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Idées cadeaux Cuisine, Maison et Bricolage
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Bento Monbento - double blanc/fushia

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Informations sur le produit

Descriptif technique
Numéro de modèle120002103
Poids de l'article499 g
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)19 x 8,9 x 8,9 cm
Informations complémentaires
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon 172.883 en Cuisine & Maison (Voir les 100 premiers)
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr16 août 2011
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Descriptions du produit

Pratique, le bento MB Original est composé de 2 récipients hermétiques et comprend un séparateur amovible pour compartimenter votre bento selon vos envies. Le compagnon idéal pour les déjeuners au bureau, pique-niques et autres collations

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1 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile  Par Eloglik le 7 octobre 2012
Je m'en sert tous les jours pour apporter mon repas au travail. En plus d'être très esthétiques, ces boites sont vraiment de bonne qualité. Elles sont bien hermétiques grâce aux couvercles intermédiaires (je n'ai pas eu pas de difficulté pour les ouvrir) et passent au micro-onde sans problème. Avec les deux étages et le séparateur, on peut facilement tout compartimenter. Je mets sans problème,une entrée, un plat principal et un dessert dans ce bento. Petit bémol, je trouve le prix un peu élevé, et d'autant plus quand on achète d'autres accessoires (récipients a sauce, couverts...), bien pratiques mais tous vendus séparément.
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Par Géraldine le 14 mai 2015
Achat vérifié
Très jolie Bento , je m'attendais que sa soit un peu plus grand sinon sa va pour aller travailler et transpoter mon déjeuner impeccable et dîner , maintenant j'ai plus qu'à commander les couverts plus un Thermos.
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2 internautes sur 3 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile  Par Sebastian le 22 février 2012
La boite est bien finie et esthétiquement réussie. Par contre, c'est assez peu pratique à ouvrir : on manque à chaque fois d'en renverser le contenu...
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197 internautes sur 205 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
My feelings towards my lunchbox border on sexual attraction 21 septembre 2013
Par Emma Lee - Publié sur Amazon.com
I drooled over Monbento's design for 3 months before I decided to pull the trigger and buy this. Why? Because you have to drop some significant money to be the proud owner of this bento box. At the end of the day, it's a lunch box, right? Wrong...this thing doubles as a piece of art. The lines and curves of the lunch box are so well thought out. I will forever be mesmerized by how perfectly Monbento fused practicality and fashion.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty; Right out of the box, this thing is astounding. Anyone that appreciates function, beauty and design will get butterflies when they unbox their brand new monbento. Silky soft, perfect angles, thoughtful features, quality material and aesthetically pleasing colors. Unfortunately, ownership of this box was quick to tarnish its perfection.

The first day of its use I filled the top (blue) container with 4 itty bitty twice baked potato halves. The bottom (white) portion had snap peas, cucumber slices, crackers, carrots, a laughing cow cheese wedge, and a Monbento Sauce Cup monbentoTM Reusable MB Sauce Cups, Set of 3, in Sky Blue/Blue filled with 5 junior mints. I opened the vent before putting the potato portion in the microwave. Erring on the side of caution, I only microwaved my Monbento for 1.5 minutes (the package says to do no more than 3). My heart sank when I opened the microwave and saw the lid had popped off. The lid itself was fine, but the main container had warped significantly. The long sides had bowed outward about 1/4 of an inch. I had to push the sides together to get the lid to go back on. Eventually, I was able to bend it back in place. It's no longer quite water-tight (although close). I've found that if I microwave it at half power and eat luke warm food, it does not warp.

I sat back down at my desk, both elated and saddened by how adorable and appealing my lunch looked in my now deformed box. I decided that life must go on, so I opened the white container. I happily munched on raw carrots, slightly ashamed of how much time I took to cut them to just the right length in order to fit. Once gone, I noticed that the carrots had left an orange residue that remained on the once pristine white finish. "No worries, this thing is lunch box perfection. I'm sure it will wipe away," I thought to myself. I was wrong. I haven't tried bleach, but it wouldn't budge with soap and water. The stain remains, a seemingly permanent blemish on my pride and joy.

After just a few days of ownership, I used the Monbento Nomad Cutlery set monbento nomad cutlery set - sky blue to retrieve some pad thai noodles from my bento. Even though I was careful to exert very little pressure, the fork left a scrape along the inside of the box.

The most stunning lunch box your eyes will meet
Awesome available matching accessories
Encourages variety and healthy eating
So soft and smooth I find myself petting it for comfort

Price tag
Not as microwave safe as it claims
White container prone to staining
Relatively easily scratched
Once the novelty is over, it's a pain in the ass to pack

So I am left conflicted. I was drawn to this bento because of its perfection. But it has been drifting farther and farther from it. I still love my lunch box. But I'm having a hard time accepting that my lunch box might not love me back.
80 internautes sur 83 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Bento Box 17 avril 2013
Par vtownart - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Take home message: Overall, I'm happy with this purchase.

I'm a grad student and I've been trying to save money and eat healthier by bringing lunch from home instead of eating out. I like bringing multiple things for lunch (a main dish, a salad, maybe a snack) and have a way to transport everything easily and simply rather than bring three separate tupperwares, so I bought this bento box as a lunch container (I'm also a little OCD). It fits in my messenger bag easily because it is narrow, long and tall, as opposed to short, square-based lunch containers that I would have to put sideways into my bag, increasing the potential for spillage. After a solid two months worth of use, I offer this review:

The sliding divider and two-box system helps make packing several different food items easier.
Since everything stacks, it's organized and fits nicely into a messenger bag, back pack, suitcase, bike basket etc.
Promotes healthy eating habits by making packing lunch easier.
Helps me save money by bringing lunch instead of eating out.
Helps with portion control for those interested in this.
Gotta admit, it looks pretty slick and makes me feel like an adult=)

It ain't cheap. I had to really think about how much I'd save in the long run before purchasing this.
The top lid can only accommodate low-profile silverware (like proprietary monbento cutlery, which is super pricey) but if you look hard enough, you can find a fork that fits.
I tend to pack the containers to the brim and have to squish everything down to get the tops to fit- this is critical otherwise the vacuum seal wont hold and the tops will come off during transit.
I've microwaved it with the top on and and vent open for <2min and the heat caused the sides to warp, flair out and unseal from the top; however, after cooling down it went back to it's original form and the vacuum seal still works well.
Definitely don't microwave for very long and I wouldn't recommend dishwashing either.
I'm a very hungry 5'8" 160lb guy and I think the capacity is just a bit small- I'm considering a third box; just something to keep in mind.
100 internautes sur 107 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Best designed bento box I've encountered 1 novembre 2012
Par eryn - Publié sur Amazon.com
I received this bento box as a gift, and I like it so much, I'm inspired to do my first Amazon product review.

I am not one of those people that has a collection of 50 bento boxes (yet), but I do have a few, and this box solves every design issue I've ever encountered.


* Air-tight and Water-tight: The inner lids fit snugly and I haven't had leakage problems. Mind you, I'm not putting soup in here, but the lid stays on pretty well even when you don't have the elastic band on. That's awesome. The inner lid also keeps the bottom of the top box from touching the food in the bottom box, which I appreciate.

* Microwaveable: It's only good for reheating food (500W max), but this is AMAZING. Other bento boxes are made of such cheap plastic, microwaving them is dangerous. It even has a vent so you can microwave with the lid on.

* Dishwasher safe: I'm too lazy to do the dishes every day. I know this about myself. So I love that I can put this on the top rack.

* Mix-and-matchable: I'm looking forward to buying more things from the company to trick out my new toy (like a silverware set that fits perfectly between the inner lid and upper lid).

* Truth in volume: The lid only goes in a fraction of a millimeter, so you can pack food right up to the rim. No need to eyeball how much will fit just to find that you over-packed when it's time to close it all up.


* I was surprised by how big it was when I received the package. It takes up a little more space in my backpack than I anticipated, but now I think this is a reasonable (and necessary) tradeoff for its capacity.

It's not as compact as some Japanese bento boxes, but frankly, I don't pack my food according to the Japanese rules, so this is probably best for me.


* Each box holds 500ml, so the product as sold here is 1000ml total. According to the charts, I need a 650ml bento box, but I pack less rice and more veggies and fruit, so I appreciate very much that I can get more into this box than my others.

* These boxes are more rectangular than the cheaper long-and-thin 500ml boxes I've come across, which means they're exactly as wide as the gluten-free bread I have to eat. Perfectly. It's so adorable, it almost makes that bread fun to eat.
39 internautes sur 39 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Very satisfied! 9 mai 2015
Par Beth A Stoppkotte - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Wonderfully designed and made bento box. This bento box is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Nice and sturdy, soft touch exterior, nice and easy to clean. The lids fit snugly and tight but not so tight that removing them is difficult. I highly recommend Monbento boxes.
18 internautes sur 18 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
seductively convenient 23 mars 2013
Par shrapnelofme - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I spent a long time looking for a bento box that would suit my needs: not too small, not too large; BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe; multiple compartments; visually appealing without being too cutesy (I'm an adult). I settled on this one about 4 weeks ago and have been using it consistently ever since.

This bento makes packing and bringing food with me a pleasure. Seriously. For some reason I am becoming obsessed with filling the different compartments (there's a moveable divider that allows you to separate items in one of the compartments if you wish). I happily prepare food in advance, just so I can fill the different sections. And I remain delighted by having multiple flavors and textures in my lunch (or dinner). Although the moveable divider doesn't create enough of a barrier to prevent sauce or juice from shifting from one side of a compartment to the other, it does keep things like cherry tomatoes and cubed chayote neatly separate. And to be honest, who really cares about a bit of sauce/juice migration? Also, the seals of the compartment lids have been pretty reliable so far. I brought soup one day and had only the slightest bit of moisture around the outside, despite having jostled the bento around riding public transportation.

Finally, and I don't know if this says more about this bento, all bentos, or my mind, but for some reason, I have found myself intentionally selecting and preparing healthier foods to fill the different sections. My daily fruit and vegetable consumption has increased significantly. One of my colleagues purchased the same bento (in fuchsia) after she saw mine in operation. She agrees -- somehow it (bentos more generally?) encourages us to put in the cucumber slices over the cookies. Of course, this may wear off. Then again, it might not.
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