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Decadent (Anglais)

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Titles by Shayla Black


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About the Author

An Excerpt from His To Take

My special thanks to two great women and writers:


To Jaci Burton for always saying “Why not?” or “It rocked!”
or “Dayum, that’s hot!”


To Rhyannon Byrd for her infectious enthusiasm and incredible
insight and lots of “OMG!”


You both kept me going and assured me I wasn’t crazy.
Thanks for your time and talent, your awesome books . . .
and for being great friends.

Chapter One

NORMALLY, Kimber Edgington didn’t have problems asking for a favor. If her father happened to be in town, asking him to pick up dry cleaning didn’t disturb her. Or bugging one of her brothers to stop for milk, no problem.

Today, she wasn’t asking her family for their help. And this favor she planned to request was anything but average.

Deep breath. She could do this. No, she had to do this if she wanted to fulfill a seven-year fantasy.

Easing out of her car and into the humid afternoon, Kimber studied the red brick house. From the outside, it looked well-groomed with a riot of colorful azaleas and a well-manicured lawn. Elegant with its partial stone façade, pristine white trim, sweeping balcony, and Doric columns. And without a single noise disturbing the green East Texas countryside, the place appeared sedate.

No one would guess exactly what depravities went on here. In fact, Kimber had come to discover them for herself.

And see if she could embrace them.

Curling her shaking hand in a fist around the strap of her purse, she gathered her nerve and approached the heavy oak door. Sparing a passing thought for the beauty of the inlaid stained glass window of a seascape, she knocked.

Perversely, she hoped Deke Trenton wouldn’t answer.

Ugh! She hadn’t seen the man in . . . what? Five years? Maybe more. Kimber wished like hell she could go for another five—at least—without having contact with him. His crass, in-your-face way of doing everything made her want to grind her teeth and take him down a peg or two—or ten. When she’d been seventeen, he’d roused a curiosity that scared her, yet she’d been unable to ignore it. The one time she’d tried to act on it by starting a simple conversation, he’d rudely rebuffed her. For a long while, she’d hated him for it.

Now, instead of avoiding him, she was going to have to ask him for the favor of a lifetime. And she’d do whatever it took to make him say yes.

Tossing a stray auburn curl behind her shoulder, Kimber resisted the urge to check her lip gloss again. Her mascara wasn’t smudged; she’d glanced just minutes ago. The olive cargo pants had been a stupid choice, but one that brought her comfort. She’d offset the look with a prissy, breast-hugging white eyelet top. The low, rounded neck ought to snag his attention. She’d polished off the look with strappy white heels she knew men loved, but damn it, they made the balls of her feet ache.

There wasn’t any reason to put this task off for another minute.

With a hard swallow, Kimber knocked.

“Coming . . .” A muffled male voice announced.

Deke? It had been so long, and she’d blocked out as much of the grating man as she could. But she’d never quite forgotten his rough, gravelly voice.

A battalion of butterflies jostled in her stomach as she heard the sound of padding footsteps approaching the door. She’d rehearsed this speech. Multiple times. Deke was cut from the same military cloth as her father and brothers. They didn’t want stalling or sugarcoating. So she’d just throw it out there, hopefully without screwing it up.

Abruptly, a man jerked the door open.

He wasn’t Deke. Not even close.

Inky hair hanging loose around lean shoulders. Soulful dark eyes. A strong jaw dusted with a five o’clock shadow. A tight charcoal gray T-shirt and scrumptiously faded jeans hugged a tall, swimmer’s sort of body. The man could model and make a fortune. He looked oddly familiar, so maybe he did.

“Can I help you? I’d be glad to.” His amused smile said he was aware she’d been checking him out and didn’t mind in the least. He’d done some reciprocal scoping.

Kimber laughed. Clearly, she hadn’t been subtle, or good with her directions.

“I’m sorry. I think I’m at the wrong house. I’m looking for Deke Trenton. And I guess I’ve taken a wrong turn . . .”

“Nope. You’re at the right house. Cousin Deke will be back soon.”

“Deke is your cousin?” That possibility nearly made her jaw drop.

In terms of looks, the two men were night and day—literally. The one before her was a sultry, sexy midnight, all dark and wanton looking. Deke was tawny hair and skin, all discipline and hustle and hard noon.

He shrugged. “Second cousins. There are times I’d like not to claim him, but he does pay half the bills so he has a place to crash in between assignments. I’m—”

“Luc Traverson. Ohmigod! I recognize you from your pictures. I have several of your cookbooks.”

“I’m flattered.”

She sent him a self-deprecating smile. “Oh, wow! I love them . . . even though I’m still a disaster in the kitchen.”

Luc’s hearty male laugh resonated in a warm echo in her belly. She liked him right away. He was good people, down-to-earth, despite his success.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Kimber Edgington.” She held out her hand. “You’re really Deke’s cousin?”

“Whether I like it or not.” Luc took it, caressing her hand more than shaking it. “I don’t mean to keep you out on the porch. Do you want to come in and wait for him? I’d love your beautiful company while I finish tonight’s roast.”

The man was full of southern charm. Kimber felt immediately at ease. “Thanks. Do you expect him soon?”

“Yes. He called a little bit ago to say he was on the road.” Luc stepped back and opened the door to admit her.

Kimber wandered into the house, eyes wide open. Everywhere she looked classical and Italian influences reigned . . . but with an interesting mix of rustic cabin and modern technology. Distressed hardwood floors with warm-shaded plaster walls. Cognac leather chairs with wrought-iron tables—and a fifty-inch plasma TV. Tasteful and plush . . . but still very masculine.

“I suspect he’ll be here in ten minutes or so.” Luc sent her a sly grin. “Just enough time to bribe you with raspberry iced tea and fresh peach scones, so you’ll tell me what on earth that asshole has done to earn a surprise visit from a beauty like you.”

Her smile fell. The mission. How quickly a pair of magnetic dark eyes and a few suave words nearly made her forget . . .

A part of her could hardly believe her reason for coming here. It was wild. Crazy. Gutsy.

Imperative to her future.

And Luc wasn’t worming the truth out of her, no matter how delicious his scones were. Deke would probably tell Luc the minute he laughed her out the door, anyway.

“I’m just teasing. No need to be grim. You don’t have to tell me a thing,” he assured, his voice smoky and intimate. The teasing expression had been replaced by the comfort of his dark, solemn eyes.

“Sorry.” Kimber did her best to smile. “I’m a little . . .”

“Nervous?” he prompted, leading her into a bright kitchen.

“The house is gorgeous, especially the kitchen,” she observed, happy for a reason to change the subject.

Rich cherry cabinets with furniture detailing, a European feel, and stainless hardware, backsplashes, and appliances. A gorgeous mix of the old and new. The six-burner gas stove, granite countertops, and double ovens made this a chef’s dream. Luc looked perfectly at home here.

“Thanks. Deke didn’t help me decorate, in case you were wondering.” He winked.

Deke decorating? The very idea made her laugh. Deke would hang gun racks and litter the floor with shell casings. In his eyes, infrared binoculars would be the perfect coffee table conversation piece. TV trays, any old couch, and a bank of security cameras, period. He’d never need anything else for entertainment.

“That, I’d believe. You did this?”

“With a little help from a friend who’s an interior decorator.”

“It’s really lovely.”

He sent her a considering smile. “Glad you like it. Raspberry tea?”

What the heck was that expression about? “Sure. Thanks.”

Luc placed his hand at the small of her back and guided her to a wrought-iron chair with plush, mossy-shaded cushions. His touch warmed her. Kimber had no doubt that plenty of women found the well-known chef sexy. He was. But something about him also set her at ease. He cooked and decorated and made her feel immediately comfortable. Maybe he was gay. Another glance at him, and she revised that thought. Doubtful. He was just naturally polite and easygoing.

Totally unlike his cousin. Deke had always set her on edge, even before hello.

“So you know Deke?” Luc asked, handing her a tall glass.

“Oh, yeah.” She gave him a tight smile. “He and my father are in the same line of work. In fact, he used to work for my dad.” Kimber took a sip of the tea and moaned. “Wow. This is great!”

Luc frowned, then recognition dawned. “Ah, you’re Colonel Edgington’s daughter?”

She nodded. “Deke’s mentioned me?”

“Not by name. Mostly he’s talked about your father. I’ll have to kick his ass for that oversight. You’re a doll.” He sat in the chair beside hers and smiled, dripping charm. “If he was hoarding you all to himself, I’m going to be very unhappy with him.”

A heated feeling crept up her neck, to her cheeks. A blush? She never blushed. Ever! But Luc and his smooth tongue weren’t something she’d ever encountered in her years of dealing with nothing but military men.

“I’ll bet you flatter a lot of ladies right out of their panties.”

A ghost of a smile hovered around his lush mouth. But he didn’t answer. “Did Deke know you were coming today?”

“He didn’t. And he hasn’t been hoarding me. Trust me, I haven’t seen him in years. I think I was still in high school the last time we met.”

Surprise flashed across Luc’s dark, sensual features. “So out of the blue, you decide to surprise a man who, unless I’m totally off base here, you aren’t really fond of. Anything wrong?”

Kimber paled. Damn, he’d figured that out quick. “I—I just need to talk to Deke. It’s . . . urgent.”


DEKE hovered just outside the kitchen, jaw clenched.

Damn, he’d know that sweet, little-girl voice anywhere. High-pitched, lilting, usually delivered with a hint of mischief. Kimber Edgington. She made his dick itch for action. Always had. Every day he’d worked for the Colonel, he’d seen her. Just the sound of her voice had been enough to send a mad rush of blood straight to his cock. One glance from those sweet hazel eyes made him as ready as a jackhammer.

Adjusting himself, Deke grimaced. Damn it, she still had that power.

At least she wasn’t seventeen anymore, tempting a man who was old enough to know better and nearly too horny to care.

Five years ago, he’d quit working for her father before he’d done something stupid. Something he was sure he’d regret every bit as much as she would.

But why the fuck was she here now? Hell, only one way to find out . . .

She gasped as he stepped into the kitchen. Deke leaned against the kitchen island to hide his raging hard-on. By Luc’s amused smile, he knew he wasn’t fooling his cousin.

But it was Kimber’s face he focused on. More mature lines. Fuller lips. The freckles had faded. She wore a hint of makeup. The air of innocence remained, still begging corruption.

Deke would bet every last medal he’d ever earned that she was still a virgin.

Crazy. The girl had to be twenty-two, twenty-three. In his gut, though, Deke knew he was right. Shit! He had to get her the fuck out of here. Fast. Head-spinning desire and virginity were a bad combination.

“Kimber.” His voice sounded like ground-up gravel. He resisted the urge to wince.


His name fell from her glossy, rosy lips. The husky sound only made him harder. Then she bit her cushy lower lip, and all he could think about was watching his dick slide over that lip, then deep inside the wet silk of her mouth while she looked up at him with those innocent eyes.

If he didn’t stop thinking like this, he was going to have to go into the bathroom and jack off before he could have a decent conversation with the girl so he could send her on her way.

“Hi,” she murmured into the awkward silence.

“It’s been a while.”

She nodded. It was jerky, nervous. He hadn’t heard much of Luc’s conversation with Kimber, just enough to know his cousin had some whacked-out imagining that he’d been keeping the beauty to himself. And that Kimber thought she had an urgent reason to be here.

Since they only had one acquaintance in common, this had to be about the Colonel.

“Is everything all right with your dad?”

“He-he’s fine. Thanks.” She pasted on a smile. “He says some psycho ex-convict he helped bring in for a client is out now and threatening him, but that’s nothing new.”

In their line of work? “No, it’s not.”

Finally, his erection abated enough for him to cross the room and plant himself at the fussy Italian table. A smile still tugged at the corner of his cousin’s mouth, and Deke sent him a warning glare.

“I heard you tell Luc you had something urgent to talk to me about. It’s not about the Colonel?”

“No. It’s . . .” Kimber’s lashes swept toward her cheeks as she looked down, bit her lip again.

Damn it, her unconscious, innocent flirtations were making him hard all over.

Her gaze bounced back up, and he saw fortitude there. Interesting . . .

“It’s personal.”

Personal? Deke had no idea what to say. She’d come to him for something personal? He’d done his best to be an ass to her when he’d worked for her father. Not too difficult when he’d been knotted up by sexual frustration on a daily basis.

A moment passed in silence. A pause.

Luc rose and approached Kimber. “I’ll give you kids a few minutes alone. I have to make a phone call, anyway. There’s more raspberry tea in the fridge. Don’t let Mr. Glower scare you off.” He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “And don’t leave without saying good-bye.”

Deke watched the exchange, and realized that he was grinding his teeth. Bastard. Kimber was everything his cousin pursued with single-minded vigor: the promise of sweetness, white lace, and innocent sighs. The fact she had a healthy hint of red in her hair was just a bonus.

Not this woman. Not this time. If Kimber was off-limits to him, Luc wasn’t getting a piece of her ass, either.

The muted slam of a door down the hall let Deke know his cousin was safely ensconced in his office. He turned his attention back to Kimber.

“Go ahead. I’m listening.”

“I came to ask you for a favor. I realize this is odd but . . .” She drew in a shaky sigh, then raised her chin, seeming to take her nerves in hand. A moment later, she sent him a direct stare. “Would you teach me about sex, the way you like it?”

Generally, Deke’s expression conveyed none of his thoughts. His line of work made a poker face essential. But Kimber had his jaw dropping on this one. He couldn’t have been more stunned if she’d asked him to dig a hole the size of the Grand Canyon with his bare hands.


“I want to learn about the way you like to have sex.”

The way he liked to have sex? Like it was some foreign fucking planet?

Something here was wrong. Very wrong. Virginal Kimber couldn’t possibly want what he wanted. It shouldn’t even be in her vocabulary.

Hell, maybe it wasn’t. She probably didn’t have the faintest idea what she was asking for.

With that sobering thought, irritation doused his manners, and he shook his head. “Why the fuck would you want that?”

Kimber didn’t bat an eyelash at his language. Deke gave her credit for that—and having the guts to come here in the first place. Growing up with the Colonel and two older brothers, likely she’d heard every four-letter word known to man, and a few they’d probably made up on their own. He wondered where she’d come up with the fortitude to ask him to . . . what? Be her sexual tutor? He damn near snorted at the thought of all the things he’d like to show her.

“I think it’s time I expand my horizons,” she explained in a breezy, practiced manner. “And for all your brash attitude, you’re an honorable guy. You’d never hurt me—”

“Which is exactly why I’m going to say no to you before you get any further in that little speech.”

“I haven’t finished.”

“You shouldn’t have started.”

“I need your knowledge. I have to know how to please a man with your wants.”

His wants. As if it was easy. As if he could just draw her a picture. He held in a bitter laugh.

“Let me get this straight: You want to learn how to fuck me, but you have no clue what that means, do you?”

She bristled. “I do. You’re into ménage.”

How the hell had she learned that? Surprising. Perplexing. Disturbing. So damn arousing.

But the way she said the word ménage, like it scared the hell out of her. Deke laughed. Long and hearty, out loud and totally at her expense. “Kitten, you’re in way over your head.”

“Please don’t treat me like a child. I’m not the most experienced woman. So what? Everyone starts from scratch. I’m trying to learn. I’m not asking you for a commitment or a lot of your time. I’m talking an evening or two. What’s your hang-up?”

So the little kitten still had claws. He found that wildly exciting. She’d look mighty fine spread out on this gleaming round table, parted legs dangling, swollen pussy open to him, while she mewled, a pant away from orgasm . . .

He cleared his throat and forced himself to focus.

“Forget for a minute that you only have a vague idea what you’re asking for. Let’s get to the bigger question: Why? Why do you want to learn about ménage?”

Kimber folded her hands in front of her and hesitated. She was trying to decide how much to tell him, formulating and discarding plans. He gave her a minute to get her head together. He could wait. It wouldn’t take long for him to get to the bottom of all this shit.

“You may be aware that, shortly before you came to work for my father, he had been guarding Jesse McCall.”

“Yeah.” He shrugged.

“Jesse and I . . . became very close that summer. We shared a special connection. You could say our romance blossomed. We’ve both dated other people, but it’s just not the same. And our relationship has only grown stronger over the years. We’ve kept in constant touch via e-mail and phone calls. We share our hopes and wishes and dreams. I’ve had a lot of years to think about him, about us, and I believe he’s the one for me.”

Someone hand him a barf bag. She honestly believed that, while Jesse was churning out hits and banging a different woman on every stop of his concert tour, their friendship had some special significance in his life? He supposed it was possible—on the twelfth of never following a blue moon right after hell froze over.

“I see,” he drawled. “So what do I have to do with all this?”

“Well, about six months ago, we talked about our relationship at length. I told him I thought he was the one.” She bit her lip, hesitated. “He told me that he cares for me very much, but that his . . . lifestyle would shock me.”

Based on what the tabloids printed? “It would.”

“I’ve seen the pictures of him with different women. I’ve heard the rumors that he’s been into this whole ménage scene. I know what I need to do to have a future with him. He says he doesn’t want to taint me and thinks I couldn’t cope. I need to prove to him that I can be everything he needs.”

Holy shit. Was she completely out of her mind? She wanted him to tutor her in pleasuring the pretty-boy crooner and some unknown asshole. Did she really still have a teenage crush on the celebrity, the kind that made her squeal each time she heard his name? An immediate denial bit into his gut.

“So you think I’ll teach you, you’ll snare him, and we’ll all live happily ever after?”

Kimber bristled. “I think it’s wise to go to Jesse prepared to please him and prove I can be that special person in his life.”

“How is this urgent?”

“He’s been in Europe for the last few years. I’ve missed him terribly. But he’s finally coming back to the States. Back to Texas, but just for a few months. We’ve made plans to see each other, find out where our relationship is going. It’s my chance to prove to him we still have that special connection.”

Special connection? What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

“First of all, the guy is an international pop star. He’s had something like three number-one albums in the last two years. He’s got women falling all over him. And you know it.”

She raised her chin. Pride. She had it in spades. Just another thing that made him hard for her.

“Which is exactly why I can’t afford to go unprepared. I’m aware of the competition for his time and attention. I’m aware that I’m not as worldly as the groupies who hang around him. But there is a connection between us. I want to take it to the next level. I think he does too, but is afraid of hurting me.”

“Second of all, you’re way too innocent for this.”

“That’s why I’m asking for your help. I refuse to go to him and run the risk of seeming like a child. Why the interrogation? How difficult can this be?”

“You think I can draw you a fucking picture, and that’s going to tell you all you need to know about ménages?”

“I was prepared for an explanation, maybe a demonstration . . . depending.”

Un-frigging-believable. “An explanation would do jack squat for you, kitten. It wouldn’t help you prepare the way you’d need to. A demonstration would blow you away.”

She frowned, her frustration clearly rising as fast as his arousal. “If that’s the case, I need to know it now, before I commit to Jesse. A small demonstration—”

“Would make you run screaming out of here so fast, it would set records. You couldn’t handle this.”

“Why? Does it include bondage or whipping?”

Deke’s eyes widened in surprise. Kimber even knew about such things?

“Don’t look so damn shocked. I’m not a child anymore.”

“Maybe not. But you’re a virgin. I’d bet my life on it.”

“Yes. So what? I’ve saved that for Jesse.” She tossed a glossy curl behind her shoulder and acted as if a twenty-something woman announcing she’s a virgin was the most normal thing in the world. “Deke, I know you don’t owe me anything, but I’m asking as nicely as I know how for your help.”

“Fuck how you asked. Yeah, it was nice. Whatever. It’s a damn stupid request.”

“If you’re worried about my father being angry—”

“Hell, yes, he’ll be angry. But that has nothing to do with why I’m saying no. Kimber, this isn’t the sort of sex a virgin has.”

She paused, pondering. Then she stood. “Okay, I get it. I don’t . . . light your fire or whatever. Fine. I’ll figure something else out.”

He should let her believe that and let her go, but Deke couldn’t. She had to understand that she lit his fire—and was now playing with it.

Deke stood and blocked her path. “You think you don’t light my fire?” He looked down toward his cock, thick and hard and straining the front of his jeans. A moment later, her gaze followed suit. Her little gasp only made him harder. “Kitten, you have no idea the thoughts that have been running through my mind since your request that I teach you all about sex fell out of that pretty, fuckable mouth. I doubt you want to know.”

Fresh color stole up her cheeks. She glanced at his crotch again. Bit her lip. She did that when she was nervous and thinking.

“Yes, I do, if it has anything to do with sex the way you like it. The way Jesse likes it.”

Annoyance spiked in Deke. If he ever touched Kimber, big if, she wouldn’t be thinking about that pansy-ass pop star. She’d be too damn busy coming.

But saying no to her felt like he was turning his balls inside out. Hell, she was serving herself up on a platter for his lust. The lust he’d been harboring for over five years. Lust that created a nagging ache in his cock and clawed at his gut to be quenched.

Innocent. Virgin. Danger!

Time to put a stop to this now. She thought she was adult enough to handle ménage? Yeah . . . He could scare her off in about two seconds. And he’d better, before he did something crazy like grab her, touch her, drive her to the brink, then stuff her full of cock.

“The sex I like isn’t sweet or pretty or romantic, kitten. It’s raw, sometimes a little painful for a woman. It can require a spine of steel and a lot of stamina.”

Kimber tensed, swallowed again. She was nervous—but intrigued. Curiosity swirled in those pretty hazel eyes. Finally, she nodded. “Go on.”

Deke stepped closer. He couldn’t resist. Now he could smell her. Peaches and brown sugar and a hint of female arousal. Were his words making her hot—or was it knowing she could turn him on that got her wet?

Another foot forward, and he leaned into her personal space, putting his lips near her ear. “In my bedroom, ménage means two men simultaneously pounding a woman to orgasm and driving her so insane, she forgets her name and screams the roof down.”

Deke leaned away to gauge her reaction. Her mouth opened on a silent gasp, but no sound came out. Her eyes widened, pupils dilating just as quickly. Oh, shit. On some gut level, the idea appealed to her? His cock was ready to do the tango, despite his brain doing its best to shut off the music.

“Help me understand. For you, why ménage?” she barely managed to whisper. “Why not make love to a woman, you know . . . just the two of you?”

“Two men can make a woman come so utterly undone, she’s willing to do anything for her lovers’ pleasure. And I get off having a front-row seat.”

More color bloomed in her face. The scent of female arousal now hung heavy in the air. Her nipples peaked, even as her tongue danced nervously across her lips.

“I understand.”

His gut clenched at the sight of that little pink tongue. “Do you?”

“I’ve heard about such things. Read them. Physically, I understand how that works. Um . . . what—what about emotional bonds?”

“Emotional bonds?”

He must be from Mars, because that question was definitely from Venus. What about the curiosity he’d expected? Stuff like: Where did the cocks go? How did a woman handle two men at once? Those he could answer. In detail. He’d love clueing her in about the dueling slide of dicks, one in her tight pussy, the other in her untried ass.

Damn, he had to stop thinking like this before his jeans strangled his erection.

“How do you make relationships work without petty jealousy interfering?”

“There’s no relationship. Just sex . . . any way it can be accomplished in threes.”

“Oh.” She blinked, then looked away. “I should have realized . . . you’re not the relationship type.”

“Lust works just fine for me.” Anything more had catastrophic potential. Been there, done that—and he didn’t want to think about the nightmare that had happened next.

“Well, with you, lust works fine for me, too. I—I just want to learn whatever you can teach me.”

Still? “Are you serious?”

Kimber clutched at her purse and squared her feminine little shoulders. “I drove over a hundred miles today to talk to you, a man I haven’t seen in five years. One who’s never liked me much. I swallowed my pride to admit to you why I want this and the fact I’m still a virgin. Would I have bothered if I wasn’t very serious about learning to please Jesse and deciding if this is something I want in my life?”

Jesse. There was the prick’s name again, right from her mouth. Stupid Backstreet Boys copycat son of a bitch. He and his melodious falsetto constantly topped the charts. Deke couldn’t imagine why any man wanted to sound like a female with the whole world listening.

“I’m not the man for the job, Kimber. I’m not doing it.”

Her lips tensed. Her fingers tightened around her purse strap. “Why not?”

“A million reasons. I don’t do virgins. Period.”

“I didn’t ask you to do me. In fact, I want to save my virginity for Jesse. I don’t know why you’d say no to at least some explanations of the . . . acts involved.”

“Because explanations aren’t going to cut it, kitten. You won’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into until you’re getting pounded by a pair of hard cocks.”

“Tell me what you mean. Pounded where exactly? In what way? With the intent to create pain?”

His assertion hadn’t shocked her in the least. Her questions stunned the hell out of him. Wasn’t she freaked? He sure the hell was.

“I’m not having this conversation with you. You want to learn about ménages, keep reading.”

“As you pointed out, words aren’t a substitute for real experience.”

“Then let the girl-voiced pretty boy give you the experience. It won’t be me.”

“Fine.” She maneuvered around him. “If you don’t want to help me, let me think . . . Who did you hang out with when you worked for my dad? Oh, Adam Catrell. I remember hearing whispers about him. He lives near here, doesn’t he? I’ll just go look him up. And if he’s not interested, wasn’t Justin Wheeler a friend of yours, too? He might be willing to help me. See you later.” She bolted toward the door.

Deke bristled. Oh, yeah. Both Adam and Justin would be more than happy to help her—right out of her clothes and right onto her back. But neither was known for being gentle. Virginity wouldn’t mean a damn thing to either of them. They’d see fresh, sweet meat and dive in, teeth bared, like hungry dogs.

It’s her choice . . . her problem. Deke tried to tell himself that.

Yeah, but if he just let her walk out the door now, she’d get mauled by that pair of ravenous rottweilers. The thought really pissed him off. She’d be overwhelmed in minutes . . . and for some damn reason, he just couldn’t let that happen. Residual loyalty to the Colonel or something.

Damn. He was going to have to dissuade her from pursuing this path before he sent her on her way. Grinding his teeth together, he mentally sorted through the ways in which he could do that. They were, unfortunately, limited. And so far, talking hadn’t done jack shit.

Time for action.

Deke grabbed her arm and pulled her against him. Her breasts, sweet and firm, burned his skin as if his shirt didn’t exist. He hissed at the contact. Fuck! The girl had always gotten to him. Five years later, her effect was only more pronounced.

Kimber gasped as their bodies brushed. Her gaze skittered up to his. Awareness burned across her face, glowed in those dilated hazel eyes. From her expression, Deke wondered if this was the first time she’d felt something for him beyond annoyance.

The possibility wasn’t comforting.

This plan better take three minutes or less . . .

“Wait.” His fingers tightened on her arm before he forced himself to relax his grip. “I get that you’re serious. I’m reconsidering your request. But it has to be all hands-on demonstration.”

She swallowed. Her pulse jumped. God, she had no idea how perilously close she was to being laid out on the kitchen table for his afternoon snack.

“Okay. Who would, um . . . join us?”

Luc took that cue to saunter into the kitchen, with a sultry smile and a hard-on that was impossible to miss. So his good ol’ cousin had been listening? Deke turned Kimber to face him.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Luc drawled.

Deke felt Kimber tremble in his arms as she met his cousin’s stare. He fought an instinct to soothe her. The point was to show her exactly what she was getting into, make it so fast and furious, she’d dismiss the plan on her own. Comforting the girl was the last fucking thing he should do.

“You and Deke share . . . ?” Her voice shook.

“We do.”

Even her exhalation trembled. She was nervous. Good. Finally, something had gotten to her. Now it was time to ramp up her hesitation into a full-blown no.

Deke glanced up at Luc, sent him a warning expression and a nod. His cousin responded with a ghost of a smile, then strolled toward them.

Chapter Two

KIMBER shook, despite Deke’s huge hands on her shoulders, steadying her. Burning her.

The idea of two men seemed wild, daring—something out of a sexy novel. Now about to become her reality. Could she handle it? Could she accept it as a permanent part of her life?

Luc strode slowly in her direction, wearing a shark’s smile and a hungry stare. Excitement and erotic fear sucked the air out of her lungs. Deke was right: Words couldn’t possibly prepare her for the reality of these two men. He had barely touched her; Luc was still two feet away. The testosterone oozing in the room was already overloading her senses, making her brain buzz. Her nerves sizzled so hot, she trembled.

Being a virgin, Kimber was a bit intimidated. But not scared. Nervous . . . yes, but it wasn’t going to stop her. She had to know if she could be the woman Jesse needed, if she could deal with the touch of two men at once. Her calm was probably the result of being raised by mission-minded men. Fear wasn’t an option. Just do it.

But curiosity . . . yes. Suddenly. What would it be like to have Deke’s raw power and Luc’s playful finesse devoted to her pleasure at the same time? She burned to know that answer. Want churned in her belly, along with curiosity and fascination, to create a potent brew.

Stop. She swallowed, remembering why she was here. The answer to her question was irrelevant. It didn’t matter how Deke and Luc made her feel. She was here to learn for Jesse, so he would see her as a woman. Someone he could make his woman when he held her and shared her with . . . Who did he share with? Band members? Other fans? Jesse had refused to give her details about the sex life the tabloids all called lurid and beyond shocking.

Then Luc touched her, his hands sliding onto her hips. The question dissipated under the slow burn of his fingers as he gripped her gently and turned her back to Deke. Over her shoulder, her gaze collided with Luc’s. With his hold on her, he eased her against him, her back to his chest—his very healthy erection nudging her.

She barely had time to react with hot shock and a blistering curl of desire in her belly before Deke’s fingers tangled in her hair and he dragged her gaze back to his blue eyes, the mesmerizing color of barely washed denim.

“Kimber,” Deke growled. “You’re playing with fire, little girl. Get ready to burn.”

His fists tightened. Without further warning, he descended.

With one touch of his mouth, he breached and invaded her lips, dazzling her senses as he slid his tongue inside and dominated everything he touched. A languorous sweep, a lingering slide.

She’d expected Deke’s kiss to be harsh, to the point, with no concession to her inexperience. Not so. Hungry and demanding, yes. But good. So good. A wild tangle of lips and breaths and hunger.

Kimber had been kissed, but never like this. Never without hesitation or an invitation. Deke didn’t bother with either.

Suddenly, he retreated, leaving behind an ache she already couldn’t fight. Oh, God. And his taste. Spicy and male. Addicting. Kimber craved more.

In a single kiss, he stripped her defenses, turned her body inside out, stole her control.

His lips brushed hers again, and Kimber opened to him a little more. He sank in, deeper than before. He tasted, teased, withdrew. No! She needed more, and pressed her palms up the solid slabs of his chest, where she felt his heart beating wildly under her palm.

Deke rewarded her with another flirty caress of his lips, which melted over hers into a firm taking, a wild possession. Though she’d been expecting him, the spiced slide of his tongue still blindsided her defenses. Her hands rose from his chest to his hair. She tried to grab the very short strands with her fists and pull him closer, but his hair, like the man himself, was elusive. She craved. She clawed. Barely breathing, dizzy, she reveled as heat curled in her belly. Her nipples tightened. Wild. So good . . .

A hot palm curled around her arm and slid upward in an unhurried caress. Luc. She’d almost forgotten . . . But when he moved closer, the heat of his chest blanketing her back, his hardness still pressed against her backside, he became impossible to ignore.

With a sweep of his hand, he brushed the hair off her neck. The gentle press of his warm mouth and hot breath fell there next, like soft rain on sensitive skin. Sensations exploded, tingles skittered. She shivered, but Luc continued. Her ferocious response stimulated her senses right in concert with the soft, ragged demands of Deke’s kiss.

Strong hands slid up her ribs. Luc again. Teasing fingers brushed the sides of her breasts. Unexpected sensations bolted straight to her nipples, making them beyond hard. She moaned—right into Deke’s next kiss. He took the sound into his greedy mouth, tilting his head, positioning his lips over hers perfectly and delving deep for a long, lingering stay.

Kimber melted, mewled. She burned, just like Deke warned. As desire swamped her, her blood heated to blistering temperatures. And she ached. More. More!

Clutching her hips, Deke arched into her, pressing his impressive erection into her in a move deliciously suggestive of sex. It didn’t soothe her—only inflamed. She moaned.

Bending at the knees, he grabbed her thighs and lifted her off the ground. Kimber barely had time to gasp before he pushed her back into Luc, whose dick now pressed even tighter against her. But he wasn’t done . . .

Deke tore off her pants and her thong, then spread her legs, holding them wide with his huge hands. Luc helped him by supporting her knees in the crooks of his arms, which held her open to his cousin. Heart pounding so fast she couldn’t hear anything but its frantic beating, Kimber watched as Deke looked at her, all spread out like a living, breathing invitation before him, those dark blue eyes shimmering with scorching heat.

He paused, waited. Stared. Drove her crazy with anticipation and broiling want.

“Deke . . .”

“Keep her open,” he told Luc.

Then he slipped between her spread thighs and notched his denim-covered cock right against her wet folds. Intimately. At the contact, her clit jumped, then pulsed greedily. Deke grabbed her hips, taking her from Luc’s grip. He wrapped her legs around his hips and he rocked against her again. Kimber cried out. Masturbation was never this sharp or intense. Decadent. Overwhelming.

Before she could assimilate or think beyond their next touch, Luc’s hands slid from her rib cage to her abdomen, then up. Straight up. He enveloped her breasts in his hot palms. Kimber melted on a long moan. His thumbs and forefingers pinched her gently, but the jolt of desire jumped all the way to her clit. Her nipples sprang to painful tightness at his touch, and he rasped at them with his thumbs.

It took Kimber a moment to realize that Deke was watching Luc fondle her, his stare nearly black with hunger. A quick glance up, and those burning eyes promised to devour her. Thick need slid through her belly, punching her gut with a sharp spear of arousal.

“It’s got to come off.” He reached for the bottom button of her shirt with one hand.

“Now,” Luc agreed, and together, they set her on the counter.

A moment later, Luc grasped the top button and tore into it. Male hands worked at her little buttons, cursing, exposing her to their devouring gazes so rapidly, she could barely assimilate. She watched, dazed, her skin too tight on her aching body until all the buttons came free of their moorings. As Luc pulled the shirt off one shoulder, Deke peeled it off the other and raised his gaze to hers.

Intense. Ferocious. Determined. A fist of desire clenched in her belly, closing off air, rational thought . . .

With his hot breath on her neck making her shiver, Deke reached behind her and unclasped her bra in a single pinch of his fingers. Oh my! Oh, damn. Stark naked. This was getting serious. And overwhelming . . . felt too wonderful. She couldn’t stop. Not yet. Soon . . .

“Oh!” she cried as Deke’s mouth covered one breast, teeth lightly scraping her nipple until tingles screamed along the nerve endings between her breasts . . . all the way to her begging clit. The sensation doubled when Luc pinched the other sensitive nub at the same time he nudged her lips apart and leaned in for a kiss.

He more than kissed; he seduced without words. Luc was an artist, a master. He didn’t rush or demand. He cajoled, toyed, promised with a hot sweep of his tongue, only to back away and leave her needing. His kiss alone would be enough to make her lose her head and melt like hot wax. Coupled with the erection against her thigh, the sensations were downright combustive.

Deke continued to lave her nipple, switching to the other, pushing Luc’s fingers away to take the sensitive bud inside with a hard suck, a gentle bite, a flat-tongued lick, at the same moment he pressed that iron-hard ridge of flesh right against throbbing clit.

This time, Luc’s mouth absorbed her cries. The hot tease of his kiss took the sound and asked for more. And she gladly surrendered another gasp when Deke nudged her in just the right spot again while suckling her nipple with a hard ferocity. Then Luc moved in for the kill, a kiss of soft demand that infused her with a sublime jolt of pleasure. Her lips tingled when they backed away to take harsh breaths. A line of electric pleasure darted between her breasts and her vagina, lighting up her entire body.

“You’re like sugar on my tongue,” Luc praised, nuzzling her neck, one thumb scraping the distended nipple still wet from Deke’s sucking. “Sweet as you dissolve.”

That talented mouth swept across her jaw, over her cheek, pausing to seize her lips again and sink deep. He inflamed with his kiss, sending her hotter, higher, silently promising each time he touched her that he’d deliver satisfaction—in his time. In his way.

To add to the mounting sensations, Deke continued to ride her clit in steady, friction-furious strokes, igniting everything from the waist down. He pinched her nipples, twisted, turned, engorging them further, lifting her senses high. When she panted and clutched at Deke’s arms and swore she might come, he backed away. Luc did the same.

Kimber cried out in frustration.

Deke flashed her a merciless smile and scraped her sensitive nipple. “You want more, kitten?”

--Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché .

Revue de presse

Praise for Decadent

"Wickedly seductive from start to finish."—New York Times Bestselling Author Jaci Burton

"A red-hot read that will leave you in heart-pounding bliss...Decadent...takes you to the edge of decadence again and again and leaves you screaming for more."—Night Owl Reviews

More praise for the Wicked Lovers novels

“A wicked, sensual thrill from first page to last. I loved it!”—Lora Leigh, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Make[s] your toes curl!”—Angela Knight, New York Times bestselling author

“Will…have you panting for more!”—Susan Johnson, New York Times bestselling author

“Shayla rocked it!”—The Romance Reviews

“Thoroughly gripping and…so blisteringly sexy.”—Fallen Angel Reviews

Five-alarm HOT!”—Books-n-Kisses

“Scrumptiously erotic, sensual, heady, and very arousing.”—Affaire de Coeur

“[A] fabulous read.”—Fresh Fiction --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché .

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Par Atahana TOP 1000 COMMENTATEURSVOIX VINE le 10 avril 2010
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
Ce livre se classe dans la catégore Erotique comme le laisse entendre le titre ainsi que la couverture.

Le postulat est assez ridicule: Kimber a 24 ans et a préservé sa virginité pour Jesse, chanteur rencontré quelques années auparavant et avec qui elle entretient une relation platonique. Elle décide de passer à la vitesse supérieure en adoptant le mode de vie de Jesse et veut s'initier au ménage à trois.

Pour ce faire, elle retrouve Deke, qui avait travaillé pour son père et dont les débauches sont notoires. Deke et son cousin, Luc, aiment en effet partager leurs conquêtes.

Les scènes de sexe sont réussies et il y a de la tendresse malgré tout.

Les scènes non sexuelles sont moins à mon goût.
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Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
I'm not so much for menage usually because the ending in this kind of book is usually really unrealistic and over the top. But this book was really really good and the author gave it an ending that was absolutely believable and realistic.

The story is, as always in Shayla Black's Wicked Lovers serie really good, with some suspense, some action, and hot as hell sex scenes!

I really loved this book and would recommend it. You don't need to read the first instalment to understand what's happening but Wicked Ties was also really, really good so it's no harm to read it too!
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HASH(0x91c21f54) étoiles sur 5 Disappointing............. 7 septembre 2008
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
Decadent stars Kimber Edgington as she's tracking down ex Army Ranger Deke Trenton and his cousin, Luc Traverson for help. She needs a crash course in menage so she can prove to her girlhood crush, Jesse McCall, that she's not afraid of his menage proclivities and can handle it. Since she was seventeen she's been fascinated by Deke and the rumors surrounding his love life and she hopes he can be the one to teach her. Luc is only too happy to step in as her sexual tutor but Deke has his reservations. He's wanted Kimber from the moment he saw her, but his own personal hangups prevented him from making a move, plus there was the added fact of her being underage at the time and her father threatened to cut off his balls if he so much as looked in her direction. At first he tries to scare her off, to show her how intense being with two men can be, but when he realizes she'll only go to someone else for lessons, he agrees to teach her. He agrees that he and Luc will play sexual tutor with their little houseguest for two weeks, with the understanding that there will be no emotion involved. Deke is trying to protect his heart and a secret that he's been hiding for twelve years and he's afraid Kimber is going to blast right through all his carefully erected barriers. Luc is also hiding behind a facade and has his own reasons for agreeing to Kimber's plan. He is putting all his hopes for a perfect life with the three of them and is going to use every manipulative, sensual weapon he has. While the fun and games begin, there is a dangerous stalker out to get Kimber's father through her and after a vicious attack the men snap into protective mode and hide her away for protection. This only isolates the three of them in close quarters where they are forced to confront past secrets and bitter jealousy to find the ultimate winner of Kimber's heart.

In the first part of the book, the sex in Decadent was as decadent as could be. I was fully enjoying everything until the emotions started running amok. For a man who had insisted on emotions playing no part in their menage, he's sure got a lot of inner turmoil. Deke is just one hot mess. His deep, dark secret from when he was sixteen has scarred him for life and he's carried those wounds ever since. At first it was nice to know that a great big Army Ranger can be hit by feelings of uncertainty, doubt and even fear, but this took it too far. He needed a shrink. Luc does too, but Deke far more than Luc. As if there wasn't enough emotional hysteria running around in this steaming pile, Shayla Black adds in Kimber's emotional train wreck of a boyfriend, Jesse McCall. Now there's a crash and burn if ever I saw one. Jesse latches onto Kimber with a pathetic, whiny, selfish need that thoroughly grates on the nerves and you almost wish she would put the boy out of his misery and just shoot him. The villain of the book is hardly mentioned, it's more alluded to that he gets caught, and there is also a surprise villain that leaves you feeling stunned stupid. Where the heck did that come from?

I didn't even have good hot, nekkid sex to get me through this book because it was too uncomfortable with all the angst. With menage I don't want any feelings of jealousy or bitterness. I want the guys to love being with the girl and to also love being with the guy. Not in a sexual way, but to be almost comforted by their presence, like they can feed off each others emotions making the whole experience that much more erotic. Right from the beginning Deke has proprietary feelings towards Kimber and resents Luc's presence and during the middle of the book, Kimber also resents Luc's presence and wishes it was just her and Deke. Well, it sucks to be Luc. I felt extremely uncomfortable knowing that three of them were having sex and wishing one of them was gone. Luc was very much the third wheel and I felt on edge reading the book, waiting for the shoe to drop on Luc's participation in the menage. All in all, some of the sex scenes were good but it focused too much on her butt. Since Kimber is saving her virginity for Jesse, that leaves that orifice out and so the men work with what they've got. I don't have a problem with anal, just thought there was too much of it. I'm also not going to mention the absurd rationale of saving your virginity by taking big, hard c**** up your butt and down your throat, because to do so would take up too much time and will probably end in me cursing, so I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead.

Read Decadent if you like lots of anal action, don't mind menage a trois, like a lot of angst and inner turmoil and don't mind if your heroines (and heroes) are slightly stupid.
26 internautes sur 27 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x9131e2a0) étoiles sur 5 There are better books available. 4 mai 2010
Par Claire - Publié sur
Format: Broché
I loved Shayla Black's "Wicked Ties" so I was sure I would also like "Decadent". I was wrong.

It plays too much on a particular feminine weakness. That we can "fix" or "heal" a "broken" man if we love them hard enough and take their abuse long enough.

Here's the story: Virginal girl goes to broken special ops friend (a self proclaimed broken and half a man) and cousin for sexual training. Special ops friend and cousin seduces her sexually and then emotionally and verbally abuses her. She runs away, Special ops friend goes after her. The sexual training starts in ernest and then more verbal and emotional abuse. She runs away and then comes back to them. A lot more sexual stuff goes on. Love is professed on all sides and then more verbal and emotional abuse. Secrets to Special ops torment are revealed. She runs away again. Special ops friend goes after her, again. Saves her life, professes love - again and this time devotion too. Shows her that she's "healed" him and all looks good for a happily ever after ending.

The irony of the story is the back story where virgin tells long time sweetheart that she can't heal him or fix his out of control life-He needs to do that for himself. Then she pursue Special ops guy in ernest and try to "heal" his broken soul and fix his own shallow existence of a life.

I know it's all fantasy but "REALLY!?". This is a story a women would write to entertain women? "Really??" By the last couple of chapters even the sex couldn't save it. I was just skimming past the sexual parts to get to the finish.
8 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x90f9275c) étoiles sur 5 5 Angels and a Recommended Read for Decadent from Fallen Angel Reviews! 2 octobre 2007
Par Bella March - Publié sur
Format: Broché
Kimber Edgington has a favor to ask. She learns that the love of her life, pop star Jesse McCall, is into ménage a trois and while he cares for Kimber, he's afraid his lifestyle would shock her. She's bound and determined to learn about his proclivities so she can prove to him she's what he needs. So, she turns to Deke Trenton, former employee of her father, to give her some much needed education.

Deke can't believe what he's hearing! After not seeing her for several years, little Kimber waltzes back into his life and asks him to teach her about ménage a trois, so she can go back to Jesse, pathetic-excuse-for-a-male McCall. Only she's not so little anymore, and if the rock in his pants is any indication, time hasn't settled his libido when it comes to the colonel's daughter.

Luc Traverson, Deke's cousin and roommate is more than happy to teach Kimber whatever she wants to learn. In fact, he hopes she stays longer than for just a few romping lessons. But Deke's got a secret, and while he's madly attracted to her, he also wants her gone, as soon as possible. And yet, he can't bear to imagine her being with anyone but him.

Shayla Black has done it again! Decadent was a scorching, roller coaster read. The action starts in Chapter One and doesn't let up until the very last word. Jam packed full of sexual tension, interpersonal conflict, inner turmoil and suspense, Ms. Black takes the reader through a mélange of emotions, from sadness to joy, from anger to arousal.

The characters are so vivid, so real, that you just know you can reach out and touch them, right in front of you. And touch them you'd love to do. Decadent is such an apropos title, because Deke and Luc ARE Decadent and much more. Deke's push-pull relationship with Kimber will leave you yearning, and his sensuality fairly sizzles off the page. Luc is as delicious as the mouth-watering dishes he creates in the kitchen and you'll crave more of Luc by the time all's said and done.

Reviewed by: Bella from Fallen Angel Reviews
5 internautes sur 6 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x90d799e4) étoiles sur 5 Crap from beginning to end 9 juin 2013
Par C. Gore - Publié sur
Format: Relié
You know, I like erotic stories as well as the next girl... ok maybe a little more. Is it too much for the erotica to be well written, to have interesting three dimensional characters, to have relate-able dialogue, and a somewhat believable story line?

In this story we're supposed to believe that Kimber wants to gain experience in a 3-some, so she can be prepared for life with the man... another man... who she says she has a connection with. So she asks Deke to teach her. She wants to know everything about how to please two men... Oh, but she wants to remain a virgin. Are you rolling your eyes yet??

Thus begins this convoluted crap of a story. It's an overlong tale, with overlong sex scenes filled with Deke's angst. I have never in my life seen a man with so many sex issues. The reasons behind these issues are hinted at over and over. When the reasons are finally revealed you just want throw the book at the wall because they make no damned sense! There was nothing about this book redeemable. The only likable character was Luc. Not having read the other books I spent the entire time trying to figure out what it was that Kimber even liked about Deke or Jesse. Deke was no alpha-male and Jesse is just bizarre.

Then there is the subplot that begins to unfold half way through the book. Someone is trying to kill Kimber. That whole suspenseful bowl of crap seemed just a machination from the author to extend the book when it was already dragging painfully. The killer is finally revealed but by that time they are revealed you already can figure out who it is. Their reasons behind the murder plot however makes you want to find the book you just hurled at the wall and tear out the pages and give the author one paper cut for every agonizing minute you wasted on this whole ridiculous story.

Pleas don't waste your time or money, Decadent is worth neither.

Nook Pages: 298
2 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x91429378) étoiles sur 5 Started out promising 21 mai 2015
Par Emily Johnson - Publié sur
Format: Broché
This book starts off pretty well, though I hate the idea that a woman can or should "save her virginity" by simply avoiding vaginal intercourse. After Kimber leaves Jesse to go back to Deke, though, the book becomes a sloppy mess. She's been on the Pill for five days (I worked the timeline out three times), so they don't need a condom? What?!? Deke's emotional issues aren't unreasonable considering the amount of time actually covered in the text, but they take up so much of the text Luc ends up seeming like a waste of space--it seems like he started out as a best friend/sidekick character that got shoehorned into the menage plot. Also, don't have your character mentally compare receiving bad news to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for God's sake--have some decency.
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