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Mega Man Zero Collection

de Capcom
Plate-forme : Nintendo DS
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  • Version Américaine compatible avec toutes les consoles DS, DS Lite, DSI,DSI XL, 3DS & 3DS XL Françaises !!!
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Découvrez la Nintendo 3DS : une innovation permettant de jouer en 2D et en 3D !
N'attendez plus pour découvrir cette console révolutionnaire qui vous permettra de profiter d'images superbes et de jeux exclusifs en 3D sans lunettes ! Cette console vous permettra également de jouer en 2D à vos jeux Ds préférés ! Cliquez-ici pour découvrir les consoles Nintendo 3DS

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  • Plate-forme:   Nintendo DS
  • Classification PEGI : 12 ans et plus 12 ans et plus
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1 internautes sur 1 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile  Par Heatnix le 4 janvier 2014
Achat vérifié
Regroupant les 4 titres de la saga en une seule, c'est un véritable régal pour ceux qui aime le rétrogaming.
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My dream come true 11 juin 2010
Par JAL - Publié sur Amazon.com
For the longest time I wanted to play MMZero especially after ZX and ZX Advent came out. Now this collection is out and it collects all of the Zero saga. I never finished Zero3 and never played Zero4 at all so this is just what i could have asked for.

Easy mode isnt really easier, you just get all the elfs maxed out which is a huge help but the game is still difficult nonetheless. you do get infinite continues though, always helpful.

The games are there intact, some slight fuzziness on the screens sometimes, im guessing not cropped right when transitioned but nothing big, did notice it though, other than that, just the games i loved and remember.

Its better than hunting down the 4 games separately and a lot cheaper, I highly recommend this to any fan and any person looking for a great megaman game

it is hard though, definitely one of the hardest megaman games, but definitely fun and best storywise
12 internautes sur 13 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
A Blast to Play 22 août 2011
Par Wander - Publié sur Amazon.com
In 2002 fans were becoming disgruntled at the direction of the Mega Man X series. Mega Man X4 had taken the series to new heights but the actual reception of each X games to follow was always mixed. In 2002 Capcom began a new Mega Man series called Mega Man Zero where the protagonists wasn't X... but rather his ally Zero. For some this was a great change as Zero had become a very popular character, especially with making him a fully playable character with his own style. The original GBA games became extremely popular among fans. But they were all only given limited releases as well. Given the popularity the games have, they've been given a second chance on the DS in this collection. The games are pretty much unchanged from their original iterations.

The Mega Man Zero games begin one hundred years after Mega Man X. In this world reploids are being hunted by a Government Faction run from a place called Neo Arcadia. A haven that was pretty much made for humans to protect them from evil reploids. The irony, of course, is that it isn't paradise. Ciel, a lone human has allied herself with the reploids, believing not all of them are evil. This is what we're introduced to in the first game. Mega Man games have not usually had fantastic stories. The focus is usually in the gameplay department. Mega Man Zero is no different. While the story has its moments, it is definitely not the focus, although it spends a lot more time on its plot than other Mega Man games in the canon have.

Here, you'll get all four game in the series, watching how they progress. Each game has much of the same simple gameplay. As Zero you'll begin by having usually a Z-Saber and Blaster before getting an assortment of different weapons. In the games, each weapon levels up. First you'll have one slash with your Z-saber for example... then two... then three and then adding charges and faster charges. This happens in the first two games but afterwards the game takes away this mechanic for just opting to give you the full range with the exception of fast charge times.

The basic structure of Mega Man is the same but Mega Man Zero changes things up a little by having a few more levels and bosses. In most Mega Man games you fight eight robot masters and then go to three fortress levels. This is still true in Mega Man Zero but in between the first four master and the second four there are levels inserted in between. It doesn't change the familiar formula much, but it is a little different. And each boss still has a weakness to other bosses weapons. Once you figure out the order to defeat the bosses in, each Mega Man Zero game becomes a cakewalk of sorts.

The games also have cyber elves that give you extra abilities such as being able to increase your health, survive touching spikes, run faster, turn into sub tanks etc. This is something unique especially given that each game grades you on how you do in the missions. If you manage to go through missions without taking too much, using too many elves, do it swiftly while finding the necessary items and killing enough enemies, you'll often get a good ranking. It's cumulative, though so getting an A in one mission may be alright if you get a B in another (you may still have an "A" overall). In the first game the "grade" isn't a big deal, but in the second entering missions with an "A" or "S" ranking will grant you EX-Skills to use against bosses, giving you incentive to actual strive for the best rankings. The reason this is actually kind of nice is that it rewards the player for challenging oneself... or you can make things easy for you (and believe me, Cyber-Elves make the games incredibly easy).

There are certain differences between each game, but each game would require their own review. The only thing of note is that each one does change, adding something with each new entry. Not always enough to make a huge difference. The only jump that seems huge is from the first to second game. Where as the first allows you to progress the story even if you fail a mission the others do not. The first also has a different way of letting you tackle the missions. The first game is certainly the weakest of the entry, but to say it is the weakest because it's the first is unfair. However, it may be true. The second game fine tunes the formula which is used throughout the rest of the series. The first game, for example, may be the most challenging. The other games begin to provide balance despite still being relatively challenging. My personal favorite of the bunch is Mega Man Zero 2. It isn't the easiest but it's inviting from the outset.

As I noted a few times already, these games are notoriously difficult. They're not for casual gamers. If you've been playing Mega Man since its outings on the NES you'll know some of the pitfalls to expect, but you'll still need pattern recognition to really grasp the game. Getting the EX-Skills in Zero 2 and Zero 3 will especially test your mettle. They don't require perfect runs but they do require truly skilled players to get them. Most novices will not survive long enough for that. Some gamers are likely to get frustrated to the point of quitting outright.

The collection itself actually doesn't ignore this. You can either choose to play each game individually or you can go through all four in a gauntlet. If you choose the gauntlet option the game assumes you're in it for the story and gives Zero EVERYTHING. It's basically playing all four games in an "Ultimate Mode." You get all Cyber Elves, EX-Skills, sub tanks and any other individual power ups the other games give you (for example you can't use the goodies of Zero 2 in Zero 3 if they didn't exist in Zero 3). The game might still present a challenge for new players but it at least makes the challenge more than manageable. Aside from that the games are unchanged. You CAN, however change up the controls to suit the DS. Meaning if you really want to set up the game to mirror the controls of the SNES Mega Man X games, you can. You can assign L and R to one of the face buttons (A, B, X or Y). This makes playing the games much easier.

The collection might've benefitted from more, however. There's artwork to unlock, but aside from that you basically just get the four games. If you want to relive the adventures of Mega Man Zero or if you've never experienced them before then this is a great collection to get. Four games for the price isn't really so bad. Obviously if you've still got your GBA games there's not much reason to invest here. For those who don't it's a good chance to experience these games. All of them in one package.
17 internautes sur 23 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Good Challenging Compilation 13 juin 2010
Par Jordan - Publié sur Amazon.com
I want to start off by saying that I am not a huge mega man fan. When i was younger I remember barely playing the first mega man game on my older cousin's NES. When i was about twelve or so I got a gameboy advance and accidentally bought a battle network mega man game, and that was not at all what i had hoped it would be. I recently saw an advertisement for the Zero Collection and i wanted to try it. Please keep in mind i am new to the series.
I'm sure for hardcore fans this is a decent collection, yet it might seem a bit lacking. It doesn't really have extras in it that make it worth the thirty dollars if you might already own the GBA versions. From my point of view, though, this is a wonderful collection. I'm not familiar with the story, i'm not a fan of anime, etc., so i didn't want a lot of extra features anyway. I wanted to try a good 2-d sidescrolling mega man game. And this includes four great full length titles to play. So for that alone, since i didn't own any previously, this is an awesome bargain. For anyone wanting to know if this is monetarily worth it, just check the prices of what the used copies of atleast the first two or three titles are going for on the GBA. It is quite expensive.
This series seems good because it pays homage to the more old-school kind of gaming, and it is very well done. The most similar game I have played to this for the ds would have to be New Super Mario Brothers because they are both 2d platformers. The difference in the two games, though, is the level of difficulty. These four games are extremely hard. I am working on the first one right now, but i have messed around with each one just to test them. If you are like me and you want to experience these games for the first time, do yourself a favor and try the easy scenario before playing the game for real. I tried playing the game for real right off the bat and I failed very quickly. The value in this is that there is another truly challenging game to pick up for the ds. I feel frustrated by all the childish games that are out for the ds, and even the more adult-friendly games don't take long to complete. I'm glad to have something that will last me a good while. I'm very much into the game, and i plan on continuing until i beat each game in the standard mode.
To sum this all up, if you enjoy a 2d platformer with good, challenging action, order this for yourself. From what i can tell, it has a decent story and it plays very well. When looking at it, there aren't too many huge differences in this and the way Mega Man zx looks for the ds. This will keep you going for a long time, and it will definitely test the skills of any gamer. I'm sure there are many fans that could zip right through this collection, but I'm enjoying the initial difficulty and i welcome the challenge. I recommend this to players that want to try any of these games for the first time or for the gamer that just wants a good single-cartridge collection of the ZERO games to play on the ds/dsi. Just don't buy this strictly for the extras. Have fun and good luck!!!
7 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Mega Man Zero Collection 9 août 2010
Par Dren - Publié sur Amazon.com
Anyone who's ever played the original GBA version will love this game. This game was made for the fans and it doesn't disappoint. Even if you've never played the zero series before this game is the perfect place to start. With all 4 games in one you get the full experience of the epitome of the megaman games.
2 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Great but flawed collection 1 juillet 2014
Par Allisonaxe - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
its a great collection, and it has a very neat feature that makes all the games play in a row, but there's one downside to that mode: you can only play it in "easy" for the first playthrough, and easy mode doesn't just make the game easier, it makes all your powerups fully leveled-up and unlocked from the start... which ruins the fun of finding them in the game. its great if you play every game seperately though, but the full story mode left me disapointed and bored.
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