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Coby MID7065 Tablette Tactile 7 " Android Noir

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Nous ne savons pas quand cet article sera de nouveau approvisionné ni s'il le sera.

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Informations sur le produit

Descriptif technique
MarqueCoby Electronics
Numéro du modèle de l'articleMID7065-8
Couleur Noir
Nombre de coeurs2
Taille de la mémoire vive1 GB
Taille de l'écran7 pouces
Type de technologie sans fil 802.11bgn
Nombre de ports USB 2.01
Item dimensions L x W x H13 x 19.8 x 12.2 centimeter
Poids du produit335 grammes
Informations complémentaires
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Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon 59.573 en Informatique (Voir les 100 premiers)
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr31 janvier 2013
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HASH(0x8fe01d44) étoiles sur 5 Best value for the money out there 17 avril 2013
Par Balaji Ramanathan - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I bought this to replace another 7-inch android tablet that broke when it was sat on. That tablet had no brand name, and I had identified a few things I would improve about it if I were to replace it. I did not anticipate having to replace it when I did, but the list of requirements did enable me to narrow down my tablet choices significantly.

I wanted a faster processor. At least a dual core, if not quad core. I wanted a better, higher-resolution screen. I wanted bluetooth connectivity. And most importantly, I wanted better battery life. And I wanted all of this for under $200. I got all those and more with this replacement tablet.

My choices were narrowed down to this tablet, the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7" wifi, and the nexus 7. The nexus 7 fell out early on when I realized it did not have a micro-sd card slot. Moreover, the tablet would end up costing me more than $200 including taxes and shipping if I bought it from Google. The Samsung tablet had everything I wanted, and was about $170 to $180. I was about to buy it when this newly introduced tablet caught my eye.

It cost $110, which is less than two-thirds the cost of the Samsung tablet. It is superior to or equal to the Samsung Galaxy tab in pretty much all respects. It has a dual-core processor like the Samsung, but the processor frequency on this tablet is 1.2 GHz rather than 1 GHz. The screen resolution is 1024x600, same as the Samsung. It has bluetooth, and a 4000mAH battery (same as the Samsung tablet). The battery life, I knew, would be slightly lower than that of the Samsung tablet because of the faster processor, but I was willing to take that compromise. Also, this tablet comes with a single front camera whereas the Samsung tablet has two cameras, but I believe in taking photos with a camera rather than looking like an idiot taking pictures with a humongous tablet which blocks everybody else's view of what you are trying to photograph. One more perceived advantage this tablet had over the Samsung was that the Samsung tablet came with a proprietary cord to connect it to the computer, whereas this one uses a standard micro-USB port. I don't want to spend a few dollars replacing a lost or misplaced cord down the road.

The tablet came well-packaged. The package consists of the tablet, a user manual in three languages, charger, USB cord, various other bits of paper like a warranty card, registration card, etc., and a pouch for the tablet made of some very thin, indeterminate material that feels on the outside like suede leather. The tablet's screen is protected with a thin plastic sheet that I peeled off as soon as I unpacked it.

The tablet feels solid and well-constructed. It has a plastic body, but I was not exactly expecting a magnesium uni-body for the price I was paying! It has a wide bezel around the screen, and the ports are arranged and marked clearly. The only buttons are for turning on the tablet and/or screen, and a rocker switch that controls the volume. The front-facing camera is placed in a corner of the bezel, but I was not anticipating using a camera at all, so I didn't care where it is or what its resolution is.

I plugged the tablet in to the charger, and it was fully charged in about an hour. The tablet was probably shipped with about a 50% charge like most electronics with li-ion batteries are shipped. There is no LED or any other outward indication of being plugged into the charger. The screen does show a charging battery in the middle if the tablet is completely off, and an icon of a charging battery in the notification area if it is on.

Set up was quite easy and trouble-free. This is my third android device (after my phone and my previous tablet), so there were no surprises here. Actually, I take that back. The surprise I had was that some of the applications that had been compatible with my previous tablet were shown by the app store as not being compatible with this new tablet. Examples include the Audubon field guides, WebMD, itriage, etc. I attribute it to the newness of this tablet, and I suspect app developers will be updating the apps to make them compatible with this tablet as time goes on. There are ways to side-load these apps on to the tablet if you absolutely need them, and the tablet itself is fully capable of running them with absolutely no problems. The tablet boots up in about 90 seconds from a cold start. The bezel is completely free of touch capability: no home, back and recent apps icons on the bezel anywhere. They appear only on the touch screen as needed.

The tablet has 2GB of internal memory, and an 8GB internal SD card. About 4GB of this internal SD card is occupied by the android OS, and the built-in apps that come with the tablet (such as GMail, Google Maps, etc.). Only the other 4GB is usable by the end user. But, combined with the 2GB of internal memory, there is more than enough space for hundreds or even thousands of apps, so it should not be a problem. I have used up 1.3GB of the internal memory and none of the 4GB SD card after loading about 150 apps on the tablet. However, the tablet is not rooted, and there is no way to remove any of the built-in apps unless you want to go through the process of rooting the tablet. Some of the preloaded apps are of questionable value: For instance the maps app is pretty useless given that the tablet does not have GPS.

The tablet is very fast and the screen is fluid and smooth. There is no lag in running any app or switching between multiple apps. After the full charge, I took the tablet off the charger and loaded all the apps I want on it over the next four or four and a half hours on battery power. The processor (both its cores) was running at full power during this entire time, and the screen was on the whole time too, and the battery was drained down to about 5%. If I were just browsing the web or watching videos, it would probably last about 6 to 8 hours. If I were just listening to music or something like that with the screen off, it would probably last a couple of days. As such, when I leave it overnight, the battery goes down by a percent of two at most. The battery also charges when you plug the tablet into a computer using the USB cord.

The user manual is surprisingly informative, and has a bit of an introduction to android itself in it. If you are completely new to the android world, you might find it useful though in general I have found the system intuitive enough I that I didn't need it when I got my previous tablet, and that tablet's user manual consisted of a single folded sheet of paper! The user manual comes in three languages, but the Coby website does not have a PDF version of the manual up on it yet.

I have had no problems running any app that I have loaded on the tablet. The tablet has not crashed, and I don't remember any app crashing either. Youtube works perfectly. I have watched movies, listened to music, live streamed radio, played games like angry birds, etc. without any issues. The built-in speaker is not the strongest out there, and it is only a single speaker, so no stereo if you use the built-in speaker. But I had no problem pairing it with a set of stereo bluetooth headphones, and the output is loud and clear. Wired headphones work fine also. Pairing with my stereo bluetooth headphones was very quick, painless and reliable.

The screen is very good looking and videos and games look crisp and sharp. I have not tried using the tablet in bright sunlight, but in most indoor situations, including next to open windows, the screen does the job for me. There is no ambient light sensor, so you have to adjust the brightness manually if you find yourself straining because it is too dim for the environment.

I have also read a couple of ebooks on the tablet and found it to be very easy on the eyes. The words appear crisp and well-defined with no blurring or rounding of the edges of letters, etc. I primarily use the tablet for reading books, playing games and watching videos, so the screen quality was important. The high resolution paid off. There are no dead or stuck pixels as far as I can tell.

Overall, I am quite happy with the tablet, and I think anybody who buys it with realistic expectations would be too.

So, why did I not give it 5 stars? The first reason is the lack of a charging indicator of any kind (a small led on the bezel or something like that). I have to physically wake the tablet's screen up to confirm that it is charging. Next, the speaker is weak. The tablet's wi-fi antenna is not as powerful as I would have liked it to be. It has some problems holding the signal reliably in far corners of my home that are farthest from my router. It has no ambient light sensor. It comes loaded with some junk apps. I would have found better use for the space occupied by these apps, but I can't remove them easily. Which brings me to my final demerit: the tablet is not rooted. Also, it comes with Android 4.0.4 and Coby has not pushed an update to 4.1 or 4.2 yet.

The only thing left for me to evaluate is the long-term reliability of the tablet. I will try to provide updates if something changes significantly down the line. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please post in the comments, and I will try to address them as best as I can.
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HASH(0x8fe01f6c) étoiles sur 5 EXCELLENT TABLET!!! 10 avril 2013
Par Diaper Destroyer - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
Coby 8-inch GMS Android 4.0 8GB Internet Tablet 4:3 Capacitive Multi-Touch screen with Built-in Camera, Black (MID8065-8)

I love this tablet - period.

I purchased this tablet a few days ago for my son -- and kept it for myself!!! I started using it and couldn't put it down, so I just ordered him another one, which will arrive in a few days.


I first bought a Coby tablet two years ago for my son's first birthday. It was a cheap 7 inch with Android 2 point-something-or-other that I got for about $80.00. I figured he'd toss it around a bit and quickly break it. I was very wrong. It actually ended up being a valuable learning tool -- even though the available applications were VERY limited due to the absence of Google certification. What truly amazed me was the build quality. He has essentially beaten the stuffing out of that poor thing and the screen, speakers, wireless radio, processor and everything else about it are still perfect! Furthermore, the battery still lasts for around 7 hours of continuous use on a full charge.


My wife uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Ice Cream Sandwich that she paid an arm and a leg for. Watching her use it quite effectively for various things, I got envious and decided I needed to grab a tablet for myself and see if I could dispense with carrying my laptop everywhere. I also figured that my son needed something with Google certification because there's a lot of stuff he was doing on my wife's tablet because she has access to Google Play on her tablet, but his old one doesn't. So, with those two points of reference, my son's old Coby and my wife's Samsung, I started my research to see what I could find for my mini-me, and me.

I settled on and bought one Coby Kyros 8065 -- and then a second one.

The Samsung is impressive, but lacks ports and is way too expensive. The Coby, now with full Google certs and Ice Cream Sandwich -- is just as impressive, has a ton of ports (hdmi, usb, etc), and it's remarkably cheaper. Beyond that, my son has proven to me that Coby builds amazingly durable tablets! I don't intend to toss this one around like he did with the old 7-inch. But, I know that if I drop it a few times it will be fine.

Comparatively, my Coby works just as well as my wife's Samsung. It's just as fast, just as bright, etc. But, it can do far more in terms of the ports (and it was way cheaper). Every time I pick this Kyros up and use it I smile. It is VERY rare these days that I actually feel like I bought something without being taken advantage of in some way. But, with this, I know I got my money's worth. This is a purchase that I feel really good about.

I haven't really been a Coby product fan since I bought one of their cheap fake-me-out walkmans in high school -- which broke the next day. But, I'll be a Coby Kyros buyer for years to come. They got it RIGHT with the tablets.
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HASH(0x938671ec) étoiles sur 5 Excellent tablet for the price! 31 mars 2013
Par Charles E. Hughes - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I've owned two other tablets in the past two years. An off-brand one with an All-Winner A10 board in it, and a Uniden tablet (Same tablet as the Polaroid PMID705) The generic tablet was okay but as I shortly found out, its near impossible to get parts for. I paid 120 bucks for it and after a week it got broken (The charger tip got shoved up inside and busted the powerjack). It felt cheap anyway.
The Uniden tablet was nice. No complaints but it had a single core processor and 512ram with no additional storage so unless you had an Micro SD card it all had to be saved on the tablet thus taking up half of them from the start. But it was only 60 bucks so I can't complain.

But I finally decided I wanted a decent tablet that ran games good, and browsed the web without lag. And this Coby tablet was going to be my choice.

From the second I turned it on I was won-over. It booted up fast. It had a fast response time to doing stuff. I could leave 10 apps open and still do stuff with no lag. The battery is great. It came with 86% charge and the battery meter says it lasted 17 hours (With about 4 hours of steady use over the course of 2 days) before it finally died. I downloaded GO Launcher HD for it (Which is a resource intensive launcher) and it does it all flawlessly with no lag. I can play Minecraft, and The Sims Play For Free with no lag at all. I haven't tried the HDMI on it, I'm pretty confident that it won't lag on a TV.

It fits nicely in your hand if you have medium to large hands. It's slightly heavier than my other two tablets, but it feels sturdy. I feel like I could drop it half a dozen times and not worry about anything but the screen breaking, and I like that.

It's Google certified which means all the apps you want to use on it work. For example; The Sims Play Free can only be ran on 'Google Certified' tablets/devices. My last two tablets could not play it, but this one could. Being that it's Google certified it means it passed Google's testing and is considered a good alternative to a Google Nexus. There will never be a compatibility issue with it. It comes preloaded with a bunch of Google apps, like Gmail, Google news, Google+, and Chrome. Most of these I didn't use but it seems like it would be helpful to those who use this stuff. There are also other app stores you can put on there like the Amazon app store or the 1Mobile Market app store. So you're not limited to just the Google Play Store.

The screen is very responsive and very accurate. I have not noticed any issues with typing (And I have slightly larger than average sized hands/fingers). It has volume control physically on the tablet which is okay but the buttons are clustered in such a way I always end up hitting the power button and putting it into standby mode when trying to raise/lower the volume. But its just a minor thing.

The tablet comes with a nice book of clear instructions, it comes with a microfiber cloth to clean the screen, and it comes with a 1 year warranty on it.

For $110 (What I paid for it) It is an awesome tablet. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a budget tablet. It is by no means as good as the Google Nexus, but if you're on a budget and can't afford a Nexus or even an iPad, buy this tablet.

Why are you still reading this? Stop reading my review and buy this tablet!
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HASH(0x93867528) étoiles sur 5 Shockingly good for a Coby, short battery life 7 mai 2013
Par GREGORY FLAGLER - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I ordered this item for my special needs son, who had an iPad Mini, which he loved. However, he wasn't quite ready to take care of it yet. So, after doing some research, as well as trusting the high reviews here on Amazon, I decided to give this a shot, despite Coby's less than stellar reputation when it comes to electronics.

Item arrived, and despite the plastic case, it seemed to be decently put, say, Nexus 7 or, even higher, iPad level quality, but for $100, definitely not bad.

Had only about 4% of battery life, took, oh, 3-4 hours to charge. Also not horrible.

Anyway, set it up, got some apps (this is Google Play certified, a plus considering the "non rock status"), and handed it over to my 7 year old...

...after I played with it for about 45 minutes.

Screen reaction was smooth...capactive worked well, apps opened up at a relatively quick pace, and while I didn't try any "heavy graphic" games, all the apps ran smoothly.

WiFi dropped once or twice, but it bounced back very, very quickly, so it didn't cause much of a disruption.

The display was actually not bad, all considering. Not sure of the pixel count, but most things (and I have to say, video, which on my other experiences on android tablets - this is running Jelly Bean 4.03 btw - was actually pretty decent...ALMOST sharp. Note, don't think upgrading up the Android chain ain't gonna happen.)

Here is why this didn't get 4 stars.

Video battery life is ATROCIOUS.

Charged the battery to 100%, gave it to my son around 4:15 pm one day.

It was down to 14% after a combination of video via wifi and items on an expansion card (a plus for this; can expand to 32GB via miniSD) by 8:10 PM.

Not cool, especially if you give this to a kid on a road trip.

In my case, due to the lack of expense, decent build quality, and decent performance, I will probably keep it.

But, for power Android users, depending on how you use it, I'd spend a little more money for something with longevity, as well as a better company reputation.
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HASH(0x9386775c) étoiles sur 5 Great buy, but..... 5 avril 2013
Par T. Bass - Publié sur
I purchased the "COBY MID7065-8" several weeks ago. It arrived quickly, was packaged decently, and was amazed to see an actual paper "users manual" booklet enclosed, which is unheard of in a low-priced tablet! The unit appears well built, and has a decently solid feel to it. It came with a nice bag, charger, and a micro-USB cord for hooking to your computer.

After charging it, I turned it on and proceeded to download all of my apps (paid and otherwise) from Amazon and the "GP" store (*caveat below). The COBY comes fully loaded with all of the major Google-brand apps, like Gmail, Calendar, Chrome, etc. Compared to another inexpensive Chinese tablet I bought last year, this one is fast, and all of the apps work well. The dual processors really speed things up, as does the full GB of RAM.

I own a couple of other inexpensive Android ICS tablets, and this one is by far the best, and the best value. I have not a single complaint about the tablet itself, though I wish the sound were a little better. For the price, I can't complain, and it works great with headphones. The screen and viewing angles are also just fine. It has a much higher resolution than other low-end tablets on the market, and even though it doesn't have an IPS screen, it doesn't cost like an IPS equipped model either! Netflix, Amazon, downloaded videos, and everything else work and look just fine on this unit.

*As for the reason I took one star off my rating for this device, when I turned it on initially (and subsequently, until two days ago), a "firmware update" pop-up would appear. At every instance, I would follow the instructions, but it would not install correctly. So, I wrote COBY Support. It's been over a week since I wrote them, and have yet to hear from anyone. Obviously, though COBY is making some nice tablets now, their Customer service still leaves a bit to be desired. Hopefully they'll "grow" into it. Good tablets, deserve good support.

To fix the above problem, I simply switched off the "auto update" feature in settings (Settings/About tablet/System Updates). Once that was done, the pop-up stopped. A couple of days ago, I turned the auto-update feature back on to see what would happen, but the mysterious and faulty update and pop-up were nowhere to be seen, and everything now operates perfectly. I've also read that COBY will be updating this tablet to "Jelly Bean" at some point too.

All in all, this is a great tablet for just about anyone. No, it's not a top line unit, but isn't priced like one either. It will do everything most need and desire from a tablet, at half the price of its nearest competitor. Now, if COBY could get their customer service shaped up, they could own the lower end of the market, and have lots of happy customers. Regardless, I highly recommend this tablet.
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