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Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimensional Race has Controlled the World for Thousands of Years-and Still Does (Anglais) Broché – avril 2001

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Children of the Matrix The publisher claims that we are born into a world controlled by unseen forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity for thousands of years. David Icke exposes these forces and their methods of human control and he claims to reveal a fantastic web of global manipulation, orchestrated by forces beyond this physical realm. Full description

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When a few people wish to control and direct a mass of humanity, there are certain key structures that have to be in place. Lire la première page
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Somewhat Factually Flawed - But Certainly Thought-Provoking 17 octobre 2001
Par The Aeolian Kid - Publié sur
Format: Broché
... Children of the Matrix by David Icke. ... Man, this is the most FUN read I have had since I first read A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda in 1973! This book is either the greatest kind of "comic books for adults" or one of the best investigative works of undercover intellectual exposes on our current state of affairs ever! ... Roll together Who Rules America by G. William Domhoff, The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills, When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten, On A Pale Horse by William Cooper, The People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn, ANYTHING by either Noam Chomsky or Michael Parenti, and a good helping of Gary Allen, Eric Von Daniken, and The Dulce Wars by Branton, and you will pretty much get the gist of this huge tome dealing with aliens, conspiracies, and good old class warfare! ... YOWZA! ...
... Now, on page 402, David Icke writes: "I instinctively knew from an early age that schools were places where the clones of tomorrow were honed and produced. I was, therefore, a rebel from the start. I have never passed a major school exam in my life (and never taken one), never went to college or university, and have done all my learning in my time and on my terms." - AND IT SHOWS! ... If David Icke (and don't get me wrong: I LIKE him!) wants people to take what he is saying SERIOUSLY, then I am afraid he is going to have to either study harder or go back to school to get some of his facts straight - because I, alone (on ONE reading), found what I believe to be MANY mistakes in this book.
... For example, on page 197, he writes: "Even the term 'TESTAMENT' is the entomological confirmation that it is literally all a load of balls." What he MEANT to say was ETYMOLOGICAL - the linguistical study of the origin & meaning of words. Instead, he used the word concerning the study of INSECTS: entomology. This BUGS me! If David wants people to take him seriously (and not just make money selling them books about aliens, reptilians, and class-warfare), then he needs to increase his intellectual credibility by DEFINING words correctly and using more PRECISE language, as Socrates preached many moons ago.
... On page 128 (and again on 428), he calls the Egyptian city of Alexandria, "City of the Serpent's Son." Now, I can speak Greek, studied it for the first 13 years of my life in school, and took ancient Greek in college as a Classics major at U-Mass, Amherst with Professor John Marry of Fordham University. "Alexander" is a Greek word related to the Trojan word "Paris" - and in Greek, Alexander means: "Defender of Men." ("Andros" means MAN in Greek.) ... On page 148, he says "Pythagoras" means "I am the Serpant." It does NOT; it means: "Sacred Public Assembly Place of the Pythtia" - Priestess of the tutelary / daimon Python and, subsequently, of Apollo at Delphi. Indeed, PYTHIA is related to Python / Snake! ... On page 149, he calls the Indian SOMA of the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, the AMBROSIA of the Greeks, and the HAOMA of the Persians, "the drinking of mentrual blood, symbolised (sic) as 'red mead' or 'red wine' ... " It is NOT! It is sacred, psychedelic, psilocybin mushrooms mixed with red wine, or mead (honey-wine) as the great mythologist, Robert Graves, confirmed in his book, The Greek Myths. Which begs the question: Has David Icke ever taken LSD? I'd like to know! ... On page 152, he calls St. George "another name for Thor-Indara." Listen, MY name is GEORGE, and St. George was a Christian Saint of Greek extraction from Asia Minor. The name GEORGE is derived from two, ancient Greek words: GAIA (Mother Earth Goddess), and ERGON (organized work); hence: Earth Worker, or Farmer - one who tills the soil and works the earth! As a former member of the Green Party, David should KNOW that! ... On page 177, speaking of the "sacrificial murder" of Princess Diana - in the "Place of the Moon Goddess" - he fails to mention that, astrologically, Princess Diana was born under the sun sign of Cancer, ruled by the MOON! ... On page 178, he calls Helen, El-en - as in Helen of Troy. Again, Helen is the feminine Greek word derived from the VERY word in Greek which means to be a Greek: HELLINAS, of the HELLENIC Indo-European tribal group. The word for the land of Greece, in Greek, is: HELLAS - and to be a HELLENE is to be Greek. ... On page 207, he says that the name JESUS is a Greek translation; but he does not say of WHAT! The name Jesus is a HEBREW name - not Greek - derived from the HEBREW name for JOSHUA. ... On page 211, in reference to "John the Baptist, and his association with water," he calls the astrological sign of aquarius a "water sign." It is NOT! It is a Fixed AIR sign. Aquarius is the sign of the "water-bearer," and is symbolized in the Hebrew MAZAROTH (Zodiac) as the Head of a Man associated with the tribe of Reuben of the 12 tribes of Israel. ... On page 212, he says: "Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John, the names carried by the Gospels, represent the four cardinal signs of the zodiac." They do NOT! They represent the four FIXED signs of the Zodiac, as in: Taurus / Bull / from Joseph - the tribes of Ephraim & Manassah; Leo / Lion / tribe of Judah (of which Jesus was from the family of David, supposedly); Scorpio / Eagle / tribe of Dan; and Aquarius / Head of a Man / tribe of Reuben. These symbols repeat in the Books of Ezekiel, possibly Isaiah, possibly Daniel, and in Revelation. ... CONTINUED! - The Aeolian Kid
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"The world is not what it seems" 30 août 2001
Par chad steingraber - Publié sur
Format: Broché
This book is most profound piece of thought provoking material I have ever read. I have been reading 'spiritual' material for years (Sonaya Roman's series of books is one example, available through amazon also) and it wasn't until the movie 'The Matrix' was released that I realized the impact of the books I was reading. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon 'Children Of The Matrix' by accident, looking to broaden my range of true spiritual information. I had never heard of David Icke before this, and I felt drawn to this book like no other. I saw the symbolism behind the Matrix movie and how it related to this world....but, I didn't realize how far the rabbit hole really goes. Many parts of this book had my head spinning from information that hit me like a hammer. The section on religion and christianity only, is mind blowing, reguardless of the rest of the book. Once you leave conventional wisdom at the door and listen to your higher consciousness, the complexity of the unexplained, start to fall together like a simple puzzle.
When a single bank funds both sides of a war, who really wins? What purpose does a 'spiritual prison' like religion serve? Will a person rebel against a prison he/she can't see, touch, or smell? Why do the elite and powerfull care so much about their bloodlines? What does it really mean to be part of a secret society like the Freemasons? Don't ask, "what is the matrix?", ask "what is the illuminati?".
Open your eyes and step away from the herd you have been conditioned to think is the true reality, or at least realize the herd around you. Read this book, step outside of "The Great Illusion", and remember what you've always known....
.....the illuminati has you.....
123 internautes sur 143 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Sorry Dorothy, but Oz is Kansas... 8 avril 2002
Par Steven Cain - Publié sur
Format: Broché
I don't have a problem with basic Conspiracy Theory, in that the idea of The World Banking System ruling the planet makes sense. I can accept the Kennedy Conspiracy, Roswell, you name it, but like most people I find David's theories about all of the world's rulers being Reptilian shape-shifting Aliens a little hard to swallow. Especially when they are supposedly involved in the mass ritual sacrifice of children.
I presume the way he avoids massive law suits for defamation is by claiming to be reflecting the views of people such as 'former mind control slave' Arizona Wilder, and by pleading Truth as a defence, insisting that the Royal Family, George Bush etc. must prove that they are not Aliens. Yet the way Conspiracy theorists work, no proof would ever be enough anyway. If the rulers did submit to DNA testing and were found to be wholly human, ole Dave would no doubt insist that the tests were rigged.
Don't get me wrong, I can accept that the human race are a bunch of genetically engineered worker animals. Apart from the checked shirts, the booze, the smokes and the hockey, their willingness to accept injustice seems to be limitless. For example, nobody ever questioned the fact that a kid could be sent to Vietnam when he was 18, but couldn't by himself a drink until he was 21. Der...
If there is a flaw in David's voluminous research, it is that he tries to shoehorn everything into a preset framework, intending that it should prove his point, come what may. He takes all historical references to be literal, rather than symbolic or metaphorical, such as the many ancient serpent references, which he ties in with the Reptilian lineage. To most people serpent imagery represents symbols of cthonic (underworld) transcendence, and in the case of the serpent eating its own tail, regeneration and eternal recurrence.
If one got into a Conspiracy and Disinformation mindset, one could even question Dave himself. If you look at the effects that his work has on people, it can be quite damaging, by crushing their belief systems, by telling them that everything they ever believed was a lie, and by telling them that an unimaginably brutal and all encompassing Conspiracy, presided over by an all powerful Alien race has complete control of this planet, and has from day one.
While he includes a relative throwaway acknowledgement that all beings are from the same life force, and that people should just do their own work and disconnect from the system as much as they can, his main focus is on the unimaginable horror of the human zoo.
Icke's information about the Reptilians seems to come primarily from the testimony of individuals such as Arizona Wilder, who having somehow shaken off her mind control programming, can now "remember" seeing the British Royal Family as Reptilian shape shifters, who regularly indulge in the ritual murder of children. Yes, it could be true. Then again, these could be the fantasies of a disturbed individual, or somebody who just didn't get enough attention as a child, or somebody who is deliberately spreading disinformation in the hope that David Icke would lap it up and build entire books around the myth, and thereby lose the credibility that he was beginning to amass, prior to him going off the deep end.
Anybody can claim to remember cosmic things. I could claim to have been an Alien military intelligence officer with the Templar garrison at Acre, but I could no more prove this than Wilder can prove one scrap of the genocidal shape shifter information that Icke so readily portrays as fact.
Three stars for sheer audacity. Buy it soon, because if the Government ever tightens the defamation laws, David Icke will be in a sling.
One final thought... If David Icke is right and his revelations are so revolutionary and devastating to the Power Elite, why is he still alive? Too high profile to be a target? JFK was as high profile as it gets. No, David Icke is being allowed to continue. Surely even a human could see that.
24 internautes sur 26 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
One of the best conspiracy book out there!!! 29 mars 2002
Par "titan2160" - Publié sur
Format: Broché
Every page in this book has great and entertaining information that makes you think about the world we live in.This book gets into how humans have been manipulated since the start of human history by an extraterrestrial or interdimensional race out to keep humans ignorant of what really is happening. This book shows how all people in power through out history share the same blood line from American Presidents to the royal family that go back to the time of the Sumarians and beyond. Hard too believe but possible. The author exposes how a secret society called the Illuminati are the real power behind the throne conroling just about everything in politics, media, and big corporations to keep humans in line. The author claims people are being kept in line through imprisonment of the human mind. Rigid belief systems like Christianity,Judism,Islam, Hinduism, and all other forms of religion designed to discourage free thinking, all a creation of secret societies like the Illuminati. The Author also gets into Christ conspiracies that are very interesting and if you never read any material of this nature this stuff will blow your mind away. The author tells the story and gives proof of who and what these extraterresrials are that go back thousands of years.The author claims that the mythical Gods of old like in Sumarian writings of exraterrestial Gods called the Annunaki are of reptilian form and these are the guys that are running the whole show. The author also claims the blood line of the Annunaki and the Biblical Nephilim are same guys that interbred with human female as stated in the Bible and Sumarian scrpit, and that they share thier blood line with all are leaders through out history. When the author gets into the shape shifting part it gets a little hard too believe. He claims that some our most known leaders are shape shifters. This is something you just have to read for your self.The concpiracy theories go on and on with very interesting and entertaining material that make you think. "Maybe all of this is possible".
23 internautes sur 25 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Information and misinformation mixed 6 avril 2003
Par "rockin555" - Publié sur
Format: Broché
There is much that is good about this book; much that is truth and much dialogue which springs from quantum leaps in associations. The research is often scholarly and at other times it's nonexistant. It is obvious that "the truth is out there" but, if it is, David Icke often associates words from different languages, races, and times just because they sound alike. (I imagine some forefather of Icke must have once had a hickey. You get the idea.)
His outrage at Christianity and God is obvious, but he never gives any basis for this other than that he calls it all a lie. He discounts any of the Bible as being true just because there are similar legends in many ancient nations which he says the Bible steals. Why doesn't he look at the other side of this coin? Could it be their legends were based on historical events that are chronicled in Biblical writings? There is much he doesn't know about the validation of Bible truth that I could show him. Sloppy pronoucements with unsubstiated arguments make me want to put the book down and run off screaming "he's an idiot!". But so much else he tells about the rich-spoiled insiders makes perfect sense and is often frightening to consider; especially when it is obvious so much of it is true. One wonders if it is all a joke to them or if they really are the insidious "white-blue eyed" conquerers of the world who are in league with 'alien' (also read 'demon' here) legions to keep us wrapped in our cute little, television womb lives? In other words, DO YOU LIKE BEING A LEMMING? Where are Mulder and Scully when we so desperately need them?!
Read this book with your mind intact and open at the same time. Don't take everything in it as gospel, but let him lead you through a magical mystery tour of facts and connections that often has basis in truth. You won't think about the things you see, the news which you read, and the voices in your head the same way again.
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