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le 19 avril 2015
I ordered a few mastering books along with this one and found it quite interesting but not mind blowing.

It features a good presentation of a mastering office, even if other books go a bit further in the environment and specs.
The main chapter features a lot of pertinent advices and techniques, described every time in a few lines but unhappily mixed all together : a bit of order wouldn't have bothered.
The last part features half a dozen interviews (or more?), some were quite interesting and relevant for my needs, others were completely into electrical/deep technical stuffs that I wouldn't read nor recommend.
Again, as said on my review of Audio Mastering - Essential Practices, I did not purchase those books to learn again on how a compressor works, so a bit disappointed there. The insights on EQ were nonetheless very instructive.
Altogether its a fair book, the format is handy and I guess everyone, from amateur to professional would find at least a bit of unexpected and enriching content in it.
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le 7 avril 2014
Même sans être très bon en anglais, je m'en sort très bien. Il donne plein de référence d'outils, surtout orientés vers les plug'in.
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