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le 12 janvier 2008
Stage play brought to the big screen and finally to DVD and you.

Several plots overlap. I will not go into detail as it is fun to be surprised.

However working as an operator for a phone answering service Ella Peterson (Judy Holliday) is in the perfect location to here people problems, and schemes to help them. At first she passes information on by phone. When one customer unplugs, she decides to help in person. She takes on an alias "Melisande Scott" and falling in love with customer, Jeffrey Moss (Dean Martin), she takes on more than she bargained for.

Mean while Inspector Barns suspects that the answering service is a front for some hanky panky and is looking for an excuse to put the lot of them in the woman's' detention center.

And J. Otto Prantz just sold 5000 copies of Beethoven's Tenth, Op. 6.

Lots of song including "Plaza O, Double Four, Double Three" and dance scenes. The still camera gives it that stage musical feel but it only adds to the fun.

One note on the DVD. The outtakes with the exception of one Dean Martin song "My Guiding Star" were best taken out as they distracted form the rest of the story.
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