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Beautiful Side of Evil (Anglais) Broché – 4 mars 2006

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The Beautiful Side of Evil 30 juin 2009
Par Kindle Customer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen is her story of spiritual searching that led her to become a personal assistant to a "psychic surgeon" for 14 months in Mexico. It was published in 1982 at the beginning of the "Satan is everywhere" and "Why not Rock" movements in the Christian Subculture.

To be honest I got this book as a birthday gift last year. I really didn't care about the book didn't even really interest me. I remember all these type of books back in the day and how most of them seem way over done sensationalized and even some just pure crap. So I didn't have high hopes for this book at all. I don't know if all of what she has written in this book is the truth. I did do a Google search on her and this book. I didn't find any "She is a liar/scam artist" out there like I did for Mike Warnke and Lauren Stratford.

So I read the book. Some of it is just wild especially reading about how Catholic Priests came to Pachita for healing and guidance - you would really think they would be the last ones. Johanna walks you through her life and how she got there to become Pachita's assistant. And, then how she came to faith in Jesus Christ.

In the second half of the book she tries to explain a biblical model for testing the spirits and how to do it. She states she is Charismatic and believes in all the gifts of the spirit. She does go off on some weird tangents - such as - E.T. (the movie) with other things were/are a part of Satan's pre-evangelistic campaign to reach children. (You now see the 1980's Satan is everywhere - Why not Rock movement influence) She does take on her Charismatic brethren on a lot of different issues and for the most part is very biblical in her teaching on discernment and that is needed more often in the Church. (In the 80's as much as it is today.)

Over all I would recommend this book think and pray as you read. It is a better book then I thought it would be, and the last four chapters are pretty good primer on the Biblical basis of Christian Discernment.
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Ever wonder if demons & the occult are for real? This woman, now a Christian, tells of first-hand experiences -and how to escape 25 août 2006
Par Gordon W. Watts - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
Johanna Michaelson's book, "The Beautiful Side of Evil," is one of only three books that I would consider a "classic" book regarding "Angels" and "Out of Body Experiences." ("Murdered Heiress, Living Witness" by Dr. Petti Wagner, and "Angels on Assignment" by Roland Buck, of the famous Buck knife family, are the other two.)

About the first 90% of Michaelson's book is one fast-paced experience after another -often involving demons, typical college life experiences, and out-of-body experiences, and it is good reading, let me assure you!

One such experience that particularly stands out in my mind is the time Johanna had a "dream" that she was standing outside her friend's 2nd-floor dormitory window. When she later told her friend of the dream, the friend related how she saw Johanna standing outside the window at that time and was about to invite her in when she realized -in horror -that she was looking out a window that was two stories up!

Another intriguing college experience was when a friend offered her mescaline to induce an out of body experience, and she left her body and saw her body below her somehow walking down the street -on its own -that late night!

However, right near the end, Johanna shares some Biblical truths that sets the record straight on whether she is Biblically solid or not.

Johanna Michaelson's book here is forwarded by Hal Lindsay (famous for his end-time book, "The Late, Great Planet Earth"). Before anyone gets turned off by any negative name recognition by Hal Lindsay, let me point out that Michaelson's book, like Wagner's and Buck's, has solid Biblical support.

Michaelson, who was visited by demons, posing as holy angels, gives five Biblical methods to "try the spirits" to see an angel (or even a so-called human "prophet") really is from God:

** 1. Does the angel's *specific* testimony acknowledge Jesus as Lord? (If you don't know, then ASK! ~ Ask the "angel" if unsure. A Holy angel will never deny Jesus!)
** 2. If it's a person, is the general testimony of their life one of righteousness? (A true prophet does not lead a sinful lifestyle.)
** 3. Did the specific prophecy come to pass? (The "gold test of a true prophet" vs. a "false prophet," so to speak.)
** 4. Is the general prophecy a method permitted by God, that is, did the "prophet" use a forbidden witchcraft method to call up the spirit, or did it appear in one of the permitted ways, such as a vision or an angelic visitation? (If you ask God for an answer via, say, calling up the dead or the Ouija board, any answer you get may be -and probably will be -from a demon, not God or His Holy angels.)
** 5. Is there the testimony of the Holy Spirit, a gut feeling, so to speak?

She says you can't always trust your feelings, as she herself was fooled, so you must use _all five_ Biblical methods to be sure.

Although I have read the Bible from cover-to-cover, Michaelson distilled these methods so well that I was impressed -and took careful notes! (She backs up her claims with scripture, in case you are curious about her book.) In fact, once I was looking online for these five methods, since I had since sold my book -and could not exactly recall, so I am writing this review as much for my benefit as for yours.

Now, as far as spooky experiences, Michaelson shares how she worked with a psychic healer, who apparently used demonic powers to heal. Before any of my Christian friends think that demons can't heal, let me refer you to these scriptures (that I've found) to verify Johanna's claims here: Exodus 7:11-12 (Pharaoh of Egypt has evil magicians do real magic) 1st Samuel 28:3a,11-12 (God allows witch to call up and speak with the dead) Matthew 7:21-23 (Even the evil people who did miracles and healed people don't all make it to heaven) 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15 (Fallen Angels and even Satan doing miracles) Revelation 13:12-14 (Both the 1st and 2nd beast do miracles, signs, and wonders.) These guys are all evil, folks! But they can still do "evil" miracles -like the demons that visited Johanna.

I do admit that I have been reluctant to even write an Amazon books review on this book, because I did not feel I could do justice to this great book, but I feel an obligation to my fellows. (That's you!)

Only a few books I have ever read stand equal to her book here:

Rev. Buck, who claims he was visited by angels of God, makes two predictions that come true: Right before he died in 1979, Buck predicted the pope just elected would be very influential, and this has come true; He also rightly predicted concerning the message he himself was given about the angels being made worldwide.

Also, Dr. Wagner, who claims to have been visited by God while illegally kept in a mental facility, tells of the three baptisms (of salvation, of water, and of the Holy Spirit, by Jesus Himself, as the Baptizer). Wagner also tells of when God asked her to forgive a man who had just died and was on his way to Hell. She asked God what good that would do him, where he was going. God told her that it was necessary for her to prevent bitterness from taking root in her heart. That hearkens to Mark 11:25, which says to simply forgive, when praying, not merely as you want to be forgiven, but simply forgive -probably one of the hardest scriptures to follow, but one that brings healing and peace.

Well, I can't do justice to Johanna Michaelson's book here, but I do highly recommend it.

Also, let me remind you that you may look at all my reviews for details on these other books. (Gordon Wayne Watts; Lakeland, Florida, USA)
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a real page-turner & roller coaster ride 12 juin 2006
Par Geekier than thou - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I first heard about this book a few months ago as the author was interviewed on a radio program. Hearing her story was bone-chilling and I had to read the whole story. The author has a gift for writing - a real page turner that is hard to put down. For generations, various family members of hers were not only into the occult, but actually famous for their 'gifts' in reading minds, fortelling the future and other 'parlor tricks.'

She tells of one evening in which a 'being' moved into her family's home, its footsteps audible to her and her sister, wreaking havoc by opening and closing doors, making sounds, and causing nightmares. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I read her recollection, as it sounded so eerily familiar to some experiences I had growing up, in which something in our apartment would open the refrigerator, turn on light switches and relocate objects like car keys in places where they had never been before.

Her life sounds almost like you took a book on the occult, cut it up and pasted the words into a Mad Libs game - just about everything you can imagine was thrust into her path, and in many instances, she jumped onto the path herself... and then the really weird stuff happens.

I remember seeing so-called "Psychic Surgeons" in the 1970s being debunked via hidden cameras as these con-artists told dying cancer patients that they were removing tumors when they were using chicken guts. What wasn't shown on the TV exposes were the isolated cases they couldn't debunk. Cases in which real life-saving surgery was occuring. The blind see, the lame walk - all via a possessed Mexican woman named Pachita - possessed by the supposed spirit of a long dead Aztec warrior who likes to be called Hermanito (Little Brother).

Michaelsen recounts witnessing Pachita with her eyes closed, plunge a rusty butcher knife into the eye of one 'patient' who was scared of having cataract surgery... the woman feels no pain, and her doctors marvel at the fact her cataracts are gone and her eyes are healthy.

With Hermanito controlling her, Pachita tells her assistants to pray to God as they face an altar with candles on it, a picture of Jesus and some other trinkets. Michaelsen believed she was doing the work of God and using her 'gifts' for good. Many of the patients would pray openly, wore crosses and even the local priests and nuns would come to Pachita for healing.

When some surgeries don't go so well, the author begins to doubt the source of this seemingly benign power. Some people died days after surgery, some had no pain, while others screamed in agony during their treatment, even after Hermanito told them there would be no pain. Others survived the surgery, but ended up worse off than they were before... yet there were so many success stories.

As you read, you follow along with the author's spiritual journey and discovery of the truth behind Pachita's power. For those who have dabbled in the occult 'innocently' - whether it be Ouija boards, tarot cards, palm reading or just a daily horoscope, this will be an eye-opening read - such practicies are akin to a child playing with a box of matches.

The epilogue does not read the same way as the story, however. The author is a charismatic and would appear to still be attracted to the show-boating and display of power she sought in the occult, so the reader is left wondering - did she really find the truth, or substitute a wolf in sheep's clothing to a Benny Hinn in sheep's clothing?

There is tremendous information to be gleaned from the story, but in the end, one may wonder if the author has found the truth she was seeking or not. I believe she is genuine - but being sincere does not make the object of your faith truth. Since she genuinely believed she was following the true Jesus for years, only to find out he was a manifestation of her mind-control beliefs and occultic practices, one is left to wonder if she found the right Jesus the second time around. Her occultic practices were centered around her lust for power - whether having power herself or just being intoxicated by the power around her - and it would seem she may still be seeking after displays of power, yet with a friendlier, gentler appearance. Maybe she didn't jump out of the frying pan into the fire, but perhaps out of the frying pan into the microwave.
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So much in one small book.... 14 avril 2008
Par Trish - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
The first half of the book dealt with many scary things, for example how Johanna suffered through demonic attacks for years, apparehtly due to generational curses and (I believe) some occultic items she had around her home, and how she witnessed demonic miracles. I kind of cringed thru those parts, because the author almost makes you feel you are are there yourself.
The second half of the book is packed with useful, very Scriptural, truth about how she escaped, and others can escape, those horrors. Great book. Great read.
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Very thought provoking. 24 mai 2004
Par Un client - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
This book made me think. Serious thoughts.As someone who, while not a Christian , believes in God and Jesus, but is involved in the occult, the subject matter hit home.Johanna is a very likable and sypathetic person.You can't help but empathize at the struggle she went through.It was vivadly brought to life in the pages.Whether you agree with Johanna or not or agree with the conclusion and belief that she came to about her experience, I have no doubt that she is telling the truth. I think that this was her perception of her experience and this is honestly what she believes.I liked the style in which the book was written. Very clear and personal.Engaging.
I felt drawn into the story. I kept wanting to know what happened next.
The story itself is fascinating.This is a real, detailed account of a woman working with a psychic surgeon and the spirit who entered her to do the work for 14 months back in the 70s.If you have no interest in the spirituality of the book, I think you'll find the tale alone interesting enough.
I wonder what Johanna is up to now? The book came out in 1982.Another reviewer suggested a sequel. I think that would be a good idea.I'd be interested.
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