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Devil-worship in France (Anglais) Broché – 1 septembre 2008

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"Devil-Worship in France" from Arthur Edward Waite. British scholarly mystic (1857-1942). --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché .

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An Examination of the Leo Taxil Satanism Hoax. 13 juillet 2008
Par New Age of Barbarism - Publié sur
Format: Relié
This book _Devil Worship in France with Diana Vaughan and the Question of Modern Palladism_, published here by Weiser Books, is a republication of two important books by the 19th century occultist Arthur Edward Waite dealing with the question of the Leo Taxil hoax and the surrounding mystery that accompanied it as well as a defense of freemasonry against various allegations made against it. A. E. Waite (1857 - 1942) was an important figure in the occult revival and a prolific author who wrote on such subjects as poetry, fairy tales, the tarot, translations of the works of Eliphas Levi, freemasonry, and the esoteric sciences. Waite is a unique individual in that he had connections to both Roman Catholicism (being raised a Roman Catholic) and freemasonry as well as being an important figure in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This book which is really two books attempts to defend freemasonry from charges made against it and thoroughly investigates the Leo Taxil hoax. The first book _Devil Worship in France or The Question of Lucifer: A Record of Things Seen and Heard in the Secret Societies According to the Evidence of Initiates_ was published in 1896 by A. E. Waite to defend freemasonry from assaults made upon it, to unveil the Leo Taxil hoax, and to obtain the truth about the Palladium and was very well received even in Catholic circles. The second book _Diana Vaughan and the Question of Modern Palladism: A Sequel to "Devil-Worship in France"_ was written as a sequel after the Leo Taxil hoax had been revealed. As R. A. Gilbert, the author of the Introduction to both books, explains, Leo Taxil appeared before an audience on the evening of 19 April 1897 and explained that his allegations of Satanism made against freemasonry had been a hoax in an effort to undermine the Catholic Church. Taxil also maintained that Dr. Bataille author of _The Devil in the Nineteenth Century_ had been himself writing under a pseudonym and further that Diana Vaughan (an alleged descendant of alchemist Thomas Vaughan) had also been a hoax. As it turns out, many Catholic anti-masons had bought into this hoax at the time and it continued to enjoy favor among a whole slew of people hostile to freemasonry. This book offers two important works by Waite which attempt to refute these charges made against freemasonry.

The first book _Devil-Worship in France_.

Waite begins with a Preface in which he explains the role of Modern Satanism and its alleged relationship to freemasonry. He explains the troubled relationship between freemasons and the Roman Catholic Church and discusses Black Magic and other occultists such as Papus. The first chapter is entitled "Satanism in the Nineteenth Century" and deals with the question of Modern Diabolism and the Question of Lucifer. This chapter discusses the Black Mass and the disappearance of the consecrated host from the sanctuaries of Roman Catholic churches indicating the belief of the Satanist in the Real Presence. The author also discusses the relationship between "transcendentalism" and mysticism and the churches as well as the Satanic writings of M. Huysmans. The second chapter is entitled "The Mask of Masonry" and discusses the possibility of a Satanic infiltration into freemasonry. The author discusses such individuals as Albert Pike who allegedly proclaimed that "Lucifer is God" and his involvement with freemasonry located at Charleston. The author discusses also the Templar Baphomet and the skull of Jacques de Molay which allegedly was sent to Charleston at the freemasonic headquarters there. The third chapter is entitled "The First Witnesses of Lucifer" and discusses various anti-masonic sources including Robison and the New and Reformed Palladium. The fourth chapter is entitled "Ex Ore Leonis" and discusses the role of Leo Taxil and the New and Reformed Palladium. The fifth chapter is entitled "The Discovery of M. Ricoux" and discusses the discovery of Female Freemasonry by M. Ricoux and his relationship to Leo Taxil. The sixth chapter is entitled "Art Sacerdotal" and discusses Black Magic, Freemasonry, and the Jewish Kabbalah. The seventh chapter is entitled "The Devil and the Doctor" (including sections entitled "Le Diable Au XIXe Siecle", "Why Signor Carbuccia Was Damned", "A Priestess of Lucifer", "A House of Rotteness", "The Seven Temples and a Sabbath in Sheol", "A Palladian Invitation", "The San-Ho-Hei", "The Great City of Lucifer", "Transcendental Toxicology", and "The Doctor and Diana") and discusses the encounters of Dr. Bataille with various Satanists including fakirs and other magicians and eventually meeting with Diana Vaughan and the Palladians in a manner similar to the adventures of Baron von Munchausen. The eighth chapter is entitled "Dealings with Diana" and includes discussion of the history of Diana Vaughan, her alleged mythical parentage, and her involvement with Palladianism and Satanism. The ninth chapter is entitled "How Lucifer is Unmasked" and discusses M. Jean Kostka and the Martinists and the Gnostics. The tenth chapter is entitled "The Vendetta of Signor Margiotta" and explains the compact between Mazzini and Albert Pike. The eleventh chapter is entitled "Female Freemasonry" and discusses allegations of female freemasonry and other diabolisms. The twelfth chapter is entitled "The Passing of Doctor Bataille"and discusses how Dr. Bataille's accusations and wild tales do not stand up to reason (including an examination of the miraculous element within these tales). The thirteenth chapter is entitled "Diana Unveiled" and discusses the witness Diana Vaughan attempting to cast doubt on many of her claims. The fourteenth chapter is entitled "The Radix of Modern Diabolism" and discusses the role of the secret societies and Eliphas Levi as a source of information about modern diabolism. The book ends with a "Conclusion" which highlights the results obtained by the author from his examination of the problematic claims made by Leo Taxil.

The second book _Diana Vaughan and the Question of Modern Palladism_.

This book begins with a Preface in which the author explains the Leo Taxil hoax and conspiracy. The first chapter is entitled "The Conspiracy in Outline" and explains how Leo Taxil began as an anti-Catholic pamphleteer who soon became an anti-masonic pamphleteer making allegations of Satanism. The second chapter is entitled "The Railleries of Dr. Bataille" and explains the role of the Trent Congress as well as the falsehood that is Dr. Bataille (nothing more than a pseudonym of Leo Taxil). The third chapter is entitled "The Margiotta Embroilment" and discusses the relationship of Margiotta and Leo Taxil. The fourth chapter is entitled "The Trent Congress and Diana Vaughan" and discusses the Anti-Masonic Trent Congress and its opinion of Diana Vaughan. The fifth chapter is entitled "The Secret Doctrine of Albert Pike" and explains the Lucifereanism of Albert Pike as well as the papal encyclicals against masonry (but Waite attempts to defend both masonry and the papacy from allegations made against each). The sixth chapter is entitled "Women and Freemasonry" and discusses the allegations made concerning female freemasonry. The seventh chapter is entitled "Who is Diana Vaughan?" and discusses the magnitude of the Leo Taxil conspiracy and the possibility that Diana Vaughan does not exist or is merely a "female clerk" employed by Leo Taxil. The eighth chapter is entitled "Some Consequences of the Conspiracy" and discusses the charges made against freemasonry, the role of the Roman Catholic Church, and the relationship between the two. This book ends with a "Conclusion" which explains the collapse of the French conspiracy, reiterates the author's point about freeing freemasonry from allegations made against it, and discusses Modern Diabolism. This book includes an Appendix entitled "Some Opinions of the Press" which offers up some of the positive reception received from the press (including the Catholic press) for Waite's first book on the Taxil hoax.

This book offers an interesting study of a stupendous hoax, but also explores allegations of Satanism made against various institutions. Ultimately, Waite appears to be defending both the institutions embodied in freemasonry from the charges made against them, but also the Roman Catholic Church from various charges made against the popes. This study is an interesting account that has appealed to many readers in the occult since it first appeared.
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Satanism in France 3 février 2011
Par S. Cranow - Publié sur
Format: Broché
Aurthur Edward Waite is the maker of the Ryder Waite Tarot deck and author of numerous books on occult subjects. He has written several books on Ceremonial Magick and the Kabballa. In fact anyone just getting started in magick or the occult is advised to read his works.

In this book the author tackle the subject of the resurgence of Satanism in France. Something that was long since thought extinct. THe Catholic Church has supported authors who have spread the rumor that Satanism is being spread by the Mason.

In tackling this subject Mr. Waite examines the subject of Luciferianism and Satanism. Two different subjects. He also examines witness records in his quest for the truth. In the end the MAson are a brotherhood that believe in benefitting mankind and are united in the belief that there is a master architect or creator in the universe.

Here is a partial summary of what was read. Judge for yourself if you believe the rumors.

For a long time in fact throughout most of the 1800's it can be said that there was no cult that was dedicated to Satan or the Devil. Ask someone about it and the subject is shrugged of as no one of sound mind would speculate worshipping the Devil. No less it must be realized that at the end of the 1800's Satanism was alive and well in France, the most enlightened of all nations at the time. Satanist identify with Satan or any other evil figure from other religions and they support that deities design for evil. They often operate underground an out of view. They engage in many vile acts such as robbery, murder and kidnapping. Their most favored activity is stealing holy items from the Roman Catholic Church and using it in the service of Satan. In that sense they defile it. These thefts had been happening at various different cities in Europe.

The late 1800's is also a time of great confusion. The Transcendalist are often accused of practicing Satanic rights. The occultist AE Waite feels need to come to some rapprochement with the Catholic Church.

Most people feel that the Masons are the ones who are acting as a front for the Satanist and that most Mason's are dupes while a secret order within the Masons is puling the strings and recruiting members from the great fraternity. The Catholic Church has been the biggest enemy of the Masons. They print out tracts saying that the Mason's promote Atheism, indoctrinate females and are in favor of anarchy. Now there maybe a Luciferian vein running through the Masons. Each lodge is affiliated with a Grandlodge in it's area. Each Grand Lodge is autonomous and act independently of each other.

There is separation and difference between the Mason of England and France. The French Mason's have apparently done away with the grand architect concept and are following an Egyptian rite. The Mason of English are following the Scottish Rite. It is the Scottish Rite that is predominant in the US. With in the Scottish Rite there is a sub group called the New Palladians. They are supposedly a recreation of the old "Palladians"

The "Palladians were a group of Templar Knights who worshipped Baphomet. Albert Pike who was born in America to humble parents ended up moving to Arkansas. Later he would return to Memphis and open a Scottish Rite Lodge there. He supposedly had the statue of Jaques D Molay and the original statue of Baphomet. He started up the New Palladians. The New Palladians are Luciferian.

Lucifereians are not Satanist but they are at odds with the Catholic Church and other monotheistic relgions. They believe that Lucifer is a bringer of Light while Adonai is a dark God who has plunged the world into misery and darkness. Hence in their mind Lucifer works for the good. Satan is a twisting of Lucifer done by the Catholic church.. Here in lies the potential evil. Have the New Palladians turned to Satan worship by accident.

In the late 1800's a book< Free Masonry the Synagogue of Satan, was written that was designed to smear the Masons and the Jewish people. We are now already away of the contempt the Catholic Church holds towards the Mason and how they have linked them to Satanic practices. THe book is a total sham. THe author claims to be a witness of Palladianism but what he does is document occult practices of Muritaniaus.

The main claim of the book is that Freemasonry is controlled by Jews. The organization is a kabbalsitic Jewish plot the book maintains and that the Jews desire world wide domination. Such rubbish could not be further from the truth. Albert Pike the founder of New Palladianism was not a Jew nor was he a Judaizer.

MGR Meurin the author of this fallacious work gathered his information second hand. He himself was not a member. He claimed that he understood the mystery of 33rd degree in Masonry. It corresponds to the 33 Vedic Deities and it borows heavily from the past.
"Secrets Of The Palladian Rite" 9 février 2014
Par Christopher L. Fessler - Publié sur
Format: Relié
There are several reprint editions available of this 19th century work.
The Weiser edition listed here is a very well done & useful one ~ I recommend it.
At the height of the Taxil Hoax, A.E. Waite wrote Devil Worship In France, a critique of the various
literary works and characters involved, both real and ficticious.
He covers all the bases...and to his credit, he nailed it as a hoax while it was still going on !
After Leo Taxi made his public confession of the scam and the whole charade fell apart, Waite wrote a
second summarized critique ~ "Diana Vaughan And The Question Of Modern Palladism"...which is also
printed here.
A contemporary introduction by R.A. Gilbert adds valuable insights.
The massiveness of this bogus literary campaign is almost beyond belief...who would go to so much
One can only assume there was a lot of money made from the sale of the books.
There were several literary and scholarly works involved...all of them in French. (Waite details them all...)
I have been able to locate none of them in English although Amazon lists
some of them in the original French. Curious that they have not been translated.
I for one would love to read "Doctor" Bataille's ~ Le Diable au XIXme Siecle" ~ in English...just for
the fun of it. Waite gives an extensive summary...still...I sounds "over the top"!
As the notorious "Palladian Rite" has passed into occult folklore at this point,
it's nice to have Waite's thorough presentation of this incredible tale of scandalous fraud.
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