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Concerto Suite:Electric Guitar Import

3.7 étoiles sur 5 3 commentaires client

3 d'occasion à partir de EUR 30,86

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Page Artiste Yngwie Malmsteen

Détails sur le produit

  • CD (11 mars 2011)
  • Nombre de disques: 1
  • Format : Import
  • Label: Mis
  • ASIN : B000065C4P
  • Autres éditions : CD
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 3.7 étoiles sur 5 3 commentaires client
  • Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon: 131.513 en Musique (Voir les 100 premiers en Musique)
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Commentaires en ligne

3.7 étoiles sur 5
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Format: CD
Yngwie J. Malmsteen s'est offert un concerto live au Japon d'une grande ampleur. Si vous avez aimé son concerto suite for electric guitar... n'hésitez pas à sauter sur ce cd ! Une oeuvre d'art. Le virtuose est en grande forme dans ce cd, et ses meilleurs titres sont représentés. On l'attendait, ce live classique, et il est là, avec tout ce qu'il peut représenter ! Une harmonisation parfaite, des violons séduisants et puissant, et une guitare chaleureuse et unique !
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Format: CD
j'étais très spetique pour ce projet. La version studio du "Concerto Suite", bien que superbe, me laissait présager une catastrophe car malmsteen, en concert, a tendance à se lâcher et à faire un marathon sur l'acajou. Si ses solis n'atteignent pas ceux de 1998, on retrouve d'excellents moments sur cet album. C'est aussi une bonne idée d'avoir incorporé "Brothers", et surtout, "Black Star" sans la guitare, entièrement joué par l'orchestre seulement! c'est le joyau de cet album. Il aurait été grandiose qu'Yngwie nous ajoute une ou deux nouvelles compositions classique...
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Format: CD Achat vérifié
Bonjour problème de lecture du cd ,seulement quelque titres fonctionne ,défaut du cd,(essai sur plusieurs support),cd intact dommage,article a été remboursé part le vendeur merci
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HASH(0x994603e4) étoiles sur 5 One Fans Review 14 octobre 2002
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: CD
I`ve always thought Yngwie`s style and technique would blend well with a symphonic arangement. Though I enjoyed the Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op.1, I felt the overall production was a little dense and Yngwie`s guitar was a little buried in the mix. That`s why I like this live version with the new japan philharmonic so much more. Even though it`s live, the Orchestra performance is cleaner and more powerfull, yet it never over powers Yngwie`s guitar. His playing on this night was fantastic as well as flawless. You can clearly every note and the two encores(Blitzkrieg, Far beyond the sun)hold up pretty well with a symphonic arangement.This CD is more for a big fan of Yngwie`s Neo Classical Style than of casual fan more familiar with his Rising Force CD`s.
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HASH(0x9946084c) étoiles sur 5 Czech vs. New Japan Philharmonic 9 janvier 2004
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: CD
To me, the CD done with the Czech Philharmonic is superior to this one with the New Japan Philharmonic because of the audio mix. I feel the Czech one is more balanced whereas this one has Yngwie's playing mixed a little too strongly and occasionally overshadowing important aspects of the orchestra. However, if you are more interested in hearing his guitar work, then you would probably prefer this version. Actually, since the only DVD of this work is of this performance with the New Japan Philharmonic, I got it on DVD and got the Czech version on CD.
(NOTE: For those interested in the DVD, it is quite hard to find since it comes out of Japan, but can usually be found on Ebay.)
5 internautes sur 5 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x994607c8) étoiles sur 5 Great stuff, with a couple of minor flaws. 22 mars 2002
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: CD
First of all, I'm a major fan of Yngwie's music both as a joy to listen to, and exciting to use as a teaching tool (I'm learning guitar and my teacher uses a lot of Yngwie's stuff to demonstrate ideas in Classical playing and obscure bits of theory), and I loved the original studio version of the Concerto Suite. I think that this new version is as good, but certainly not better than the studio cut.
This could have been an absolutely awesome CD, but instead it is mearly a pretty good one. The main problem is the acoustic and volumatic problems, that the other reviews have mentioned. When this was recorded at the Shibuya Orchard Hall in Tokyo, it had to be done in a slightly different matter than a normal orchestrial concert.
In order to get the volume and tone he wanted Yngwie had to use more amplification than the orchestra itself could overcome. So as to not have the orchestra drowned out, the engineers working on the show cleverly filtered and amplified the orchestra using the Halls state of the art PA and speaker system. However by doing this they created a different type of acoustic dynamic and enviornment than a standard classical concert setting. Because it was different than a normal concert's acoustics it caused problems when it came time to mixing it using the classical standard 24-bit recording. This type of recording is best when done in a completely acousitc manner, when any amplification takes place it must be acounted for and balanced out in the mixing. With all the types of amplification going on, it is quite obvious that they overcompensate in spots, and mixed it too low in others. It is a glaring error on their part for not recording in the manner of a more traditional high volume concert, but overall it doesn't hurt the overall quality of the CD as much as you would think.
Overall its a decent CD, but if your going to import look for the DVD the sound mix is much better, especailly if you have a decent Dolby Digital system and there is another extra track on it. Not to mention the piece has more impact seeing it performed, as opposed to just hearing it.
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HASH(0x9946072c) étoiles sur 5 Yngwie showing off everything we don't like about him 29 septembre 2012
Par Aaron Joy - Publié sur
Format: CD
Responding to critics that said his 1998 release Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar & Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op. 1 had overdubbed guitar parts YM set out to prove them wrong by re-recording the Suite live in full view of an audience with the New Japan Philharmonic behind him on stage. There was no question after, & there never should have been before, that YM is truly the super technically advanced player he claims to be & has proven over numerous recordings.

The two recordings don't differ much except for some length changes in a few songs for the stage while the concert doesn't have the cold studio sheen, or to put it another way you can feel the air hanging between the players which is lost when parts are recorded individually & pieced together later.

There's also less tonal variation by YM on stage where he's not switching guitars ... which leads to what is wrong with this recording & many of YM's albums - the lack of some much needed variety in his playing. YM has a particular well-honed style featuring notes flying from his fingers at amazing speeds, but after an hour of this all done in the same tone & maybe even the same key the result is less spectacular than it should be. But, YM is the king of anti-climactic showing off. He's never understood that lightning fast playing is great but there's also a time for slower more subtle playing & what was impressive thirty years ago eventually becomes less impressive. You can't show off forever though YM has tried his hardest to do just that, seemingly oblivious that a couple generations of inspired players have come after him with maybe not the same technique but with lots more variety. Plus, these players have found emotional pockets in their music which is nearly absent from YM's playing many a time. It's very difficult to have lightning fast technique that is still emotive. Very few players, regardless of the musical genre, have managed to walk that line successfully & usually it works because they balance the fire with the water. YM just keeps feeding the flames & wondering why everyone is walking away because they're feeling too hot. YM's albums, & this one is no exception if not actually a perfect example, tend to feel like one long solo that go nowhere & have nothing to say, versus intricately crafted songs. There are a few albums, particularly the early Rising Force days, that are stellar but YM has always had this need to constantly impress instead of just relaxing.

Writing for a orchestra ... might that not be just another way to impress? It might also be a way to expand his music beyond what a rock band can offer. The problem is that he doesn't use the orchestra to its full potential or to accentuate his playing nor even to seemingly challenge him. Many rock musicians have recorded with an orchestra & most use only part of what such an ensemble offers not digging into its rhythmic & tonal abilities, not using it to make music on its own versus just accentuating what the band is doing. When YM plays it's all about YM. There is no other instrument of importance on stage. He could have done this Suite with multiple keyboardist to similiar, though weaker, effect. YM solos for an hour while the orchestra just plays some weak ditties in the background. There's very little interplay or letting the orchestra ever step up to bat or being more than a gimmic.

Rock musicians should take a page from Yanni's Live At The Acropolis where he doesn't even play piano or do much at all on many of his own songs as he's all about letting an orchestra reinterpret his past compositions, not showing off his particular keyboard skills.

YM's "Cavallino Rampante" comes close to some intertwining lines, & so does "Fugue", though the later at times sounds like the guitar is trying to work against the harmony of the two by constantly adding flourishes when the two are supposed to be playing the same thing in sync. It's shooting sparks out of the fire when it should be flowing like water. But, Suite is not all bad. There are a few good moments if one is paying attention & can get beyond the monotony. "Brothers" is about as close as we get to an emotional piece but YM is still attempting to fill the air with as many notes as possible crowding out anything else including letting the emotion have a moment to itself. "Icarus Dream Fanfare" & "Adagio" include some good guitar lines, too. The seventh song in "Prelude To April" is the one piece which pushes the limit with a change of tone, choir & even some soft nearly acoustic playing & allows the orchestra to shine for the first time. More of this, please. Though the rapid fire solo kills the piece just as it begins to take off. Change of mind. No more of that. Thankfully "Sarabande" follows & picks up the pieces, but one shouldn't have to rescue a song with another one in a similiar vein. As for this album being of interest to classical fans. Probably not. Too much guitar. & there's not much particularly Romero-esque about the guitar playing.

Don't introduce your classical geek cousin to rock with this particular bridge. You'll never get a second chance. Theoretically, YM could have crafted an album that bridged both classical & rock fans. Billy Joel did this with his final studio album while many classical musicians have stepped across the bridge. But, it takes more than technical playing to woo a classical audience brought up on rushing musical landscapes & operatic posing. As for the "Suite" itself ... none of the songs really rise to any great height or are profoundly interesting & are just backdrops for solos. A solo isn't a song. It might be a little two or three minute bit on an album, yes, but it's not the entire album. If YM had some solo singing or a few guests that would have moved this concert miles forward ... but when YM performs there's only room for him. It's really ashame as for someone of YM's skill he could create magic that no other guitarist could touch. Instead he's been playing the same furious lines too much in love with his skills to realize the flash has lost its flash & most people want music with more depth. Joining the "Suite" there's also the added tracks of the orchestra only "Black Star Overture", plus "Brothers", "Trilogy Suite Op. 5: The First Movement" & "Blitzkrieg" as an encore which make this the more worthwhile of the two versions of the Suite to listen to.
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HASH(0x99460a98) étoiles sur 5 Original masterpiece from a heavy metal master 11 juillet 2003
Par Marco Aviles Benitez - Publié sur
Format: CD
I've just owned the japanese DVD a year ago and the classical version of this original guitar genius has written with the advise and cooperation from one of his very closer friend and keyboardist, Mats Olausson. All the music is inspired in all his career as guitarist and frontman of the "Rising Force" early proyect. He made a great modern masterpiece with a very original composition, all the variations, arrangements and classical touches has his personal taste and musical charisma. As a very big fan of this heavy metal guitar god, I'm pleased to heard him in all his works and no longer any other musician can do the same as a great contribution for the rock genre. Thanks Yngwie for giving us (all the metal fans)your well done and masterpiece works, I hope you do something similar next time. Yngwie rules!!!
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