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Polyhedron Runner

de Alex Swan
Note : Tout âge

Prix : EUR 0,71 Prix TTC si applicable.
Vendu par : Amazon Media EU Sarl
Disponible instantanément
Langues prises en charge : Anglais

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Dernières mises à jour

Quoi de neuf dans la version 0.1.5 ?
  • Now more visually appealing!

Détails sur le produit

Caractéristiques du produit

  • Continuously move through a series of polyhedrons.
  • Unlock achievements.
  • See your ranking on the global leader board.
  • Control screen sensitivity.
  • Pick up and play.

Description du produit

Fly through an endless assault of polyhedrons at breakneck speed. Rotate shapes to find the gaps, or get sent hurtling back to oblivion.

Détails techniques

Taille : 13,3MB
Version : 0.1.5
Développé par : Alex Swan
Autorisations d'application : ( Aidez-moi à comprendre ce que les autorisations signifient )
  • Ouvrir les ports du réseau
  • Accéder aux informations sur les réseaux
Système d'exploitation minimal : Android 2.3
Temps de téléchargement approximatif : Moins de 2 minutes

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Commentaires client les plus utiles

Par Aube le 7 mai 2014
Achat vérifié
Ce n'est pas de la mauvaise volonté, j'y ai passé presque 20 minutes et je ne suis pas arrivé à voir autre chose que le menu… Pourtant, d'autres applications utilisant le moteur Unity fonctionnent très bien sur mon Note 3...

Le seul point positif c'est que grâce à cette application j'ai découvert Amazon GameCircle qui, apparemment, permet enfin une gestion des sauvegardes dans le cloud (façon Steam) sur appareils mobiles.
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Achat vérifié
J ai cherché plusieurs minutes avant de comprendre le fairplay...
C est très difficile dès le début, peu de progression dans le level design... mais c est addictif. Peu varié dommage.
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Par trouillet le 17 juillet 2014
Achat vérifié
Un petit jeu qui fait passer le temps mais rien de formidable non plus. Juste pratique de l'avoir eu gratuit.
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Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon.com (beta)

Amazon.com: 89 commentaires
31 internautes sur 35 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
New Updates 09May14 7 mai 2014
Par Tinfoot - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
~The developer has addressed issues provided by FAOTD feedback, including my own, so many of the negative, existing reviews may be addressing faults no longer present in this game. I have completely revised my own review in light of the updates. ~

For those who dig Runner-type games, POLYHEDRON RUNNER has a few good features: a neat techno-house soundtrack, minimal permissions and an interesting concept. You guide an avatar through an infinite rainbow series of 3D shape-gates. Simple and, yes, repetitious, but it may just be the ticket for those looking to Zen-Out the mind.

Network Permissions - The game now integrates Amazon GameCircle, but it doesn't popup every time you beat your previous score. Nice and unobtrusive, how I like optional social media.

In the way of extra eye candy, this game is fairly bare bones yet sharp. The soundtrack is limited to one repeating techno loop, but the loop is kinda cool, catchy and lends itself to the game atmosphere (there is now an option to mute music if you rather grok your own). I did have slight visual issue, as the guided shape-avatar is white and blends rather well against the occasional white background. The new, brief tutorial pauses while you experiment with directional steering, which is far more responsive than previously. The tutorial only appears while you have a Best Score of three gates or less.

For mindless chilling at home or blanking out the argument you had earlier with your boss, POLYHEDRON RUNNER will provide a minimalistic Zen escape.
15 internautes sur 19 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Cool Concept, Challenging Play 7 mai 2014
Par Bruce Wyxv - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
===== EDIT =====
The developer just updated the app to address the two playability issues I discuss below. I feel this app is now worth a full 5 stars!

Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

The concept was quite clever. I was able to figure out the controls very quickly, although the actual game play is much more challenging.

The game is also known as '138', perhaps a tribute to the fact that for the first few tries you only make it through 1 shape, then improve to two or 3, then get the hang of it and start getting better to 8+. The shapes indicate that you have successfully passed through their opening by changing color.

I would appreciate seeing future development that would improve game play:
1) The outside shape can get in the field of view as you are trying to rotate around and get set up for the incoming shape. I think that this could be solved by changing the opacity of the outside shape once you pass through the opening.
2) After you fail your path is retraced back out through all the previous shapes. Although cool in concept, it felt like the 'end-game' process took too long after the 7 shapes I was able to get. This needs some tweaking, maybe just a simple shatter with slow-motion pan of the shape you just collided with.

Overall, I though it was fun and will be keeping this on my Note 3. 5 stars for creativity, the challenge, and props for an apparently independent developer. -1 star for minor game play impediments. I had to play with my volume off so I have no comment on the soundtrack.
26 internautes sur 35 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Not worth free, sorry! :-/ 7 mai 2014
Par JUSTME - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
That's a lot coming from me since I try out all the apps when they're for free...and I can't imagine spending money for this (especially when I will blow $3 in a fav game in order to get to another level! Sad, but true when you're frustrated! Haha)!

First, the ONLY directions that are provided are p oupon introduction to download the game. So, you open it hours, minutes, or days later and have no clue what the actual objective is. Even the name of the game is different! Why 138? Is that the highest score? Lol!

Second, the actual objective is almost impossible to obtain. I did try several times, but I could not stear it quick enough. There are no settings to amend the game to individual likings (other than some up/down slider that didn't change the speed at all. I do like it that it is associated with Game Circle, so scores are kept track of...IF you ever catch any shapes that is.

Third, and lastly...no settings mean you can't turn on/off that annoying techno music among other items.

Sorry Mr. Alex Swan, with a few minor tweaks it could be a fun, easy-going, mindless-numbing game (which is a good thing if you need a stress reliever). It was a waste of my time and if others do download it, and happen to enjoy it and beat 138 Kudos! I would rather throw some mad birds around space. :)
17 internautes sur 23 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Wasn't very fun or interesting 7 mai 2014
Par Cherry Prower - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Don't hate me here, it's a cool concept, but it's nothing great.
The controls were kind of clunky and annoying, which is the only truly bad thing. (Other than GameCircle, which gives it full internet access.)
The music and graphics were alright, but nothing to throw 99 cents on.
One thing I found weird and maybe somewhat suspicious is that the game is apparently called '138' instead of 'Polyhedron Runner'. Was it coded wrong? Is it just a mistake? Either way, it isn't very professional of the company to tell you an app is called one thing when you download it and then something else entirely once you play.
It immensely reminded me of Super Hexagon, which is better in my opinion. I honestly don't think it's even worth 99 cents, so try it out today before you have to pay.
EDIT: Because I downloaded and reviewed the app at around 4 AM, I decided to give it another chance, seeing as my mind was probably weird and foggy at that point. After replaying it a few times, it started to get a bit addicting. (My best score is still 7, though.) I looked at the GameCircle leaderbored to see what the lowest score was, to see if I could make it on the leaderbored. It was something around 23, and I played for a few more minutes at a time to try and get at least that. Anyway, aside from the addicting value once you get used to it, the app in itself could use a bit of polishing. The graphics are mediocre, but they don't really suck you in. Seeing as you're in a black void, maybe some stars or something in the background would make it prettier? The music is alright, but I do wish for a way to make it louder or quieter without using the tablet itself. The camera angle could use some serious polishing; I often think I'm for SURE going to get in the hole, but I get stuck way far away from the entrance.
All in all, it's an alright app, and I've raised it two stars from my original review. I think it just might stay on my Kindle Fire for when I have some time to kill.
9 internautes sur 12 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Great idea, iffy gameplay (Edited after recent updates) 7 mai 2014
Par Raz - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
The limited permissions appealed to me, idea behind this is interesting, and it moves nicely once I figured out the minimal controls- slider on the left for sensitivity, double arrow to start, then anywhere on the screen during gameplay to move the prisms to the open side to progress. The music isn't bad, either.

But after the first few tries, a major annoyance cropped up- after the little runner polyhedron passes into a prism, it's quite common for the player's view to be cut off trying to get to the next opening, which means that the only way to progress is often literally blind luck.

So to the developer, you've got a good start, but in order for players to actually want to play, there needs to be 1) an auditory or visual marker to note when you've passed through an opening, and 2) a transparency effect after that marker to be able to continue forward. It would also be nice to have just a bit more contrast between the exterior and interior of the prisms, but that's of less urgency than not being able to see at all.

EDIT: Since the first posting of my review, the developer has added transparency and a visual cue to show you've passed through one shape toward the next, as well as a music control. :D It's still tricky and often frustrating, but in a way that encourages me to keep at it, now. Thank you, Developer Alex, for not only taking criticism as a challenge rather than an insult, but for keeping with it and improving this game. Very cool to see.
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