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Coby MID8127 Tablette Tactile 8 " Android Noir

de Coby

Actuellement indisponible.
Nous ne savons pas quand cet article sera de nouveau approvisionné ni s'il le sera.

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Informations sur le produit

Descriptif technique
Numéro du modèle de l'articleMID8127-4G
Couleur Noir
Nombre de coeurs1
Taille de la mémoire vive512 MB
Taille de l'écran8 pouces
Type de technologie sans fil 802.11B, 802.11G
Nombre de ports USB 2.01
Item dimensions L x W x H14 x 20.6 x 15.8 centimeter
Poids du produit555 grammes
Informations complémentaires
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon 62.847 en Informatique (Voir les 100 premiers)
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr3 novembre 2011
Politique de retour
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Descriptions du produit

Référence fabricant: MID8127-4G
TABLET COBY KYROS MID8127 8 WIFI 4GB S Poids: 1.13 (kgs)

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Kyros 8127 Most economical full functional tablet 26 novembre 2011
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Before I bought my 1st tablet I did a ton of research, as I didn't want to spend the $'s for a gadget I wouldn't use. I wound up paying ~ $140 for the gen 1 Coby Kyros Mid7015 as an entry level trial. After getting the right apps in via appslib it worked pretty good, but kinda slow and lots of resets needed after freezes. It only had android os 2.1 and not very easily controlled resistive touch screen -- better with a protective film and a stylus. I haven't rooted it yet. A new forum
shows how to root the Coby tablets and install current android os's. Now that I have the 8127 I'll use my 7015 as the experimental device and do some stuff.

But with the 8127 (os 2.3.3) you don't need to. It uses getjar for its apps source (but won't take apps from anywhere else), has a really clear and fast capacitance 4 touch screen with no need for a stylus; dedicated youtube and other popular apps preloaded (one is a very functional apps manager.) It loads fast, downloads fast and accurately, the 8" size is nice to handle, the quality is very good, has updated keyboard, good responsive navi buttons on right side, nice volume rocker on top left. I'm very happy with it. Got it on sale for $170 ($199) at local BiMart store, again after spending weeks of research on which new tablet wouldbe best for the $'s.

Addendum 1. Above I said the 8127 wouldn't take any apps except from getjar; actually I side loaded "skyfire" browser using mini sd card in netbook to dl the app then dl'd to tablet from card. Easy. Now I'm not limited to "outside" apps.
22 internautes sur 22 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Coby Kyros 8127 9 décembre 2011
Par Nim Nice - Publié sur Amazon.com
Coby Kyros 8127 8inch tablet is great. perfect for around the house.check e-mails, play games, browse the web its quick and easy to use.
it has a capacitive screen which works great. you tube works great with speakers or headphones. has a micro sd card slot up to 32gb.
for the money it cant be beat.you can customize it in many ways, with widgets, wallpapers, calendars, you name it.load it up
with music, movies, pictures. faster than turning on a laptop or desktop computer. loads up in about 30 seconds. you can set up a password to prevent
people from using it and accessing your information. you can set the brightness of the screen adjust the volume. has an hdmi out to connect to
your HD TV and enjoy movies, pictures. great for young or old people. bought this for my 9yr old son and he loves it!
i use it to check my e-mails and just cant put it down. its light weight makes it portable. charges quickly. depending on what you use it for
you can easily get 5 to 8 hours. this is WIFI ready it picked up my wireless router in seconds! no cables to plug in just enjoy.
read books, came pre-loaded with 1 book. awesome tablet. never thought i would like it as much as i do. paid $189 plus tax on Bestbuy's web site. Sorry Amazon.
im always purchasing items on Amazon as well.
hope my review was helpful.
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2nd day review 16 novembre 2011
Par ZFam - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
So, i have only had it for 2 days, but so far the experience is great. Works right out of the box. Setup Wifi (secure connection), downloaded about 7 apps in less than 15 minutes. Surfed the web, and watched You tube videos within the first 5 min of turning it on. It is very responsive. Only drawback I have is the proprietary Apps lib, vs the Google Market, as the app selection is not as large. I will try the Amazon Market next and will provide another feedback update after some additional use by the whole family.
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Coby 8127 OK As Ereader, But Needs Rooting To Delete Bloatware 13 décembre 2011
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Bought the Coby 8127 as an alternate to the Kindle Fire for use as an eReader. I was disappointed in the hw/sw problems with the KF and wanted a backlit eReader. I currently use a Netbook for a dedicated ereader and wanted something smaller and didn't like the eink devices. I also wanted email access and a reasonable browser.

The Coby instructions say to charge overnight before using it and the "status light will turn blue" when fully charged. OK. Except there is NO BLUE STATUS LIGHT!!!!! I thought I had a DOA or at least a bad charger and/or tablet. Turns out there really is no "blue status Light" (as coincidentally there is on my netbook) and you have to power it up and look at the green battery in the status line. I mean, c'mon - geesh an error in the manual that basic? Made me wonder about the 8127 itself.

I get it charged and up and running. Added the MAC address to my wireless router (for extra security if the MAC address isn't in the router you don't get to sign on). Changed the router to broadcast the SSID so the Coby could see it, and it signed on and worked. Changed the router back to NOT broadcast the SSID - again a security thing and the Coby could NOT sign on again. Our 2 Thinkpads and the Asus Netbook had no problems doing this with the SSID not broadcasting after having successfully signed on the 1st time. So now I can't use the Coby WIFI as I will not broadcast the SSID.

Downloaded the Kindle for Android app. Got it loaded and USB'd .mobi's over and was able to read them on the Kindle app.

To delete preinstalled bloatware, the Coby must be rooted - see below.

Another worthless thing is that you need to swipe the unlock key every time you boot - even when you don't have a lock set. A minor nuisance, but a nuisance all the same.

All in all, it's a good ereader which is what I bought it for. However I had hoped to use it for email, the web and other things. But since it's wifi SSID brain dead I won't be using it for that.

12/21/11 Update

Finally figured out how to Root the Coby 8127 so preinstalled apps can be deleted. Note - these instructions are for XP, but W7 should be similar. As far as I could Google, no one else has rooted the 8127, so that's why these instructions.

1. Download/unzip Telechips ADP drivers from [...] These are the CORRECT ADP Drivers for the Coby. Not having the proper drives caused Super1Click to hang in previous efforts.

2. If you've plugged in your Coby already, uninstall the device
Rclick MyComputer/Properties/Hardware/Device Mgr - scroll to USB controllers, expand and UNISTALL the Coby device.

3. Plug in the Coby and when Win asks for drivers point to the folder you unzipped. The correct ADP drivers will be then be installed. This takes a bit of time.

4. [...] Download Superoneclick. Read the doc and watch video on what to expect.

5. On the Coby turn on settings/applications - check unknown sources and settings/applications/development - check usb debugging

6. reboot the Coby

7. Connect to PC and exec Super1click - click on Root tab and wait. The rooting should be done in 15-20 secs or so.

8. If you get an error msg about dfixapi.dll, then copy difxapi.dll to windows/system. You can get it at [...] Probably best to restart Win.
Repeat Step 7.

9.The Coby should now be rooted.

10. Via USB, create a folder on Coby SD card called My Apps. For whatever reason, I had to uncheck the USB Debugging under settings/apps/development and reboot Coby. Then when connecting to PC tap "USB On" when Coby asked.

11. Download TitaniumBackup from [...] (scroll down to download apk file.

12. USB TitaniumBackup to My Apps on Coby

13. Using "apk installer" install Titanium backup. Make sure settings/apps/development and check USB Debugging is on again.

14. You can now delete bloatware. Make sure you read TitaniumBackup info on using the product.

15. When done if you want to, you can UnRoot the Coby by exec Super1Click and clicking on UnRoot tab.

Coby 8127 is now bloatware (as defined by you) free.

12/22 Update

I see Amazon scrubbed all my links to the necessary tools.
So you'll just have to Google "Superoneclick", "TitaniumBackup", "Telechips ADP Drivers", "DIFXAPI.dll" to find out where to get them. It's not Amazon sells these tools, so they're not losing revenue. To me that's a disservice to buyers of the Coby.
3 internautes sur 3 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Pretty good, but not at full retail price 25 mai 2012
Par Mark Leinhos - Publié sur Amazon.com
I've owned a lot of tablets over the years including iPads and a few different Android tabs. This is the cheapest built tab I've owned so far. The case creaks just switching between my two hands, and pressing on the BACK side will cause ripples in the LCD. A disapointing start to the ownership experience.

Screen: The LCD is bright and easy to see but has poor side-angle visibility. Using it in landscape mode at any significant angle (like laying on a table) looks pretty bad. I love the 4x3 aspect ratio and picked this device specifically for that reason. Rotation can be a little slow and finicky but does work, you just have to hold it practically straight up/down before it rotates. Capacitive multi-touch works well and is properly sensitive.

While it is easy to root (use the latest One Click) and install Market (tip: the latest version of Market I could get to work was 3.1) Market blocks so many apps as incompatible that it makes having Market practically useless. Alternatives like 1Mobile and the built-in GetJar are usually enough to get what I need though. Dolphin Browser HD is a must have improvement over the stock browser, go get it (1Mobile.com).

Performance is 7 out of 10. The capacitive part of the screen works well and is sensitive enough, but the processor just doesn't quite have enough power to give it the buttery smooth performance of an iPad or better spec'ed Android tabs. Like many budget Android devices scrolling is somewhat choppy with a little delay from when you start the motion. Still it's pretty good and easily handles any of the casual games I throw at it (Birds, Cut the Rope, tower defense). Pandora streams high quality just fine, as does Google Play Music once you find a compatible version. It's no iPad in performance, but it's not so bad that I can't use it. Full screen HD movies play great.

Wifi connectivity seems typical/average, which is fine.

Camera is intended for video chat (Skype) and the quality is only just good enough for that. You won't be snapping any photos with this.

Battery life is good now that I've used it a few days and gotten it nicely topped off overnight. I can surf the web for several hours on wifi, or play games for way longer than I'd ever want to with wifi turned off. In fact I have yet to run out of battery before I ran out of daylight or interest. There's no charge indicater when turned off so you just have to trust it. I haven't done any timed battery life tests.

Things I haven't tested: HDMI out, headphone jack, or USB keyboard/mouse. It's nice to know that I can connect a keyboard to this device, but if I'm going to pack that much "stuff" I'll just bring my netbook instead.

I'm very happy with the purchase, making this my main tablet now. I bought mine second hand for cheaper so I'm not sure if I would buy this at full retail price, but at a discount it's a slam dunk. Great size and capable machine.
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