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Android Netrunner Lcg: Technologies d'Avenir paquet de données

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  • Descriptif produit: Android Netrunner Living Card Games Future Proof Data Pack
  • Age minimum : 8 ans
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Poids de l'article59 g
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)12,7 x 7,4 x 2,5 cm
Recommandation d'âge du fabricant :8 ans et plus
Langue(s)Anglais published, Anglais manual, Anglais original, Anglais
Référence fabricantFFGADN07
Produit à monter soi-mêmeNon
Batterie(s) / Pile(s) requise(s) Non
Batterie(s) / Pile(s) incluse(s) Non
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Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr1 mars 2013
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Descriptions du produit

Android Netrunner Lcg: Technologies d'Avenir paquet de données

- Descriptif produit: Android Netrunner Living Card Games Future Proof Data Pack
- Age minimum : 8 ans

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HASH(0x9f11cf80) étoiles sur 5 Another Solid Entry 6 juin 2013
Par Green Level Clearance - Publié sur Amazon.com
Netrunner is truly a game that just gets better and better. This data pack just adds to that. To the OCD people like me, you bought them all. But what if you are getting into Netrunner? Maybe you want to buy the more mandatory packs first. So where would this one fall? Let's rate every card. 0-5 is the scale we use. So on to the pack!

*Burke Bugs (0) Ok, maybe not the best card in the world to start this pack off with. But since I am going alphabetically, here goes. Easy to break. Easy to trash. And a base strength of 0 on the trace. Garbage.
*Corporate War (3) Good 4/2 agenda. Also can make the rich richer by giving you 7 credits. No bad pub required!
*Darwin (3) Solid Anarch breaker. Maybe not the most efficient. But easy to make it strong. Too bad there are virus counters and not power. Cause the corp can wipe them. The art is sweet though. A killer whale with legs? Cool.
*Data Leak Reversal (3) Looks like Joshua B. found a buddy! This card used with any kind of tag stick will really let you punish the corp. Trust me, they won't let that mill effect sit there too long!
*Dedicated Response Team (3) Nasty. Now granted I haven't seen this card get much play. But it is pretty powerful.
*Deep Thought (2.5) Not really sure how I feel about Deep Thought. It is a pretty cool effect. Powerful. But easy to wipe. And late game R&D runs can be rough to come by. And you need 3 successful runs to activate it. So close. But I don't think it is really that good.
*Eli 1.0 (5) The key to realizing how powerful this ice is, lies in understanding he's not a straight up end the run (ETR) ice. Most of the time the runner will get through. So why is he a five rating? Because he is so taxing. Either it costs them 2 additional clicks (50% of their turn!) to get through. Or they use a breaker and spend the sweet moolah. Up to July of 2014 there is no breaker that breaks him cheaply. This card is fantastic and very splashable!
*Faerie (4.5) Now I know this breaker gets trashed when you use it. But it is so efficient! And using some recurring tricks and it can get out of hand quickly!
*Flare (2.5) This card is ok. It can wreck the runner's face for sure. But it costs 9. And if they check it early they might not even have a hardware out. It's ok. Not special though.
*Indexing (4.5) Bazinga! Shaper's like their R&D lock. And this makes it so easy to do. Granted there are times this will completely whiff. But Jackson Howard didn't ruin this card like many proclaimed. Still very runnable even today.

*Midori (1.5) This is cool and all, but overall it's kinda weak. Maybe you can use some sweet tricks. It is definitely a good Jinteki flavored card. But just meh ultimately.
*Midseason Replacements (4.5) This card gives the runner nightmares! And using this with Beale can win you the game. Beale? We will be talking about that in a moment.
*Mr. Li (4.5) And yet another fantastic card. Makes card draw very efficient. And that's what it's all about.
*NBN: The World is Yours (4.5) Now we begin to see the emergence of NBN as a dominant corp. Some people refer to this card as the win is yours. It's a very powerful ID. Gives the core one a run for its money.
*New Angeles City Hall (3.5) Pretty solid card. Works well with Joshua B. or even Account syphon honestly. Saves you two clicks.
*Project Beale (4.5) It's a 3/2. The art is awesome. The ability is sweet. And when you use it with Midseasons + Psychographics from the core set, it's off the hook.
*R&D Interface (3.5) Shaper's want a piece of your R&D. This helps them do it.
*Retrieval Run (4) This card is a nice little cheat. What you do it overdraw to dump a Femme or another expensive program in your archives. Then run to get it for 3 credits.
*Ronin (3.5) Jinteki still messing with your head. This card forces the runner into hard choices. Because either they run the possible Junebug, or you wreck their hand with this. Lots of fun.
*Ruhr Valley (3) Very nasty card actually. Forces the runner to work to get it off the board. I think the trash cost might be a little low. Especially because of Whizzard.

Overall: So there you have it. The final data pack in the Genesis cycle! What a way to close it out. I think if you ever want to play NBN to it's best you need this one. Really every faction got something special. I'd say this is pretty high on the buy list.
2 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x9f1212ac) étoiles sur 5 A fine addition to the collection. 16 juin 2013
Par Dave - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Android: Netrunner is a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. A LCG is different from a Collectible Card Game (think Magic: The Gathering) because there is no rarity. Everything that releases will give you every card, and will give you enough copies of the card to provide a full compliment for a deck. This was a big plus - I knew it wouldn't be the money sink that Magic was - and I've decided to collect it all.

The main question that I ask when I look at one of these data packs is - Does this add something that makes me excited to build a new deck, try out some new combinations, modify an existing deck? The answer here, as has been the case with past data packs, is yes. The new NBN identity as well as the Project Beale agenda give me plenty of ideas, for example. I'm looking forward to integrating these cards into existing decks as needed.
HASH(0x9f1216e4) étoiles sur 5 Buy this data pack if you're an NBN player and The World Is Yours! 3 mars 2014
Par JD Woody - Publié sur Amazon.com
Reviewed by JD Woody, host of Live and Let Dice on adrenalineradio.com.
This is a great data pack, especially if you play NBN. You get a new megacorp identity (The World is Yours), a new agenda (Project Beale), a great piece of ICE in Flare, and the card Midseason Replacements which opens up a whole new combo! This time around HB gets Eli 1.0 and Ruhr Valley, Jinteki gets Midori and Ronin, and Weyland Consortium gets Burke Bugs and Dedicated Response Team. The neutral agenda Corporate War rounds things out for the corp.

Over on the `runner's side of things we have Darwin, Data Leak Reversal, and Retrieval Run for Anarch, Faerie and Mr. Li for Criminal, Deep Thought, Indexing, and R&D Interface for Shaper, and New Angeles City Hall is the lone `runner neutral card.

A great way to end a great cycle of data packs. Get this if you're NBN and get ready to fast advance!
HASH(0x9f1216b4) étoiles sur 5 Excellent Expansion 15 août 2013
Par KENNY LEE - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Netrunner is a great game, and this is an excellent expansion. Very well priced, especially if you have prime. I try to support my local gaming store, but this is a great place to buy your Netrunner cards if you don't have a brick and mortar store nearby. Plus it is cheaper to boot.
HASH(0x9f12172c) étoiles sur 5 Great expansion! 28 janvier 2015
Par Cianna Reider - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Awesome expansion for an amazing game! I'm obsessed with board games, and this is no exception! I'm completely glad I splurged on the expansion back! It's like TRON in board game form! totally worth checking into!
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