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le 6 juillet 2011
I really bought this cd for ONE track; " Il'n y a plus d'apres" by Tony Perkins which I think is the best version of this atmospheric song, and he was American! I am guessing he sings in really good French and seems more relaxed than his earlier career I'm English and lived in France for most of the 70's where my favourite pop songs of the day were "Pour un Flirt" "Les Playboys" and of course Adamo, Gerard Lenorman etc. Although I came to speak a reasonable French I was never fluent so apologies for writing this review in English. I must say some of the other tracks convey a time, possibly the most productive culturally for France ie: the 60's one thinks of zinc bars, cafe/cognac, and the early films of Belmondo and Delon. This was definitely French in character and not a silly 'cheap rip-off' copy like French Rap and later copies of Anglo/American pop. When French pop left being French it was lost in my view and could not compete with the English and Americans so it's good to listen to these lovely FRENCH songs that evoke a time and place that has gone forever!
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