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le 20 juillet 2012
First of all, I want to apologize for the mistakes - I'm french -.

This book is a real revelation to me. After years of feeling guilty of not being capable of seing a therapist because none of them gave me the solution I was seeking for (stopping bulimia), I am relieved.

I talk a lot about this book in my blog : [...] - but be careful it is written in french.

Anyway, after 4 years of bulimia/anorexia, two inpatient treatments, and seeing a lot of therapists, this book gave me THE solution I was looking for.

NEVER lose hope, and please read it !
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le 9 août 2012

sorry for my english, I am French. Ich can only recommand this book, the approach is really different and I am really convinced that it works because I used this method one year ago, before I read this book, I decided to stop binging even if it was hard. A few months later I discovered this book, this was like the proof that was I was doing was the right way, it encouraged me a lot and helped me to keep control and to loose the habit of binge.
I never read a book in english before, my english is not that good, and I still wonder how I could read this book so easily : it is fascinating, because a real example with a lot of situations we can really imagine because we knows them, and this is really good written. Sometimes the sames things are said several times, but it helps to better understand and to convice this is the right way.
Thank you again for this helpful book.
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le 21 mars 2015
for all of you people who thought that curing their bulimia was impossible, after (it would be better if it was BEFORE) having tried every possible therapy on earth : READ THIS BOOK !
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le 3 juin 2016
This book is really interesting. I do not suffer from bulimia, but I had started to have urges to binge eat after a diet and didn't want it to become a habit. Since I had already read nice reviews about the book, I decided to give it a go and I am positively surprised. The story of the author is really touching and her message powerful. Since reading the book, I feel more control on my eating habit even though it is not yet perfect. To all people suffering from eating disorders and really wanting to recover, I highly recommend this book! I truly think it can help a lot!
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