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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 14 juin 2010
It seems there are no more words of praise to be heaped upon Dick Hill's readings. As audio book aficionados know he's a whiz at thrillers, although he does a variety of genres. Hill has been named a Golden Voice and a Voice of the Century by AudioFile magazine, and has a trio of Audie Awards. His name on an audio edition promises an exciting voice performance. He has said that he takes a visual approach to narrating books, noting "I have a visual picture of the scene" He's such a pro that even when the scene shifts from day to night he subtly shifts his voice to show the change. If he's not already on the top of your list of voice performers he surely will be after you hear him deliver this Jack Reacher thriller.

Just as Hill is at the top of his game so is Lee Child with this his 14th Reacher novel. Most are already hooked on this series - if you're not you will be after 13 hours of the best listening entertainment around.

Yep the iconic Reacher is back, the six footer who takes big risks and wins every fight. He has hands the size of "supermarket chickens" and a brawn to match. Toss in street savvy plus braininess and you have him. This time out we find him on a tour bus loaded with elderly passengers tooling across South Dakota until the bus skids off the road. No surprise that the weather in that state isn't exactly welcoming - blizzard conditions and the wind chill is diving to 50 below.

Bolton is the nearby town. Unfortunately the few motels are full because the relatives of those in a correctional facility have taken all the rooms. Residents welcome the elderly but not Reacher. What could possibly be going on in a town the size of Bolton? For starters there's a strange old Army installation that is now headquarters for drug dealers, an older woman who claims to have witnessed a drug deal (not a good thing to claim if you're interested in longevity), there's Plato (a Mexican drug lord), and, of course, an attractive woman.

Child shows his chops with an ending that leaves all wanting more, and Dick Hill makes us shiver not only with the deadly cold but because of a fierce assassin intent on doing his job.

- Gail Cooke
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le 2 janvier 2012
Jack Reacher was a brilliant MP major until Uncle Sam retired him in a major downsizing campaign. Born on a West Berlin army base, he received his final marching orders on another army base. Since then JR has lived a nomadic life in the US, without livestock or baggage, buying a full set of clothes every 4 days.

This 14th adventure finds him in the ice-cold small town of Bolton, SD. Only John Sandford writing about Minnesota in winter, Martin Cruz Smith in his wintry Soviet/Russian thrillers starring Arkady Renko and Lionel Davidson in his masterpiece "Kolymsky Heights" situated in Siberia, rival LC's horrific account of moving about in South Dakota in extreme winter weather..

On this occasion, Lee Child elevates JR to new heights school-wise, adding more countries to his CV and more feats accomplished on active duty: his secret personal file has 73 separate entries about his efficient execution of duties (in and out of service) and his rare lapses of judgment or overreaction. Otherwise, readers and reviewers love him as the thinking man's action hero: great powers of induction and deduction, physical prowess and "knowing 5 seconds ahead of everyone else what is going on". Simple good manners and his wish to move on also endear him to local law enforcement.

This thriller targets secret buildings from WW II, such as a small brick house in the prairie west of Bolton SD, its contents guarded by a posse of speed-trading bikers on behalf a ruthless crime boss called Plato, from Brazil or Mexico. A truly chilling book with at least three undeserving casualties..But not an open and shut case. Lee Child truly shocked and enraged his fans by ending this tale with a simple sentence: to be continued. [The sequel is called “Worth fighting for” ]
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le 8 janvier 2014
I just love this unconventional character and had the feeling to travel in that part of the USA, getting a real feeling of what life is like there .A gripping thriller.
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le 7 avril 2015
Je recommande ce livre de la série des Jack Reacher à tous les amoureux du héros. Le déroulement de l'histoire ne me semble pas aussi sophistiquée que celles déjà lues, néanmoins le suspense reste présent du début à la fin.
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le 27 novembre 2014
...un suspense très entraînant, une lecture en anglais relativement accessible et même si on a des difficultés en anglais, le suspense est tel qu'on se force à faire des efforts pour continuer...jusqu'au bout.
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le 30 juin 2013
lee child is beginning to take his popularity to the extremes. this book is o/k. but the credibility suffers when you find out that one of his books has been made into a film by a very small actor. sad!
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le 11 février 2013
Une fois commencé , le chronomètre s enclenche et il est impossible de s interrompre ! Sans parler du froid qui vous saisi à l image de ce qui est décrit . Un régal .
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le 31 juillet 2014
Le premier livre de mon auteur aori qui, d'apres moi a été écrit par unj nègre( gost). C'est lent--Ca traine de partout...
C'est pitoyable...Etc...Etc...
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le 19 avril 2014
It looks like this book is followed by another, as the story looks unfinished, but I cannot find the tittle of that one! Help please. Thank you.
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le 28 avril 2014
Bon bouquin, style agréable, les personnages secondaires sont un peu superficiellement traités mais c'est clair cela se laisse lire !
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