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Effigy Of The Forgotten, Pierced From Within

4.5 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client

1 d'occasion à partir de EUR 54,76

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Page Artiste Suffocation

Détails sur le produit

  • CD (2 février 2004)
  • Nombre de disques: 2
  • Label: Roadrunner
  • ASIN : B0000C0FIN
  • Autres éditions : CD
  • Moyenne des commentaires client : 4.5 étoiles sur 5 2 commentaires client
  • Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon: 30.943 en Musique (Voir les 100 premiers en Musique)
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Liste des titres

Disque : 1

  1. Disque 1 piste 1 - Suffocation
  2. Disque 1 piste 2 - Suffocation

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4.5 étoiles sur 5
5 étoiles
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Format: CD
Pour ceux qui ne conaîtraient pas Suffocation, il s'agit d'un groupe de Death originaire de New-York. Leur style est très technique, brutal et complexe. Effigy of the Forgotten ne bénéficie malheureusement pas d'une production à la hauteur, mais les compositions sont époustouflantes et gardent un parfum d'inédit encore aujourd'hui. Pierced from Within possède un bien meilleur son et est un modèle de musique Death bien exécutée aux influences variées, brutale et non-linéaire. Ceux qui ne connaissent pas et s'intéressent à ce genre de musique se doivent de le possèder.
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Format: CD
Deux albums pour le prix d'un, bravo, surtout quand les deux albums sont aussi différents. Le premier, "Effigy of the forgotten", est un album culte dans le style death metal. Les vocaux sont plus bas que terre, les guitares enchaînent les riffs avec une tessiture de basse, et le batteur blaste sans cesse. S'il faut un seul album dans le style "brutal death" c'est sans conteste celui-ci. Je lui mets 4 étoiles, n'étant pas un grand fan du genre. Par contre, le second disque, "Pierced from within", mérite largement les cinq étoiles, et peut-être même plus. Le groupe garde les vocaux gutturaux, mais s'améliore largement au niveau des arrangements, à tel point qu'on croirait entendre un mélange entre Atheist et Cannibal Corpse. Les passages instrumentaux sont un délice de précision d'éxécution, les tempos changent sans cesse et pourtant, ça demeure toujours accrocheur. Vraiment impressionnant, un chef d'oeuvre. Bref, achetez ce double album, vous aurez deux classiques dans le style et la preuve qu'il n'a jamais cessé d'évoluer.
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Commentaires client les plus utiles sur (beta) HASH(0x95da27a4) étoiles sur 5 21 commentaires
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HASH(0x95ee181c) étoiles sur 5 Essential for Suffocation beginners--2 brutal CDs. 30 juillet 2004
Par Brasington - Publié sur
Format: CD Achat vérifié
Suffocation is the leader in technical death metal. To this day, they continue to release great CDs. The 2 CDs you get here are probably their best. These albums sound great and have extra tracks that are worth exploring. This stuff may be a few years old, but it doesn't lack in brutality, that's for sure.

When I was just getting into death metal a few months back, I stumbled upon the Roadrunner "Two-fer" reissues. I've purchased all but one of them--I don't really need Biohazard with a live album added on, thanks--and I think it's a great collection.

The guy who gave this 1-star before is a Suffocation collector. Everything he says is true, but I just don't give a damn, myself. I was interested in getting as many albums with as little cash as possible, so these sets really helped me find a lot of great music (Pestilence, Exhorder, Gorguts) without going totally broke or taking up another four rows on my already-packed CD shelf. If you're a purist, then wouldn't you already have these? Aside from getting both CDs for $17, all I care about is 1)getting the complete albums, 2)getting remastered editions if possible, and 3)having the original cover maybe with some liner notes.

So there, between our two reviews, you have the whole picture. Now kill yourself.
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x95fd8c60) étoiles sur 5 Double your pleasure with Suffo! 13 novembre 2003
Par Wheelchair Assassin - Publié sur
Format: CD
Roadrunner records deserves a heaping of praise for its new "Two From The Vault" series. Now, for one extra-low price, you can get two classic albums from the heaviest, most technical death metal band ever in one handy package. Listening to the great "Effigy Of The Forgotten" and the even greater "Pierced From Within" chronologically, you can really see not only how Suffocation evolved from one album to another but what elevated them above the plethora of run-of-the-mill death-metal bands. Morbid Angel and the like do a pretty good job of exemplifying what the genre is about, but during their brief existence (and hopefully their recent comeback as well), Suffocation were basically playing a different game altogether. I can think of no other band that played such complex, technical stuff without sacrificing even a bit of the brutality characteristic of death metal. Death's later output was even more technically advanced than Suffocation's, but noticeably less heavy, to the point where it couldn't even really be called death metal (this is certainly not meant to knock Death; they ruled!). But anyway, "Effigy" and "Pierced" clearly stand as paragons of how technical death should be done.
"Effigy" is a steamroller of stunning power and heaviness, with Frank Mullen's impossibly low gurgling grunt serving as an extra instrument to complement the crushing riffs of Terrence Hobbs and Doug Cerrito and Mike Smith's crazy drum patterns. The opening "Liege Of Inveracity" and the following title track, especially, are among the most oppressive death metal songs ever. Both tracks demonstrate just how masterful this band was at mixing their aural punishment with equal amounts of musicianship and groove. It's on the stunning "Pierced From Within," however, that Suffo really showed what they could do. If "Effigy" established the band as leaders of the death metal pack, "Pierced" separated them from said pack completely. Death's "Symbolic" and Carcass's "Heartwork" came out the same year, and while those albums are both justly praised as classics neither one is as relentlessly vicious or viscerally impacting as Suffocation's masterpiece was. While "Effigy" was a finely honed killing machine of an album, "Pierced" saw the band refining their approach even further, adding even more reams of complexity to their already potent sound.
Perhaps the most notable change on "Pierced" is in Frank's vocals. His throat-scarring grunt from the band's debut was gone, replaced by a vicious, menacing growl that added clarity without sacrificing brutality. The songs themselves became more rhythmically complex and less predictable, with frequent tempo changes and some astonishingly intricate riff structures from Doug and Terrence. Most important of all, though, was the addition of drummer Doug Bohn. His predecessor, Mike Smith, was great himself, but Doug is just a machine, taking every bit of the skill of math metal drummers like Meshuggah's Tomas Haake and Candiria's Kenneth Schalk and applying it to death metal. Blastbeats, double-bass, you name it: Doug did it, and in a creative and unpredictable manner as well. I don't think I've ever heard another drummer make use of dynamics as well as Doug did here, varying his assault constantly for some of the most endlessly fascinating drumwork these ears have heard. Not even to mention, Chris Richards's bass lines were heavy enough to shake houses at their foundations.
I'd write a long conclusion to this review right now, but I have to get back to work. So to sum up: this albums are great, and this package is essential for anyone looking to discover Suffocation. So stop reading and pick it up now!
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x9605ea08) étoiles sur 5 F*CK YES!!! 15 février 2005
Par WelcomeTheAbyss - Publié sur
Format: CD
Two brutal technical death metal masterworks for the price of one(both being EXTREMELY hard to get now)??? This has got to be any metalhead's wet dream. This is also the best thing Roadrunner has done within the past ten years (especially since they started sucking in the mid 90's-present), although they could of done a lot better on the layout and included the lyrics in the booklet(keep in mind, i'm reviewing the music, not the format of it). With that said 'Effigy of the forgotten' and 'Pierced from Within' are both equally brilliant technical slabs of brutal death metal and are still unmatchable in their vision and ferocity today! It's just that it all flows together so well, organic sounding in the way that none of it sounds forced and almost amorphous in the way they shift back and forth between various tempos. I must also note that Frank Mullen is probably my favorite death metal vocalist: bar none. Some personal favorites from both albums include "Infecting the crypts", "Liege of Inveracity","Thrones of blood","Suspended in Tribulation", and "Torn into Enthrallment" but hell, they're all good rip-roaring death metal fun, so either get this Roadrunner release(Still sucks that your hard earned money goes to such a now-crappy label) or find the cd's seperate offline it's well worth it!

P.S. They're AMAZING live!
6 internautes sur 7 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x95f069c0) étoiles sur 5 What are you waiting for?! 25 septembre 2003
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: CD
This release is a complete joy to those of us who have either just gotten into Suffocation, or for those fans who are still holding onto those worn out copies from when they first came out... Roadrunner may be evolving into a much different label from when these guys were on the death metal roster, but they have put together a very solid, respectful package... and don't let the slightly cheapie looking cover fool you (as it did to me)... inside the booklet are full reproductions of both classic covers, included with song credits and various band photos...
While this is not a replacement for your original copies, it is a top-notch addition to your collection (not to mention a great backup), and it's perfect for those of us still wanting to grab the original versions later on (damn completist obsessions!)...
2 internautes sur 2 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x96011390) étoiles sur 5 Proper reissue please 9 septembre 2013
Par J.F. Carroll - Publié sur
Format: CD Achat vérifié
Suffocation is very technical and dark, and they take a long time to "get". But once you do get them, they are amazing.
However, these roadrunner reissues are garbage. The Dynamic Range is extremely low because of the loudness war. Every instrument is pushed up to 11. This in turn causes horrible distortion, and makes these editions essentially unlistenable. It's truly difficult to understand what is going on with these two from the vault reissues, the music sounds confused and choked by loudness. If you have original editions keep those. Luckily Roadrunner went out of business and got bought by Warner Bros. Perhaps WB will think of reissuing these early albums from the label again with a good remaster with dynamic range. Heck, they did it for the Grateful Dead, why not Death Metal and Roadrunner's early thrash albums?

I bought these two from the vault reissues but had a terrible time with them. I spent money on ORIGINALS just to be able to hear how these albums should actually sound. I'd've much rather been cheap. But my curiosity got the better of me.

I leave it up to the consumer to decide, but be forewarned. There's a karmic reason Roadrunner records was shut down. They prop up their bad music and forsake the stuff that made them great. They must have spent hardly a minute on these two from the vaults. Bad sound (the worst I've heard in pretty much any remaster I've encountered), no lyrics, no notes, these are cheap crap. Whoever had a hand in doing these back in the day should be ashamed of themselves.

The remaster will give you an idea of the album, but if you end up really enjoying these (it could happen) you may end up just splurging for an original anyways. I picked up originals of these suffocation albums and thought the sound was so much better that these two from the vault reissues are worthless. This record label truly lost their way after the early days. It would be cool to see the same treatment for their early albums that Earache does, remastering and reissuing every 5-6 years in a new way and with demos and bonus tracks. Some may think that's a label who's only trying to get your money, but I call it a label that cares.

Consider the number of albums Roadrunner had early:

Gorguts--Erosion of Sanity, Considered Dead
Immolation--Dawn of Possession
Obituary--Slowly we rot/ Cause of Death
Malevolent Creation--Ten Commandments, Retribution
Suffocation, Pestilence. Spheres, Consuming Impulse.

Along with all the bands from these two from the vault reissues.

You can find good reissues of Sepultura and Deicide but not these other great bands. It's a complete and total shame.

What about a boxset with adequate remasters of these two-from-the-vaults issues with liner notes or a booklet about the history of metal in the late 80s early 90s, an essay about the history of the label, about their involvment in these various movements? I just spent good money on the deluxe edition of Another Self Portrait which contained demos, a remastered album, a booklet, a book of photos, essays, a live album, and classy sound all around for Bob Dylan's 1969-1971 period. I spent a hundred dollars. Now I'm not saying you'd have to do ALL of that, but something nice with good sound for all these forgotten albums in a boxset I would buy in an instant. Do you know how much these albums go for on ebay? Sometimes a hundred dollars! And the record label (Roadrunner records) is still around! WARNER BROTHERS, if ever a stack of cash was knocking on your front door, this is it.

I am a consumer of music, I would buy all of these albums with adequate sound (like you did for Deicide's first two albums, they sound great). I'd like to hear the thrash as well as the death metal albums. Heck you've been around for 30 years plus, I think there's an anniversary there waiting to happen. I buy different issues of Earache albums, they're reissuing all kinds of stuff, where are you on this? They're reissuing vinyl versions of albums and remasters and Full Dynamic Range reissues to great fanfare, while you sit on the sidelines making nothing on royalties. You could be making Boo-Koo bucks! Stop being lame, remaster these albums like you did Deicide and Sepultura (perhaps not QUITE so loud this time) and put them in a boxset or release them individually.

And then just watch the sea of green roll in.
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