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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 19 août 2012
It's very well documented. At the end, one have the feeling that's was not a novel, but something real. It has been hard to switch off the kindle and go to sleep.
On top of that I've learned a lot of things regarding Viet-Nam or things I did not remembered.
Well, what else. I just recommend reading it.
Have fun,
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le 20 décembre 2012
Frederick Forsyth (FF) dedicated this thriller to the `tunnel rats' of the Vietnam war. Fans of Harry Bosch, the alcoholic hero of many of Michael Connelly's novels, know he was one of them, long ago. In this deftly-composed and well-documented thriller, Frederick Forsyth (FF) explains in graphic detail what their work entailed. Because, deeply hidden under plenty of action and loads of background, this thriller is about two former tunnel rats, who worked as a pair decades ago, trusting each other blindly...
This thriller covers half a century and stops at the eve of 9/11 2001. It has several story lines: (1) the search in Bosnia for the grandson of a Canadian mining tycoon who disappeared in 1995 and later, for his killer; (2) the life and career of a 51-year old small-town lawyer, who lost his wife and daughter and avenged their deaths, and trains his body and mind to take a `fishing holiday' to apply justice again, when requested; (3) the struggle between the FBI's strait-laced Presbyterian Colin Fleming and the CIA's Jesuit-educated Paul Devereaux, who runs an ultra-secret program to blot out Osama bin Laden. Who moreover, because of his upbringing, has more flexible standards: should a (Serbian) pawn be punished harshly for his horrible crimes (Colin), or be used and protected at all cost to serve a higher aim and help prevent an impending, much greater disaster (Paul)?
FF has been writing high-quality thrillers for over 40 years. In the 1970s, his novels `The Day of the Jackal', `The Odessa File' and `The Dogs of War' became successful films. But the list of books and stories by FF turned into movies continues to the present day, because this creation,`The Avenger' has been made into a film too. Readers enjoying action and violence within a credible plot and context, should read FF's books. They are superbly plotted, have `flow', i.e. read pleasantly and are always well researched. Or, when persons are concerned, well made up. Or, in case of the brutal, fictitious nation of San Martín (`Spanish Guyana'), wedged between Suriname and French Guyana, another enjoyable invention.
Not a word out of place. Well done and to be enjoyed by readers who enjoy action against an almost plausible background. Chapeau!
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Beaucoup d'action pour ce thriller bien documenté en politique internationale (Bosnie). Dans la lignée, en qualité, de "The day of the jackal".
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le 13 avril 2016
If you like FF's writing then you'll love this. The same eye for detail, some thoroughly documented background and historical data, and as always the FF-style twist at the end.
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le 1 août 2013
L'intrigue est excellente et surtout le vocabulaire et le style sont riches et recherches, contrairement a ce que l'on peut trouver par ailleurs.
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