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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 3 août 2001
The book makes a great read, same as DHC's other books of the "Lost Cities" series. Very entertaining, thought provoking, and well written. One thing though: I don't get why the author keeps calling himself "a rogue archeologist": someone has to explain to him what archeologists do. DHC is no archeologist, whatever he might think; he's a traveler, a gossip gatherer, and a free spirit, but all this has little to do with archeology. I enjoyed his open-mindedness, and the relativism with which he judges most of the theories and hypotheses considered. Going through his whole opus, I can't help noticing that this writer is a really great guy, and that his travel companions and friends must have been lucky to have met him, but archeologist? Please, give me a break. And use some proofreader, for the next edition.
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le 3 août 2001
Having read other Childress books, I found this book to be of the same calibre. His discussions on how the ancient peruvian cities with the megalithic stones really makes teh reader wonder what technology that humans as a civilisation have lost. The parts on the secret nazi city was very interesting to read, but one wonders how plausible it is. Of great interest to me was how Childress interacted with the people in the different countries of South America, and learned how not to get ripped off.
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le 3 août 2001
Childress leaves no stones unturned as he leads the reader into unknown worlds in a personal quest to encounter and document the lost cities, pyramids, and megaliths of South and Central America.
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