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Going Rogue (Anglais)

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A Hilarious Follow-up to A Wonderful Book 15 janvier 2014
Par Julie A. Herzog - Publié sur
Format: Relié
I'm a big fan of Robin Benway, and when I heard that she was releasing a sequel to Also Known As, I was ecstatic. AKA was the first book I read by Robin, and I was immediately drawn in by her sarcasm and wit, as well as her realistic portrayal of what it's like to be a teenager (the emotions, not the international espionage). Going Rogue followed in the same vein. The colorful cast of characters ensured that I'd be laughing throughout the entire book. But Maggie's internal struggle between doing what she feels is right and doing what her parents want her to is emotionally gripping, and her fights with Jesse are downright heartbreaking.

The plot of the book is also very intriguing. The Collective, the spy organization that Maggie and her parents work for, has started corrupting from the inside out, and Maggie's family gets caught up in the mess. Maggie decides to go rogue and clear their names, and gets in all sorts of trouble along the way. The book was definitely exciting, but in a slightly different way from the first book. In Going Rogue, the danger feels realer and more present, and it kept me glued to the book until I was done.

All in all, Going Rogue is a fantastic book. Robin writes YA like it's what she was born to do. I don't think this book is better than Also Known As, but it's definitely just as good.
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An Fun, Entertaining Follow Up To AKA 14 janvier 2014
Par Step Into Fiction - Publié sur
Format: Relié
I was so excited for this book. When I found out there was going to be a second book, I may have smiled liked an idiot. Also Known As was one of those few books that had me laughing or smiling most of the book. There's so much humor mixed in with everything else that a book has. When an author can be as witty as Robin Benway, it's a definite plus in my book. So when I had the opportunity to snag Going Rogue, I didn't waste a second. Was this book everything I wanted it to be? Yes. Was it better than Also Known As? No. That doesn't mean it was bad, though. Hear me out . . .

While this book was exciting, filled with tons of drama, action and suspense, not to mention a ton of humor it just wasn't as exciting as the first book. I think that's because with the first book, I didn't know what to expect and pleasantly surprised while the second book, I already know the characters, know all about Maggie's secret identity, if you will, and her lifestyle. So, even though the book may not have been as exciting as the first one, it was still a fantastic read. One that you actually don't have to read the first book but I definitely think you'll be missing out if you don't.

Roux is still as witty as she was in the first book. She's such a blunt character. She says what she feels and that's that. I'm kind of envious of her, actually; I always wished I were bolder so I could just give a few people my opinions. She's had a rough few years (hell, she's had a rough life, really) with the people at school being so cruel to her and her parents are never around. She is basically living on her own with no friends except for Maggie and Jesse. Everyone knows, as a teenager, friends are very important in finding out who you are as that's one big thing about your teenage years, finding yourself. Or at least, I believe this. So the fact that Roux is as awesome of a person and as great of a friend as she is, even with everything that's gone on while growing up, is amazing. She's the type of person I'd want having my back and being my best friend so Maggie is very lucky to have her.

Angelo is still probably one of my favorite people in this book. He's so sophisticated, brilliant and loving. He has a heart as big as the world and he's not afraid to show it but he's also someone you don't want to have as an enemy. He plays such a vital role in this book, not that he didn't in the first one but he's just so damn important in this. All he wants to do is protect his family and he'll do whatever he can to make sure they're all safe.

The relationship between Jesse and Maggie is very up and down. They love each other, this is very clear but how can a relationship work when you're dating a spy? It's very strained because there's so many things Maggie can't tell Jesse and Jesse feels helpless because he can't protect the thing he loves most. They actually have this huge fight that just totally made me a puddle of mush. It was so emotional reading it, I actually felt like I was a part of the fight and the hurt that followed their fight. When an author can make you feel that strongly during a scene, they are certainly doing it right.

This book is a little different because it's Maggie doing work not for Collective but she's doing a job to protect her parents, who are now being investigated by the Collective. What she didn't realize, taking this job, was how dangerous it would be for her but also for her parents, Angelo, Jesse and Roux. However, dangerous means you're on to something, right? It means, you're getting warmer at getting to the bottom of what's causing the problem but is it really worth the risk of everyone's lives? When things go awry, they are forced to split up and flee to Paris where she has to trust Angelo's plan. A plan she knows nothing about. I definitely feel like the best part of this book came once they had to flee. We meet some very interesting & fun characters and we get to see a new side of Roux, one I really like!

Like I said earlier, you don't have to read Also Known As to read this but I recommend you do. If you're looking for something light, easy and fun then these books are definitely for you. I can guarantee you'll have a few laughs with a smile on your face most of the time.

Reviewed by Jessica @ Step Into Fiction
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Audiobook Review 31 mars 2014
Par Lisa - Publié sur
Format: Relié
After finding out that Robin Benway narrated her own audiobooks, I knew I had to try it with this one. There’s just something about an author reading their own book. You just KNOW you’re going to get all of the emotion for each character exactly how the author originally meant it to be read. And Benway did a fantastic job of writing AND narrating this book. I really enjoyed it!

In Also Known As we met this group of characters, and I instantly felt connected to most… especially Roux. She was a fantastic addition to the story. And now that she knows about Maggie’s spy-ness, it made it even more fun with all of her little jabs here and there. Jesse and Maggie are still together as well, so having him along for the ride this time was an added plus.

Compared to Also Known As, this story was a little more mystery, a little less fun high school drama. So I have to say I enjoyed the lighthearted nature of AKA a bit more. But Going Rogue had it’s drama as well, so don’t fret. Lots of fun, spy-ish things going on up in here. :)

Another great story from Robin Benway. Though I rarely ever continue on with series, this is one I’m really enjoying and I’m looking forward to seeing more of these characters. And listening to the audio was definitely the way to go. Can’t beat hearing an author read their own story to you!
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Maggie, Jesse, Roux, and Angelo Are Back and Better Than Ever 14 janvier 2014
Par Maggie - Publié sur
Format: Format Kindle
4.25 stars

Robin Benway is the master of writing smart, thoughtful books that you don’t even realize are smart or thoughtful because you’re having so much fun reading them. It’s been well established that I loved Also Known As, 50% because it’s a great book and 50% because the main character’s name is Maggie and I’m happy to say that I loved Going Rogue just as much, if not more, then I loved Also Known As.

Because I didn’t think Also Known As needed a sequel I was slightly worried going into this, but I should have just trusted Robin. In this second book in the series The Collective has gone off script and Maggie, her parents, and Angelo must go rogue. Maggie must also break out from under her parents’ careful watch and start to take on missions of her own and unfortunately Roux and Jesse get dragged into all of the craziness that ensues.

In my review of Also Known As I wrote: “Do I think a 16-year-old could really be a safecracker working with some of the top spies in the world? No. Do I think this book had a lot of absurd things happen? Absolutely. Did it matter? No.” And I still feel the exact same way. Reading about a 17-year-old breaking into a criminal mastermind’s home just doesn’t seem real to me, but the story is so fun and the characters are so great that it just doesn’t matter.

Let’s get to where I think Robin Benway really excels and that’s at blending the serious with the fun. Everything about this book is fun. Even when Maggie is in tough situations she’s still her smart, sarcastic self and that makes reading these books such a joy. But there’s also a lot of seriousness and relatable situations hidden among all the good times. When this book starts Maggie and Jesse have been dating for a little over a year and while things seemed to mostly have been good, as Maggie gets drawn back into the spy world things get tough for them. Maggie must keep secrets from Jesse and Jesse, even though he doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, is worried for Maggie’s safety and wants to protect her (in the least misogynistic way possible). Essentially these problems are variations of problems lots of people face in relationships; sometimes you have to keep secrets from those you love and sometimes you have to let people take risks and live their lives even when you want to protect them.

The same can be said for Maggie’s relationship with her parents. I absolutely love the parent-kid dynamic that they have in both books, but in this book Maggie needs to strike out on her own and put some space between herself and her parents. Not only because she’s entering her senior year of high school and getting ready to leave for college, but also because she’s working with Angelo as part of their “going rogue” on things her parents can’t know about. Even though the mission with Angelo is such a crazy thing it really struck me how Maggie’s need to assert her own independence and live her own life is just like what so many other teenagers go through.

After the perfect blend of fun and serious my favorite part of this book was obviously Angelo and Roux. So often I can’t stand supporting characters and best friends, but Angelo and Roux are something special. I loved that we got to see more of Angelo in this book and more of Angelo at work. And Roux is just amazing, I don’t think she was quite as wacky in this book, but she has some amazing moments. I mean, who else would have a Faberge egg hidden in their sock drawer?

Bottom Line: This book is so perfect for so many people. If you like fun, read this book. If you like contemporary YA novels, read this book. If you like spies, read this book. Robin Benway’s books are something truly special and if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of her books yet I encourage you go fix that mistake ASAP.

I received an electronic review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley (thank you!). All opinions are my own.
one of the most fun novels I've had the pleasure of reading 20 mars 2015
Par Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books - Publié sur
Format: Broché
Going Rogue is, without a doubt, one of the most fun novels I've had the pleasure of reading. It made me laugh, kept me on the edge of my seat, gave me new characters to be friends with to like, and made me fall harder for the characters I already knew. It really surprises me how much I fell in love with this sequel!

Honestly, I found Going Rogue a lot more thrilling and entertaining to read than Also Known As. While I liked Also Known As, it didn't quite inspire the affection and adoration I possess for its sequel. From start to finish, I was taken with this story!

I loved the fact that readers are tossed right into the action this time, and that the stakes are definitely higher for Maggie, her family and her friends. The angle taken when it comes to spies and a case is a bit different in this one, but still connected to the plot of the first book in a minuscule way. I liked the fact that we see more spy skills come out to play, as well as resources that I could never have imagined being utilised too.

The best part of this novel, honestly, are all the characters in it. Maggie, for instance, is a great main character! Her thoughts were still fun to read, and I like how I felt a certain level of maturity had settled on her. It was also interesting to watch her deal with the reality of her double life, as Benway managed to make that feel so true to Maggie's character. Nevertheless, in spite of her worries and doubts, she's still a pretty kick-ass spy too, and I'm still jealous of her lock-picking, safe-cracking skills.

As for the others, well, it's hard not to just keep gushing about everyone else. I'm going to list down my thoughts on the others, just to keep it all organized:
Maggie's parents are still pretty bad-ass, both as authority figures and as spies. It was cool to get to learn a little bit about their history before they had Maggie. The parental concern they showed was touching! My only complaint? I wish there had been more of them!
Angelo, on the other hand, was still the coolest adult ever. He's as clever and subtle as ever, though it comes into play a lot more in this novel. It was also neat to see how intuitive he was about people, and how deeply he cared for Maggie and the others. I still want him to be my mentor in life.
Jesse is such a sweet boyfriend! Even though he does get frustrated by the whole spy business, it's only because he cares so much about Maggie and doesn't want her in danger. I loved seeing the two of them together, because he just gets Maggie and usually knows just what she needs at any given time. They share a lot more swoony moments in this one, which is definitely great.
Roux is sincerely awesome. I love that she gets more of a back story in this book! Benway manages to bring out her vulnerabilities, and find a way to make her situation better too. It was nice to see Roux was still rambunctious, eager and ready to do what was asked, but also nice to see her have more emotional moments too.
Ryo, Elodie and Ames are three new characters we get introduced to, and man, I just want to be part of their tight-knit group! I'm not going to say what role they play, but I will say that I think they're awesome.
Bonus points must be given to Going Rogue for using two of my favourite places in the world as settings -- New York City and Paris. Anytime a book is set in New York, and mentions landmarks or places I'd know, it makes me all giddy inside. And Paris, City of Lights, City of Love? It's always been one of my dream destinations, so there's no question of how excited I got when I realized part of the case in this book was set there.

Based on all the gushing, it's clear that I loved Going Rogue. It's got many elements that I can appreciate, such as the settings and the story. But, in the end, it was truly these amazing characters that got to me. If my staying up till 4AM to finish it is any indication, Going Rogue is a book that readers will definitely enjoy!
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