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The sequel to the hugely successful 'All Creatures Great and Small' does not disappoint. James Alfred Wight (writing under the pen name of James Herriot) gives us another funny, loving, entertaining, enlightening, delightful look into the life of a country vet. This time the narrative is less direct and instead we get a series of short stories (not always in strict chronological order) still vibrant with the (sometimes infuriating) personalities of both men and beasts, and alive with Herriot's deep love of the Dales and the challenging job he has embraced. One of my all-time favourite literary characters features in several of the anecdotes: the smooth, classy, unflappable Grenville Bennett, with his immaculate surgery, and his elegant, gorgeous wife whom James is destined to always meet while in the reduced state of a gibbering idiot. The spectre of WW2 hangs over the land and the book ends with one last successful intervention on a dog before James is called to arms.

If you enjoyed the first book, you will most likely love this sequel. There is a little more factual detail on the veterinary side of things but the same infectious humour prevails and the funny bits are still hilarious even when we know what's coming. A classic, suitable for everyone, and which has stood the test of time.
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le 6 octobre 2011
On ne se lasse pas des récits de james Herriot . A recommander vivement à tous les amoureux des animaux .
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le 8 mai 2014
Most enjoyable reading and quite a lot of funny experiences. It shows how much progress has been made in the last 60 odd years and how difficult animal husbandry was out in the country.
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