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Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Theories (Anglais) Broché – 1 avril 2013

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At any time in our history, you will find significant and seemingly indisputable events occurring, the kind that can change the course of our lives -- the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Yet for every one of them, somebody, somewhere will loudly dispute the 'official' account, doubting that the truth has been told. In today's environment, with trust in authorities at an all-time low, conspiracy theories have found a new currency, and websites and social networking ensure they receive a wider and more rapid spread than ever before. But how do we separate truth from imagination? Was Princess Diana murdered, as many people think, despite all the official denials? Did NASA really go to the Moon, when anomalies in the photographic record suggest otherwise? Could 9/11 really have been set up by agencies within the USA itself? The author opens the conspiracy casebook by examining the mindset of those who believe in conspiracies, and considers whether the dismissive attitude towards them has been fair. Part Two looks into history to establish that conspiracies do occur, credibility should therefore be given to belief in some of the alleged plots and cover-ups of today.

This leads into a well-argued examination of some of the most popular conspiracies of our times, including theories over assassinations, UFO cover-ups, and widely voiced concerns over 9/11 and the 'New World Order'. Part Three draws the conclusion that while not all conspiracy theories can be proven, they do at least draw attention to paths not to take, and can be valuable in helping to create a better world where new trust and hope can be forged. Are we living in a world of control, of oppression, of habitual deception? Is this really how things are, or simply human nature massively distorted through a dark lens? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Biographie de l'auteur

Andy Thomas is one of the UK's leading researchers into unexplained mysteries and conspiracy theories. His many books include the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores paranormal phenomena, global cover-ups and prophecies, and Vital Signs, widely described as the definitive guide to the controversial crop circle phenomenon and nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine's Best Book award. Andy lectures widely in the around the world and makes many regular appearances on TV and radio.

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Informative, Interesting, well-researched. 4 mars 2014
Par Richard Fredericks - Publié sur
Format: Broché
I've devoted two decades of professional work to the issues Thomas discusses, and while the book was somewhat introductory (as in, covered a lot of territory in short order), it was still very informative and very compelling. Thomas takes an even-handed approach, and unpacks many of the more mainstream arguments as well. I'm not altogether sure what beef the previous reviewer has, to give the book 3 of 5 based solely on Thomas' relatively brief summary of the Kennedy case (as interesting as this reviewer's take is), given that this book is not another JFK book. Mainly, Thomas lays out a solid case as to why the conspiracy or alternative approach to history carries more explanatory power than does the incidental/accidental view. The book is well-done and well worth a read.
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the biggest conspiracy has an answer, WHY don't you show it? 26 février 2014
Par Patricia Hamilton - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
There is a way to PROVE that the biggest conspiracy "theory" in history is a lie, in other words, there is a way to prove it really was a powerful conspiracy that killed JFK.

The way that is proved is rather simple. There are two ways to determine the timing of the shots that killed JFK. If the time between shots is the same, that PROVES statistically that a conspiracy killed JFK. The way the obvious has been hidden from Americans is that anything that conflicts with the lone gunman fired three shots scenario is viciously attacked as untrue, hence it is a "conspiracy theory." Once they con you into saying conspiracy theory, they own you.

For example, find one person who witnessed JFK's head wounds at Parkland Hospital who says that JFK's head wound was anything like what you see in the Zapruder film. You can't find anybody who said that. WHY? Because JFK had a massive exit wound in the right rear of his head and the US government forded evidence and lied to hide the truth. This information in this paragraph does not prove anything, nor does this doctor who describes JFK's head wounds but it is a HINT that the US government lied.


To PROVE that a powerful conspiracy killed JFK, we do the following:

Looking at the Zparuder fillm, the first time we can DEFINITELY say a shot was fired (when we see a reaction to a shot) is Zapruder frame 224. That is the point that Gov. Connally raises his arms and begins turning as he said he did when he heard the first shot fired.

The next time we can definitely say a shot was fired was frame 313, the point when President Kennedy was shot in the head.

The FBI measured the film speed of Zapruder's camera as 18.3 frames per second.

Computing the time between those TWO SHOTS is easily done:

Time = (313 - 224)/18.3 = approx 4.8 seconds.

The second way to time the shots was done by audio experts who used an audio recording made during the shooting. Virtually every JFK "researcher" on the planet Earth believes the audio evidence is questionable but look at this figure:

As you can easily see, the time between shots #3 and #4 is also 4.8 seconds. I have been told by MANY FOOLS that is a coincidence, it means nothing. To say that, you are arguing that audio experts looked at random noise and picked 4.8 seconds as the time between shots #3 and #4. What are the odd that both have the same time between two of the shots and the audio evidence is not valid?

Next point: There are MANY, MANY witnesses who say the last two shots were BANG-BANG, two shots fired a split second apart. Before we leave the audio evidence, notice that it also shows that the last two shots were fired 0.7 seconds apart. As you surely know, shot #4 per the audio evidence was fired from the right front, shot #5 was fired from behind (audio evidence shot #5 was the third and final shot fired from the TSBD where Oswald allegedly was located. Anybody who has ever looked at the Z film thinks the shot that hit JFK in the head was fired from the right front, it's not until the idiotic story of that shot coming from behind do people back down and surrender to the US governments BS story of a lone gunman. As you look at this short GIF, it sure looks like JFK was shot in the head from the right front and that Gov Connally was shot in the back from a shot fired from behind a split second later:

John Connally said for decades in MANY interviews:

1. The force of the bullet (to his back) bent him over:
2. He turned to his right after hearing the first shot and as he was facing forward while turning back toward his left he felt the shot to his back
3. Nellie said that John C turned to his right then back to his left and THEN he was shot in the back.

You can clearly see in any Zapruder film version that John Connally is not bent over (knocked forward) until a split second AFTER JFK was shot in the head. You can easily see John Connally bent over in the new digitally stabilized Zapruder versions but it is not so easy with the originally films that were released. The US government (under the cover of Life Magazine buying the Z film) hid the film from Americans until 1975 when it was first shown on TV. The conspirators never wanted Americans to see what obviously shows the biggest lie in history to be "suspect."

But not to worry. People let the press tell them what to think and they tend to give the US government's version a pass when it is obviously a lie. The audio evidence and the Zapruder film taken together prove that we have been lied to. The odds of the echo patterns looking like shots AND that three of them were separated by 4.8 and 0.7 seconds proves that a conspiracy killed JFK. IF you continue to add in constraints to the equation it quickly passes a BILLION to one that JFK was killed by a conspiracy.

But this won't make sense to you until you understand why the 1978 HSCA said there were four shots and the figure shows FIVE shots. WHY the DIFFERENCE? You have to understand how the mistakes and the lies mix together to hide the truth. I have a simple video which shows some of the witnesses saying BANG-BANG for the last two shots (there are many more but the US editors go out of their way to ignore BANG-BANG, those were echoes, right?). The audio evidence PROVES they weren't echoes.


If you are in a hurry, start watching at 6 minutes or so. There is absolutely no doubt that the last two shots were fired BANG-BANG. Watch Gov. Connally turn after the sign (Z224). How did he turn if he was shot n the back at Z224? The fact is he wasn't seriously wounded while he turned, he was wounded in the back 0.7 seconds AFTER JFK was shot in the head.

If you have doubts or question, my book "0.7 Seconds to Conspiracy" explains many of the conflicts in the JFK assassination. The US government told any lie, forged all the evidence they could to hide when Connally was shot in the back. That is one of the biggest secrets the US government has ever locked away.

Once you realize the US government made fools of us all, I bet it changes many things you say in your book because if you can lie for decades about JFK's murder, the other lies they have told are child's play by comparison. You can not understand US history since 1963 until you understand the scam called the JFK assassination. I also recommend you read again the children's story "The Emperor's New Clothes." It will explain the psychology of the big lie.

My YOUTUBE channel, SCGATOR2001 had almost one million views and YOUTUBE has shut it down. They have succumbed to pressure by others to hide this information from Americans. One of the biggest stories in history has an answer, the US government lied and cheated and those who bought it hook, line and sinker are fighting to keep the truth buried. Some can't accept that they have been made fools of. I can prove they were and they don't like it. I will be adding more videos as I am remaking those that were removed off of YOUTUBE. Now I can say that YOUTUBE has joined the censors who are desperate to keep the truth hidden.

I did find your book interesting but you need to factor in the JFK assassination solution AFTER you verify that everything I showed you is true.

Bill Charleston

JFKLIES on FACEBOOK will have the links to future videos.
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AMAZON, HELP! Someone else logged into my computer and I did NOT rearlize it until AFTER I submitted the review. 26 février 2014
Par William R. Charleston - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
I wrote a book review on a shared computer. It is under the name of that I did not realize I was logged into.

I signed the review BILL CHARLESTON, can you please send it to AND to so I can resubmit it!

Sorry, I did not realize Patty had logged into this sometimes shared computer

Bill Charleston
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