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le 13 août 2013
This thriller felt very feminine to me; nearly all the main characters are women, half the victims, and quite a few relevant characters. There was a lot of hugging, feeling, crying, talking about feelings, feeling overwhelmed, shocked, reaaaally angry etc. After all, why not? The main characters (the women in the 'Murder Club') are endearing and smart - this really wasn't about being badass and macho. They complain about their bosses and the condition of women, but honestly they're fine, and there is no character you actually want to strangle, or despise, no backstabbing office weasel, no lecherous boss, no sadistic coworker, or drummer neighbor...
The writer is also sympathetic and compassionate because the many chapters (97!) are quite short, and although they seem to want to end in cliffhangers.... well they don't, and Patterson picks up the thread right were he left it, every time. No ellipses, no wondering what happened - sometimes we see an event unfolding, then one character tells another what happened and we're treated to the scene all over again - it can even happen a third time, just in case we missed anything. Ok, ok, we get it. I am used to a harsher treatment at the hands of most writers (unexpected changes in point of view, flashbacks, hidden ellipses, no setting etc), so this feels considerate - if a bit slow.
I'll grab the rest sometime, just to see if things pick up a bit.
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le 13 mars 2006
J'avais déjà lu un livre de cet auteur sans être emballée plus que cela. Mais 1st to die est une véritable réussite.
L'écriture est sûre et concise. Les personnages attachants... et le tueur diabolique. PAs une seconde de répit pour le lecteur, qui se retrouve littéralement embarqué dans les aventures de Lindsay et de ses copines super-nanas du Women's murder club.
Je le recommande chaudement à tous les amateurs de polars!
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le 8 août 2014
Most of the book is written at the first person. This person being a woman, the writer has beeb incapable of impregnating with feminine psychology.In fact it is mostly distant platitude and when he seems to remember that his hero is a woman, it becomes girlish. The plot is totally predictable; the way the heroin progresses towards the solution owes more to divination than intelligence, when she is not the impotent witness of uncontrollable elements.
The secondray plots, her illness and her affair with a colleague, are quite in line with the actual trend of "chick-lit".
The other feminine members of the "club" are treated merely as any secondary character in any book.
The fact that Patterson has sold dozens of million copies tells a lot about the poor level of expectation of the book-reading community.
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le 30 août 2013
De la littérature de gare sans grand intérêt. L'auteur aligne les stéréotypes pour séduire une clientèle à l'évidence féminine, et ne recule devant aucun lieu commun.
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