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Escaflowne-Theater Version Bande originale, Import

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  • CD
  • Nombre de disques: 1
  • Format : Bande originale, Import
  • Label: Mis
  • ASIN : B000050720
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Masterpiece 18 janvier 2001
Par Clarence - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Wow. That's all I have to say about Yoko Kanno's work on "ESCAFLOWNE - A Girl In Gaea." Ms. Kanno simply amazes me every time I listen to her work, from eclectic Cowboy Bebop to her wonderful collaborations with seiyuu Ma'aya Sakamoto.
Speaking of which, the title song "Yubiwa" is definitely one to remember. Even if you can only understand English, the only version of the title track you should listen to is the Japanese version. Sorry Ms. Snyder, but Ma'aya Sakamoto's voice is truly unmatched. To fans of Ms. Sakamoto's work for past anime title tracks such as "Yakusoku Wa Iranai" and "Kiseki No Umi" (one of my favorites), a noticable maturity is shown through her voice, more so than in the past. One thing that stung me about "Yubiwa" was the rhythm of the drum in the background--it definitely distracts from Ms. Sakamoto's wonderful voice.
Apart from Yubiwa (whose music arrangement was only mediocre), Yoko Kanno, along with her usual Escaflowne partner Hajime Mizoguchi, did a superb job with the soundtrack. Speaking as someone who's watched the movie a couple of times, I could distinctly remember where each track was used in the movie. That's what was incredibly distinctive about these compositions; they created mood and setting, not only acompanying it.
A few tracks definitely stood out in my mind as being above the rest. "First Vision" was one of those, blending calm music reminiscent of the mountains with fast-paced combat music. "Colors" was more subdued, with a definite calmness to the track. "Sora" (and its offspring, "Into GAEA" and "Sora's Folktale") was slow, very chant-like--you could almost describe that it had a religious feel to it. "Tree of Hearts," although short, definitely conveyed the emotion of the accompanying scene in the movie, gradually turning from sad to a more happy tone. "Black Escaflowne" was definitely more combat-like, eclipsing the strong, yet undistinct "Dance of Curse II." Finally, "Final Vision" is powerful and appropriate ending piece--you can almost imagine flying using that music.
Although the movie was a mixed bag for some (not me), the soundtrack is strong across the board. For fans of Kanno this is a must-buy; for those who aren't, you will be after listening to this wonderful soundtrack.
8 internautes sur 8 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
A DEFINITE must-buy! Pure magic! 9 octobre 2001
Par mallow - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
If you are even the slightest fan of Escaflwone - no, I take that back. If you are even the slightest fan of MUSIC then you are to buy this CD. It is absolutely AMAZING!!! I have the four main CDs from the series and I thought they were good - but then I heard the music from the movie. WOW! It has pretty much everything. Mysterious melodies, fun songs, pop, heart-racing beats... it goes on and on. Your emotions fly when you listen to this CD. The first song (the song from the ending credits of the movie) is the perfect song for Hitomi and Van's relationship. And Enter the Dragon Slayers (Ryuu Geki-Tai Toojou) is one of my personal favorites. It just says "Hello. I'm Dilandau. Welcome to my lair of evil-doings."
Also, I notice that they incorperate (whoops, bad spelling) familiar tunes into the new songs from the movie but with cool twists. The song "Black Escaflowne" carries distinct undertones of the song "Epistle" from the series and anybody who has seen the series will recognise the familiar tune at the end of "We're Flying". The all-famous "Dance of Curse" is reused here, but it is faster, shorter, and they have changed the ending, because the original ending is used in "Black Escaflowne".
I also really enjoy "First Vision" (and its counter-part "Bird Song" which carries the tribal-sounding whistle onto its own track) because of the different feelings you get in one song. The beginning is for the beginning of the movie, where you see a HUGE ship flying past some startled sheep. The desolate feeling you get is sooo perfect. Then it changes into this... grand sounding part in which you see a flying "Van" skydive towards the ship, but the notes are so beautiful and light and airy... and then it stops - and turns into a fast-paced "dance-around-a-fire" ritual sounding song in which Van slaughters the entire crew of the ship by.
The piano at the beginning of "Tree of Hearts" makes me cry.
"Sora" I blast out my speakers with. (The middle part of the song is just AMAZING if you play it loud enough for people to call the cops on you.)
The English version of Ring/Yubiwa "You're Not Alone" is a great bonus. And "Call Your Name" is a sweet and simple track that is a tribute to Hitomi.
I cannot not get up and dance to "Organ Pub" - how can anyone NOT??
In short - Buy the CD! You won't regret it!
7 internautes sur 7 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
The MUSIC!!! The MUSIC!!! 15 septembre 2004
Par E. Ramos - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
First thing's first... Yoko Kanno did NOT write and compose all the music in this OST (in ALL Escaflowne OSTs, in fact)... You gotta give credit to her co-composer in Escaflowne, Mr. Hajime Mizoguchi... Tracks 3, 7, 8, 11, 12, 17, 20, and 22 are composed and arranged by Mizoguchi while the rest are composed and arranged by Ms. Yoko Kanno (whom I'm a big fan of)... That aside, this CD ranks along with the other Escaflowne OSTs... They're all awe-inspiring, and jaw-droppingly greaaaat!... I seriously get shivers listening to some of the tracks (even though I did not like the movie that much at all)...

1. Yubiwa [Ring] Movie Version - What a lovely song... I heard this version first before its English version, You're Not Alone (track 25)... Frankly, I seem to like this version just a bit more than the English one... It's sung by the beautifully voiced Maaya Sakamoto (a Yoko Kanno regular) and is a perfect ending theme movie... It's mild and endearing as if the rain has stopped; the storm has passed (dorky thing to say, but meh! you'll remember this review when you listen to this song... hehe)...

02. First Vision - Middle Eastern flavour with some Celtic thrown into it... Gotta love this track... It's the piece that played during Van's air raid massacre (hope didn't spoil that one for those who haven't seen the movie)... The scene emphasizes the more chilling factor of the track...

03. Colors - Great track overall, mellow but shows an adventurous impression to it as well...

04. Into GAEA - Soft chants of the track Sóra (track 10) starts out in the beginning... Then the tension increases to a more chilling and strong chants as if being thrown into a vortex... The ending is quite Middle Eastern...

05. Ryuugekitai toujou [Enter the Dragon Slayers] - Enter the dungeon... It's dark, damp, and envokes your dark fears of the torture room... The track gets livelier with the joining of the drums and eerily ends with eerie chorale chants...

06. Horse ride - A chase theme... And what are you riding?!?... The title suggests it, but even without knowing, it DOES feel like a horse chase theme IMO...

07. Gaea hitsuji [Gaean Sheep] - This is a mellow theme that almost as if it illustrates a town area in your mind...

08. Regret - Sounds like one of those sad tracks at first... But just wait... The tides seem to take turn and becomes more lively and vibrant holding a magnificent tune by the middle part... It ends more hopeful and happily than how it starts...

09. Bird Song - Sounds like a flute played emphasizing the wilderness... Not bad...

10. Sóra - *swoon* The first track I heard from the movie (I can't remember where) is also one of, if not the best songs in the OST... Sung in an out-of-this world lyrics (Gaean perhaps?!?) by Gabriela Robin, this song just oozes of Yoko Kanno goodness... From the first verse to the "chorus", the song is just invigoratingly good despite not understanding anything she sings... A definite must hear!!!

11. Alseides fukkatsu [Revival of Alseides] - This sounds very dark and dungeon-like a la Lord Of The Rings or Gladiator... The tune sounds very haunting and mysterious...

12. The hurt - This track sounds like it has some Alseides fukkatsu (track 11) carried over to the tune... But this one's more bitterly melancholy yet very beautiful at the same time...

13. Take my hands - A grandeur piece ultimizing what a grand orchestra can do... Though short, it packs a punch!...

14. Organ Pub - Cute pub music...

15. What'cha gonna do??? - Hehe... The beginning sounds like a videogame... This one's a cute and catchy song to go along with Organ Pub (track 14)... "Uh-oh... What'cha gonna do?" -- really cute to listen to... The lyrics sounds French?!?

16. Sóra's Folktale - Sóra's (track 10) more torch-song, dark, futuristic counterpart... I like the original version better but I heard of some folks who like this version cuz of it's tech-nicky (not a real word) sound...

17. Invasion of Torushina - Alseides fukkatsu's (track 11) faster, darker, and more futuristic counterpart...

18. Dance of curse II - Dance Of Curse (Escaflowne: Over The Sky OST, track 3) is what Escaflowne is about... The violins reminiscent of Bernard Herrmann's score in "Psycho", the chorale repeatedly singing "Esca-flowne", the chills of it all!!! This version is faster, shorter, and more powerful than the original version IMO with a slightly different ending... I think I like this version a little bit better than the original...

19. Black Escaflowne - Like another person who reviewed here said, this track is reminiscent of Epistle (The Vision Of Escaflowne: Lovers Only OST, track 11) yet still retaining a very different tune allover... This track stole a part of original ending tune of Dance Of Curse (Escaflowne, Over The Sky OST, track 3)... These last two tracks will REALLY give you chills hearing them in surround sound!!! Great, great tracks!!!

20. Tree of hearts - A beautiful piece with the piano playing as the main part of the song...

21. We're flying - A lively piece that nicely portrays flying... It then slows down switching to a version of the chants from Escaflowne (Escaflowne: Over The Sky, track 5)...

22. Who will save - A two-part piece of an intense and soft orchestra playing... It ends with a form of The hurt (track 12) and Regret (track 8) and nicely shifts to the next track if played continuously...

23. Final Vision - The title suggest that thi track is supposed to counterpart First Vision (track 2), but totally sounds different to me... Dramatic use of the orchestra...

24. Drinking Song - Sounds like a child's play song...

25. You're Not Alone (hitomi & Sóra Duet version) - The English version of Yubiwa... I like the flow of the English lyrics... But oddly enough, both versions didn't have the guitar playing at the beginning as in the Yubiwa single album... Otherwise, a nice song to play at a quiet night...

26. Call Your Name (Piano Version) - This is another Maaya Sakamoto song... It's not a favourite of mine, but it's nice sounding to say the least... I didn't even know that there's a "non-piano" version for this song?!?...
8 internautes sur 8 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
The BEST ANIME Soundtrack EVER!!!! 18 octobre 2000
Par Un client - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
I've listened to this cd and they have some of the most dramatic songs I've ever heard for anime. It coincides extremely well with the scenes played in the Escaflowne Movie.(If you haven't seen it I'm sorry.)This is a must have item for those who like anime period! You cannot be dissapointed by it.
6 internautes sur 6 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Simply the Best, Prepare to be Swept Away 15 juin 2001
Par Eric Spray - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
For those of you not familiar with the work of Yoko Kano, she is a composer who has worked on many, myriad anime soundtracks, including 'Macross Plus' and 'Cowboy Bebop.' Her work on the 'Escaflowne' T.V. series was, without any doubt, superlative. Trust me, this women is brilliant.

This is the soundtrack for the movie, a sort a retelling of the Escaflowne tale. It is just as sweeping and dramatic as the original T.V. score, and then some. Revel in the epic and awesome power of this music. Try as I may, I cannot articulate what this music is like, nor replicate it's effects upon the listener via mere words. I'm searching for adjectives adequate enough to even come close, but none come to me. So let me say this, if you enjoy music, especially classical and choral compositions, this product is for you.

It has little bearing if you've never even heard of Escaflowne or viewed an anime in your life. This music transcends any pitiful description I can give it. Young or old, male or female, human or other, this will move you. I would also recommend viewing the Escaflowne series, which is equally stellar, and checking out more of Ms. Kano's work. Don't hesitate.
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