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Dawn of the Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and the Future of the World (Anglais) Broché – 30 juin 2013

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Dawn of the Akashic Age A preview of the post-mechanistic, holistic world in 2020 and 2030 as well as a map of the obstacles we must overcome to get there Full description

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A VIEW OF THE FUTURE? 1 juin 2013
Par Robert Steven Thomas - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
This is the fourth book I have read by Laszlov. I rated each of the first three FIVE STAR because they all clearly reflected the brilliance in the author's understanding of the human condition. I rated this book 5-star as well for specific reasons. However, I was truly disappointed with many of his flawed (in my opinion) conclusions. First, most people's understanding of the Akashic Record is that of a field of knowledge and information which naturally exists in a quantum state of consciousness throughout the universe and is the matrix upon which everything in the cosmos is constructed. Matter, energy, biology and consciousness are all inter-connected. Many, myself included, accept this concept as being scientifically established through modern principles of quantum mechanics ... specifically, entanglement and nonlocality. I didn't find any reference or inclusion of this undertanding in the book. In fact, I was very confused by the author's use of the term "akashic." His use is clearly odd, unconventional and in need of explanation. The book is divided into four sections. The first is a spot-on description of how greed through the forces of socialism and corrupted-capitalism during the last century have brought all of the advanced nations to the brink of economic collapse which will inevitably take place during the coming decade. It will take decades more to work through. Many will suffer in the interim. This section is Laszlov at his best. Though too many have their heads in the sand regarding this economic reality and its consequences, the handwriting is on the wall, written in indelible ink, and Laszlov's evidence is brutally difficult to refute. The first section deserves 5 stars. The second section describes what will follow the eventual collapse. Again, the author is prophetically spot-on in this section as well. It is in certain details throughout the last two sections that the book loses some of its dynamic. In parts 3 & 4 Laszlo describes a potential long term solution for humanity and how to implement this strategy. While I applaud the author's positive energy and thinking in these sections, too much of his potential solution is utopian and does not demonstrate a clear understanding of human nature. That was also Karl Marx's chief failure. Here is the problem: While the solution to the successful advancement of human evolution will unavoidably demand a greater degree of connectedness, empathy, sharing of resources and cooperation, which the author forcefully defends ... most political-system futurists (like Laszlo) do not place enough emphasis on personal responsibility, achievement and respect for individual effort and property rights. Rewarding and supporting sloth, as our failed political systems of the last century have overtly established is also a major component of our economic and moral decline and decay. Any successful solution for the future of humanity must address this challenge to be realistically workable. Robert Steven Thomas, author: Intelligent Intervention
Intelligent Intervention
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Superb Appetizer Book -- a Potpourri of Genius -- Not the Main Plate 27 décembre 2013
Par Robert David STEELE Vivas - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
Buy and read this book for a marvelous panoramic view of the latest thinking circling around the end of the top-down scarcity model that concentrates wealth, and the emergence -- sooner than most might expect -- of the distributed bottom-up local to global harmonization.

This is a hybrid book -- the first two thirds are written by the co-authors (Laszlo and Dennis), while the last third is a collection of eleven very short essays, each generally provocative and each providing me with at least one insight, web site, or book that I was not aware of. The book ends with recommended readings in the following categories that are a also a summary of what the book strives to cover at a very high level:

Global Transformation
New Consciousness
New Economics
State of the World
World Futures

Among many other thoughts that this book inspired as I went through it, it helped me better appreciate the life's work of Dr. Laszlo, and to take a closer look at his GIorano Bruno GlobalShift University.

I give the book four stars instead of five because it is not completely coherent and it is an appetizer sort of book, not the main plate. It talks around the core challenges, lacks a holistic analytic model, and includes some dated ideas. For example, too much is made of massive open online courses (MOOC), which only have a 4% completion rate, and there is no awareness of the idea put forward by Earth Intelligence Network to Sir Richard Branson, of a global network that can educate the five billion poor one cell call at a time. The book also lacks a grasp of where information technology is going at a technical level (open source everything) but it does reflect an appreciation for how central the new free Internet is to the revolution in human affairs. As a final note, I am disappointed that not a single one of these authors saw fit to mention Medard Gabel and his long-standing graphic (posted above) showing how one third of what we spend on the military could resolve all ten high level threats to humanity starting with poverty, infectious disease, and environmental degradation. In short, the book is strong on consciousness and too remote from practical public intelligence in the public interest.

I strongly recommend the book to all readers, and honor the book's originality by listing below ten books that I have *not* read, that have been brought to my attention by this book and that represent the very important convergence of the six literatures above.

01 Building a Win-Win World
02 Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy
03 Thrival!: How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day
04 Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility
05 An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership
06 Indigenous Peoples in International Law
07 Transforming History
08 The Penguin and the Leviathan: How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest
09 Healthy Money, Healthy Planet: Developing Sustainablilty Through New Money Systems
10 The Akasha Paradigm: Revolution in Science, Evolution in Consciousness

For the actualization of what this book talks about, public intelligence in the public interest, see Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, and particularly the Special Interest items. Above I am loading several graphics that represent the best thinking from the Earth Intelligence Network, as relevant to this book's aspirations. The time has come to actually "do" all this stuff, creating resilient local communities that turn their banks on the top down scarcity economy that concentrates wealth for the 1% and destroys life for all others.

Best wishes to all,
Robert David Steele
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Limitation, Limitation, Limitation - The "Spirituality" of the Borg 25 juin 2013
Par Stephen E. Robbins - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
This book [Dawn of the Akashic Age] is but a litany of limiting concepts on human intelligence and potential, which is to say divine potential, set in a future police state framework of a New World Order collective with a unhealthy dose of the new quantum spirituality, i.e., the spirituality of the Borg. Any questions?

Well, just in case, though it would take three books to unravel the errors and misleading statements in this book (and I won't come close here), let's begin with Laszlo's standard thesis that we (the planet) are running out of fuel sources. Oh yes, as far we can determine there only will exist wind, solar, a little (but unlikely) tidal energy, maybe some fusion. This is nice if you are abysmally ignorant of the century-plus suppression of energy devices (by those very elite behind the NWO) which tap into, why yes, the famous akashic field!! Where, oh where did that akashic field go, that - quoting these very authors - "cosmic sea of energy?" Must be "closed for business." Read Jeane Manning Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World for a history of this suppression; start perusing the subject on the web. Are we really supposed to believe there has been no progress in physics for 100 years? Well there hasn't been of course in that surface show called academic physics; the real advances are all in the black programs - the programs controlled by the elite, for the elite.

A future utopia - this is what the authors envision. All is provided - "goods, services, transportation, information, education, healthcare, communication..." The authors need to read Levine's "Ameritopia;" it is in actuality a far, far more spiritual book and with more thought on the nature of utopias on one page than in this entire (Dawn) book. All utopias imply, require, inescapably demand - control, i.e., massive government FORCE applied to the people. And in this future, there will be plenty of it; it is just conveniently not mentioned, unless you might be concerned about the future "United Peacekeeping Force" - the sole military force in the world. It is correlated with the fact that the word "freedom" is not found once in this book. There of course, according to the authors, is no need for private property. Yet private property is the foundation of economic freedom, and economic freedom the foundation of political freedom. A nation or planet of people utterly dependent upon government is a nation and planet of slaves. Can one really hold that this utter abandonment of individual responsibility is considered an advanced, evolutionary state by and in this Cosmos? The authors seem to critique the banking elite, however, socialism is the very ice cream of the banking elite; it demands the infinite, unrestrained creation of money from nothing (on which the people pay the bankers interest) - a privilege given only to the banksters. Precious metals, say the authors, will have no place in the financial order of this utopia; the framers of the Constitution demanded that gold and silver be the only currency of the US (Article 1, section 10). Why? Because they hated the London bankers. They knew that the constraint of a real currency, i.e., gold, would not allow the bankers to create vast wealth from nothing, they could not take control of a nation; something Rothschild began plotting from the birth of this nation. Read the fight of Jackson against the 2nd National Bank. Read what Lindbergh or McFadden had to say at the time of the establishment of that control mechanism wholly owned by the banking elite - the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS - both born in 1913, both an abomination to a free people. Nothing these authors have to say embraces the removal of this banking elite from control of their NWO, now the authors' "United Peoples' Council." This includes their proposed "local currencies" which will be just as controlled (or destroyed) as Bitcoin. And where do the representatives on this Council come from by the way? Could it be from the same obscure hole the unelected ministers of the EU are hatched? We see that the future governments "are not formed exclusively of politicians; they include... scientists, well known thinkers/intellectuals...", i.e., the ever-present elite always found running a utopia. In general, these authors are utterly clueless as to the spiritual significance of the United States and the evolutionary advance its Constitution represents. Old hat, passé. If you want the straightforward picture as to what is being painted in this book, simply go read about UN Agenda 21.

Education - this is the new "collaborative education." Everything is to be learned in groups, done in groups, shared in groups, in that wonderful quantum coherence of mind (the mind that magically the whole world tunes into apparently just by reading something like the authors' intellectual account of quantum physics, or by reciting their new mantras - see below). Group think. How wonderful. You know, it is so like how Galileo made his discoveries. Or Newton. Or Tesla. Profound. In their "manifesto for a new consciousness," the authors trot out their new mantras (call them affirmations) for their new spiritual age, e..g, "I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet." Perhaps children are supposed to recite these. I'm sure it will be an exciting session of daily programming.

The Christ Consciousness can be defined as "Cosmic Being fully aware of Itself in the individual," or conversely, the individual fully aware of himself as Cosmic Being. But there is no real individual in the authors' future. There is no individual attainment, no would there be any. Where, in their conception, is room for Anandamayi Ma, who held a train engine spinning its wheels at the station while she purchased a ticket to board? Where, in other words is there room for any God-realized being - a Babaji, a Yogananda - who is not subject to their concept of human limitation? There is no room - the utopian state would fear them.

This is an insidious philosophy. Welcome to the new Borg.
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Working Together for the New Age 20 juin 2013
Par Nick Brink - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
I have read and reviewed the last two of Ervin Laszlo's books and had great expectations for Dawn of the Akashic Age. It was not what I expected, but it greatly surpassed my expectations and filled a very needed place in my thinking. With my numerous friends who see the end of the world and the extinction of the human race coming by 2030 or earlier, their best hope is that with our extinction and the end of our dominion over the earth, other life on earth will survive. Though this book admits this possibility, it also presents a more hopeful scenario that we will survive into a new age, offers many believable reasons why and how we will survive, and describes what this new age will be like.
This change will come about by the people of the world coming together to demand sustainability, peace, harmony and tolerance to diversity, and that we work together in cooperation for these goals. The current powers, whether politicians or corporate executives, will need to come aboard or be left behind. The new and growing power of electronic communication will be the avenue to bring the people of the world together in unity and cooperation, without the goal of amassing financial wealth because the new wealth will be the security found in their mutual support and cooperation, and money as we know it will be meaningless. Each chapter puts into place a new piece to the puzzle in this very complex world that we live in. Everything is intertwined, interrelated and integrated. Because of the complexity of the world, this integration is made possible by diversity, with each person playing her or his part. This book goes beyond Laszlo's earlier book on his unified theory of everything to show how everything in life is intertwined and how this new age of harmony will come about.
My special interest has been the power of ecstatic trance and how in this trance we can access the Akashic Field to connect each of us to each other with connection to the past, future and present, and over long distances. In this book the writers go beyond this connected consciousness to the connection of all people in the world in their values, beliefs and actions. The dawn of this Akashic age is seen all around us, in the Occupy Movement and locally in our sustainability, farmers markets and cooperative actions. To bring this new world to fruition we each need to be involved and play our diverse parts. Laszlo and Dennis's vision provides us with great hope and direction.
Nicholas Brink, Ph.D. author of The Power of Ecstatic Trance: Practices for Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Accessing the Universal Mind
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A good manifesto but rather arm-wavy at times 2 janvier 2014
Par Craig Lang - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
In found this book refreshing. It deserves four stars for that - but not five.
It's delightful to read predictions of the future that are not full of doom and gloom.
The Dawn of the Akashic Age is a quick read, refreshing and positive. I found it to be a wonderful manifesto, a vision and an image of a possible future.

It was not clear to me what was actually "Akashic" about his vision, save that the author seems to like that word a lot.
In Vedic theology, the term "Akashic" has a very specific meaning. To me, in this book, the author misuses the concept - but he misuses it well. Laszlo and his coauthors associate the term Akashic with nonlocal consciousness and related new age concepts. To that end, they do a good job of portraying a world in which the concepts of non-locality, bottom-up leadership and distributed grass-roots economy have taken hold. It is a peek at what a new-paradigm world might look like. But it is only a peek.

This book does NOT provide much detail. It is spotty in that regard. Several articles toward the end provide a pretty coherent picture of various topics. Yet overall, the vision is "arm-wavy" at best. Especially in the early parts of the book, it is extremely cursory.

The reader should consider this booki to be an overview - an introduction to a new vision of the future, rather than a definitive blueprint of its own. Having said that, I recommend it as a good quick glimpse at what the world of the future can look like. And in that sense, it is nothing short of a manifesto for a future we can attain if we so choose.
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