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And the Truth Shall Set You Free (Anglais) Broché – septembre 1996

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Book by Icke David

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Exposing The Master Manipulators 1 novembre 2003
Par southpaw68 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Author David Icke has written a conspiracy book with a more liberal viewpoint than usual. He refers to a lot of New World Order researchers from the left and right and explains and summarizes various plots well. Conspiracy buffs may have heard of a lot of this material before, so I can't really say it's original. Icke subcribes to using your mind as your "flexible friend" rather "rigid taskmaster" chained to some dogma that rejects other ways of thinking. He has an interesting approach to his research and does not hesitate to criticize the left, the right, Darwinists, Christians, Jews, New Agers, or any belief system that claims to have an unerring dogmatic truth.

Icke has gotten into trouble for criticizing some Jewish organizations and when one talks of conspiracy theories, there are some who think that (wink wink) you are really just talking about the Jews. He has read some books that people critical of Jews have read and comes to different conclusions about the information he has discovered. He thinks that it is just a few Jews who have betrayed other Jews and are in cahoots with the New World Order. He explains how many Nazis were "Jewish" selling out their own people and supporting Hitler financially and otherwise, along with the ruling families of the Illuminati who were supposedly on the allied side. The allegedly Jewish Arthur Rosenberg, one of Hitler's own, is mentioned by Icke in the book. Icke also mentions Allen Dulles of US state department, a gentile who supported Hitler while seemingly on the Allied side. According to Icke, Hitler was part of the grand conspiracy, but was duped eventually by the people above him. Icke explains how the Illuminati creates most wars and then finances both sides my manipulating human nature. One gets the impression from reading that there are hardly any spontaneous wars. The wars also serve the purpose of centralizing the Illuminati's power over everyone. The Illuminati, according to Icke, are controlled by evil aliens who manipulate them.

Icke covers the issue of money, debts, and interest well and how the system is a scam to impoverish people. He says that the reason why the third world is so poor is that they are indebted so deeply to the world bank because of the interest on their debt. Eventually, the bank owned by the conspirators plans to own the third world's resources by swapping that debt for equity. The conspirators have also manipulated poor countries into growing cash crops instead of the subsistence crops that the people need to have to prevent starvation. This is one of the ways in which the population is reduced according to their plans. --"Could the reason why so many illegal aliens are coming into developed nations because they are being starved out at home?" I thought.

Icke also mentions that interest paid on money loaned out by the federal reserve is a scam and also interest charged on loans for homes. This interest is not necessary and impoverishes people while enriching the lenders who own the banks.

Icke believes in the equality of the races, despite differing IQ scores and civilizational achievements, I might add. He thinks that if a person or group believes themselves to be superior ruler or inferior victim, then they will be, creating this reality by their thinking. "Is this idea of his like the much maligned self-esteem movement?" I thought to myself, as I read. Usually you get people feeling really good about themselves, but they still can't read or write or add.

Icke's solution to our problems which he claims that we have created by our thinking is not violent. He thinks we should love, respect, and forgive ourselves and others, including the dark tyrants that we have created to turn us into slaves. We should also think for ourselves, respect other's right to think freely for themselves, and take on more personal responsibility, not leaving decisions up to our rulers. By changing our powerful thoughts, we change the world. In the end, he says to one of the dark ones: "I love you, Dr. Kissinger". --Ughh! How did we bring himself to say it!

Conpiracy theories may still remain on the fringe because people hesitate to condemn people that they don't know. Others believe that someone makes up conspiracy theories about the rich and powerful out of envy, fear, malice or for the profit motive, attention, or entertainment purposes. We also told so many things and have so many viewpoints, we don't know who to believe. The status quo reality and history is also comforting with heroes and villians all in their places. One does not like to feel liked they've been duped by a manipulator. Many read a conspiracy book and say that it could be true, but don't believe wholeheartedly in what the author says and therefore take no action to change the corrupt system that we all work for, buy from and invest in. However, I can't see how Icke gave up his high position in society to become an object of ridicule unless he sincerely believes in what he is saying.
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We create the world we want 15 août 2000
Par Cathleen M. Walker - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
A must for the shelf of any conspiracy researcher. While I was not always able to follow the threads of who knew whom and what their connections in history were, I know the documentation is there if I ever need it. The man knows whereof he speaks, and it is in our best interest to understand what he is trying to say. There are ugly things happening in this world, in this country (USA) and in this developing "Global Community," that we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to. It is crucial to become aware, to pay attention, and to understand what is happening. We won't be able to make a difference after the fact. We create the world we want. We can use the power of our minds and hearts to change the course of history. First, we must be aware. "Education" is not what you pay for in a University. Education is the power and the responsibility to think for yourself. Only then will we be free.
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WOW--What a Shocking Story! 3 août 2000
Par Un client - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I just finished reading this book and I have to say that I found this book extremely interesting, shocking, and disturbing. This book talks about murder conspiracies, secret societies, government and alien mind control,new world order, satanic ritual and child abuse and all the negative challenges this world is going through now. It also ends with his view on how we can positively transform the world. I made myself finish the book; even though I was quite upset when he described the horrific and sick torture and abuse of children. I wanted to get in my car and go looking for those secret wharehouses! Now I can no longer look at the faces of these politicians (like George Bush) and not think "monster"! I have worked within the federal government for 22 years and do know that UFOs and ETs do exist. I also know that many many people are being abducted, experimented on, and tagged. However, it was extremely hard for me to understand how all these people like Bush, Clinton, Gore, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and many others could get away with all those evil deeds and it not become public in some way? You know in this day and age someone always has a video camera, recorder, etc. I can only say that he has definetly strongly awakend my curiosity and I will be checking his facts. Again, you really have to finish this book, because it makes you want to find out if he is telling the truth. I found this book to be facinating reading. I will also be checking his other books to see if they are as good.
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An enlightening and eye-opening book. Bravo, Mr. Icke! 11 mars 2002
Par Erick Greenwalt - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I think that one of the greatest gifts any author can give us is an understanding of our world from a new perspective, even if that perspective isn't always comforting or conforms to our perception of reality.
It is my opinion that David Icke has done just that in this volume, he has produced a superlatively-writen work that is both scholarly in that he corobates most of his assetions as well as one that easy to read and liberating. When I first began to read Mr. Icke's earlier works, I balked at most what he wrote, but the more I thought about it, the more some of the seemingly-diseparate elements of the world, such a religion, science, and big business, came into focus for me and I realized that perhaps they weren't as unrelated as I may have at first assumed. That there may indeed be an insideous conspiracy to deprive humanity of it's freedom and spiritual heritage.
I think that the title is very apropiate, "Know the truth, and the truth will set you free." That is not to say that I think all of the contents are completely true, but there seems to me
that this book has a strong sense of versimilitude, if not actual truth. I think that this volume is essential for those who cannot stomach the garbage we are inundated with on a daily basis by the elite-dominated, sensationalistic mass media. I would also recomend Charlote Iserbyte's "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" and Zacharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles.
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A must read 22 janvier 2005
Par A. J. Palmer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
The gentleman David Icke's meteoric rise really has been astonishing and I cannot praise him enough. This book gives a pretty thorough precis of his work to date particularly in his historical analysis. I would describe it as all the history you were never taught at school and were too nervous to ask. The less open minded will naturally shy away and automatically ridicule all his theories but those willing to take a second look at world events will love his fact reappraisal. If you were never quite convinced when your history teacher told you a little serb shooting a Duke started the first world war, or that all the major world revolutions and civil wars just started as spontaneous revolts by hmmmm those 'revolting peasants' then this is the book for you. The conclusions though despite Icke's admirable philosophy is that the Elite evil doers really do have the upper hand and are strengthening it daily through their puppet politicians and huge mega multinationals that seem intent on destroying the human spirit.

I sincerely believe that to promote this book and the message within is the duty of every reader. The more people aware of this information the more chance we have. Let's take them on.
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