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le 19 novembre 2009
This book made a huge impact on me and how I perceive myself.
It showed me how many rules I impose on myself and how that
has no purpose. I felt very alert and also scared and confused
as I was willing to go within and look at myself.
I think it is most powerful if you are asking yourself questions and
staying open even if it gets uncomfortable. It shakes you up and makes you question
your life, love, etc. Some of my friends felt this book was repetitious
and boring. It spoke to me!
Some believe he is hypocritical by preaching to follow yourself, no religion
and no leaders or other belief systems. So, some people think it is contradictory
because he wants us to follow his advice. But, this is not how I interpreted it.
He really is encouraging you to listen to yourself at all times. Stay alert and
question everything at all times.

Krishnamurti's website

Article on book by a woman who doesn't like what Krishnamurti has to say
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le 1 décembre 2014
This book confirms everything I thought and make me feel more secure.
All the answers are in us and we don't need any dogma or another person to find them.

I would recommend it to every person who is on the path to independent thinking and need to feel right about it.
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le 21 février 2014
Mind blowing book, literally, from a very advanced human being. Written 50 years ago, but astonishingly fresh and actual, which is just another proof, if needed, of its authenticity and truthfulness.
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le 11 août 2014
Tell us why we are required to write over 18 words if the customer can say:
it is just perfect !
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