next. Thirteen comes on, and it is mind blowing how the tempo changes. Often times a tempo change to a ballad is a bad thing for a record, but when the song is as strong as Thirteen it is tremendous. Thirteen grabs you by the gut at first, then your heart later. The writing is credited to Chilton and Bell, Chilton is singing, but the nature of the lyrics leads me to believe Bell wrote this. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

Tracks 5 and 6, Don't Lie to Me, and The India song, almost seem like toss aways. This is nothing against the songs, it is a product of just how strong the first four songs are. You can only take so much, and Bell and Chilton work their magic so well in the first four songs I was drained. Don't Lie to Me is a great little hard rocking number that really sounds radio friendly for the time. It is a great song, and if it didn't follow four amazing songs it would receive a lot more time from me.

Track 6, The India song, may have been intended as a throw away, but it has a lot of charm and creates a really nice image in the mind. The song is sung by Chilton, but was written by bassist Andy Hummel. The music is a contrast to the hard driving or very soft tempo on the first five songs, and it almost sounds like it doesn't fit. It fits great, though, as it serves as sort of a mental vacation from the issues brought up by the first song, yet it reflects the issues really well. The song starts with " I'd like to go to India, live in a little white house in the forest, I'd like to go to India, drink gin and tonic play a grand piano and read a few books." At first it sounds like a nice relaxing image, and I sort of want to go to india and do the same, but then he drops the bomb "Far away from what saddens my heart, Try to Live Away from it. " The gin and tonic soaked r and r is not what I thought. Great song, definitely no space filler.

Side two is mind blowing. Even with the ballad Thirteen, this album promises to be something of a rocker. Song 7, the first song on side 2, is When My Baby's Beside Me. this song leads the listener to the conclusion this is a complex, but mostly straight forward album. This is a rocking song about probably Chilton's, but maybe Bell's, confidence when their significant other is around. There are a couple of hints, I guess, in the song, that maybe the album is going to take a turn,

Track 8, The second song of side 2 is "My Life is Right", a haunting song. It starts slow, picks up the pace, but the lyrics are clearly the work of Chris Bell more than Chilton. I am sure it is a collaborative effort, but "lonely day's of uncertainty, they disappear when your near me" sounds more like Bell. A great song.

Track 9 The third song of side 2 is another I am sure Bell had a big say on. This song can't be described, just listen to it, it is heart breaking. You can't sum up a song that ends with "Don't give up on me so fast, I see it's the end, its wrong at last, Give me another chance." I cant summarize this, listen to it, it is worth the couple of minutes.

Try Again is Track 10, and this is where I started to realize that sort of melancholy feeling only a nut like I can get. I had this when I heard Revolver, Rubber Soul, Space Oddity, Velvet Underground and Nico, and a few more. When I get towards the end of something that is truly shaping up to be a life changing album I am sad that I can never hear it again for the first time. That can't be classified as a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person. Anyway, this is where it happened. This song is what I am assuming is Bell's pain. What for, I don't know. Again, you have to listen. The lyrics tell the reader the pain, but Chris Bell's voice shows he is living it. A heartbreaking song.

Track 11 Watch the Sunrise is the penultimate song on the album, and for a moment I thought we are going to end on a happy note. Then the lyrics roll by, and I got the impression happy is not exactly where the song, album, or band for that matter, are headed. What seems like optimism, watching the sunrise, soon falls into "I can feel it, now it's time, Open your eyes, Fears be gone it won't be long, There's a light in the sky. It's okay, to look outside, your love it will abide, an' watch the sunrise." The end. Abide what? What is the other person opening their eyes to? Who is the other person. A lot my questions from this song stem from what I read about Chris Bell, and how confused and pained he was. Maybe this is just a nice song about watching the sun come up, but both Chilton and Bell sing lead, and there is a haunting contrast between Chilton's optimistic reading and Bell's more melancholy reflection.

Track 12 One more song, the final song, and this is where you will know if you like Big Star or not. ST 100/6. This is a very short song, and one that I believe sums up the entire Big Star story. The song clocks in at 1:01. If you are expecting a loud ending, a Bob Mould type riff, and a goodbye, like I was, take some nitro. This is a quiet, melodic acoustic song where each strum tugs on your heart. This is a brilliant ending, because just like the song Thirteen you are left wondering how this ended. Did the friendship get fixed, did the person love him again?

This song is actually about the band's issue with how long it was taking to put the album out, with ST 100/6 being an imaginary catalog number they came up with, but in retrospect this song speaks to me. "Love me again, be my friend, I need you now, I'll show you somehow." Then it ends. I had to check to see if I accidentally hit stop. No.

Like I said, according to what many say, this song was a last minute addition by the band with a tongue in cheek style title. I can't imagine the band knew they were done, or that this would be the end of this version of Big Star, but it sure sounds like someone is psychic. Songs have a context, but context is perspective driven. When the band wrote this song and put it on the album it may be that this was a toss away. To me, however, this was a song Chris wrote to or about Alex. I had wondered if something went wrong, something between them, but had no idea who Big Star was and no context.

When I first heard it, however, I had no idea of that context. There was no internet when I first heard the album, and there was no book on big star. I learned the big star story from older music junkies. And not "the" big star story, the story they heard. After Number one record tanks, due to distribution problems, air play, but not critical reviews, the album was overwhelmingly popular with critics, Chris Bell had a melt down and destroyed the masters. Ultimately he left the band. The old music junkies, the guys who hung around Hegewisch Records near me, heard from a friend of a friend who knew some long haul truck driver who also sold smack in Memphis...... No credibility, so I wont repeat it.

As time went on rumors still fly about Bell, Chilton, Big Star, the break up, why the label tanked the record, why the band intentionally tanked the record, .... Three of the four musicians on this album, Bell, Chilton, and Hummel, are dead. The drummer, Jody Stephens, isn't talking. All of the rumors I heard way back, and the crap I read now, really mean nothing. That last song means something to me. As it will you, and likely something different, if you love Big Star. If you don't, well, not everything is for everyone.
the Motherload 7 novembre 2014
Par Michael L. Knapp - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
In the history of rock only a handful of albums are absolutly must haves. Think Sgt Peppers, Velvet Underground& Nico, Let It Bleed, Who's Next, Pet Sounds, Paranoid, Thriller, House Of Holy, etc. BigStar #1 Recordbelongs near the top of any list. One of the greatest rock albums of all time was never delivered into the hands of the public because of a label unable to even manufacture & distribute a product. Incredible reviews set up a demand that was unable to be met. Like the first VU album just about everybody who did get a copy started a band. Their influence was so profound that mony people now who hearthem for the 1st time say "hey, that sounds like (fill in the blank)". Not true. (Fill in the blank) sounds like Big Star. You need to hear every album in their slim volume of work but this is the place to start. As far as this pressing goes, whch replaces a drastically worn original copy, is a very clean and strong sounding vinyl pressing that replicated the original packaging. You owe it to yourself to have this album. Make it happen.
Beautiful Album 2 juillet 2015
Par JE - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Outstanding record. I wish that the person who first tried to turn me on to Bog Star had given me #1 Record instead of Third/Sister Lovers. They're both great, but #1 is a bit more approachable I think. The vinyl sounds great and has no flaws I can see.
If u like... 11 janvier 2015
Par One KING - Publié sur Amazon.com
Just about the earliest & most classic post-beatles pop-rock. Along with RUNDGREN & a few others. Just really cool & naked stuff.
incredible album 5 décembre 2014
Par R. Gray - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
incredible album that i am glad i purchased ,what more is there to say ?
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