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3,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 27 avril 2014
The storyline seems slow to start, while building up to trap the reader to want to know more and finally not being able to let the book down. Wallander's character is troubled as ever and facing some serious personal issues as he seems entangle in an investigation which he is unable to make sense of a first. As always with Mankell, pieces of the puzzle will come together at the end. Wallander's continuous search of himself and the world around him make for a very human and attaching character. The background of Mankell's book is once again made of a well investigated serious topic brought to the attention of the reader through the story of human relations. Definitely a good book!
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le 30 mai 2013
Surely, the quality of Henning Mankell (HM)'s oeuvre is uneven. Books rooted in Africa are his most passionate creations, but not all are great reads. The same applies to his 10-book Wallander-series and a string of other crime novels. Most are entertaining and thrilling, some are memorable and briljant and a few disappoint. After completing this tiresome, overlong 8th police procedural about a whining and paranoid Kurt Wallander (KW), author HM shelved him as a character for >10 years. [But also gave him a superb cameo role in a much better crime novel starring KW's daughter Linda in 2002.]
In `Firewall`, KW (50, long divorced) is an annoying, depressed book character with no friends, close colleagues or companions. Despite dieting, he is still a secret diabetic and becoming forgetful and prone to acting impulsively. This book is pure Nordic gloom, not a pleasure to read given its size and convoluted, poorly researched plot:
twenty pages from the finish, this reader still does not know what disaster this thriller foretells, despite all the self-doubt, self-pity and other feelings of the hero. What is the conspiracy that killed at least three out of more than a handful of people in this book? Whatever the conspiracy is really about, upgraded somewhere in the book to have a worldwide impact and to be devastating economically, is for readers to enjoy. It must be something totally devious, brilliant or silly...
This thriller starts energetically with a man found dead in front of a cash machine, and with two wayward girls (14, 19) confessing to killing a 60-year old taxi driver. Then, strange things begin to happen in a police procedural with KW and his team working long hours. A key question is: does KW listen to his own instincts and inputs from his staff and makes the right decisions?
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le 7 juillet 2014
Mankell que voulez-vous c'est une ambiance ...
Et si vous aimer le genre "roman policier nordique" et bien vous aller adorer ...
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le 30 janvier 2012
c'est la mode des flics minable qui ont peur de leur ombre, de leur femme et de tout. sauf des cadavres les plus dégueulasses
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