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  • Album vinyle (22 juillet 2014)
  • Nombre de disques: 2
  • Format : Edition limitée, Import
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Format: Téléchargement MP3 Achat vérifié
Pas besoin d’hésiter, il s'agit d'un des meilleurs albums de Metal de tous les temps ! Une composition vraiment pleine d'inspirations, d'émotions et le tout vraiment intemporel. On ne peut rester qu'admiratif devant une telle création.
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Format: CD
Avec cet album,Bathory,ou Quorthon change de registre,apres le black métal des 3 premiers albums,avec Hammerheat il créer le viking métal,qui va influencé bon nombre de groupe.indispensable.
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HASH(0x925f1aec) étoiles sur 5 Hammerheart 12 décembre 2006
Par Rebecca Lyle - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
First and foremost, I must address the fact that I was almost retired from writing reviews for this site. The only thing that stopped me from doing so was this album, plain and simple. It's very important that if a piece of music exists that is, well, this important, then it is your absolute duty as a listener to help make others aware! This album is honestly that good. Those of you that have heard very little of Bathory's work probably know that Bathory was, at first, a black metal project. Their self-titled debut showcased great talent and basically gave birth to the black metal style (shreiking vocals, thundering drums, tremolo guitar picking, etc.). As many have noted, throughout releases Quorothon progressed as a songwriter and eventually took a huge turn in his songwriting. This is most noted with "Blood Fire Death", an album that has been noted as the very first "Viking Metal" album. Though "Blood Fire Death" was epic in its own right, I still feel it had the "black metal" feel that was presented most notably in previously albums. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "Blood Fire Death" was a black metal album, I'm simply saying that he was still a little early in the transitional period. After "Blood Fire Death" comes "Hammerheart". I can't say enough good things about this album. Most of the vocals are done clean and sound magnificent. I'm not saying that Quorothon is a great singer. As a matter of fact, he's actually a little below average with his range, but the fact remains that he puts so much passion in what he's saying, you'll barely notice the lacking vocals. All instruments play their parts perfectly. I believe that there is only one word that can do justice to the songwriting in this album, that word is epic. Another element that sets this album apart from many many others, past, present and future, is the lyrics. The lyrics are absolutely stunning and are included in the booklet. I could go on and on about how great this album is, but I highly doubt any of you fellow shoppers have the time to read about it. Basically, I'm just going to say that if you're lucky enough to be looking at this page and don't own this album, do yourself a favor and pick it up!
17 internautes sur 18 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x925f1b40) étoiles sur 5 It's the Vikings!!! 20 mars 2003
Par Ilker Yucel - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
The second in the "Viking trilogy" by legendary Swedish black-metallers Bathory. This album has to be among the most epic recordings ever in the history of metal, encompassing all the grandeur and power of the Viking forefathers and the gods of the Asatru Bathory frontman Quorthon had idolized during this period. Expanding on the themes (both lyrically and musically) established by the previous album, "Blood Fire Death," this album speaks of warriors off to battle, Gods of thunder, and the cold lands of the Nordic mountains...everything a good viking-metal album should have. Most of the songs are six minutes or longer, abundant with brutal guitar riffs, pummeling drums, and Quorthon's screams (which have taken on a cleaner approach, sounding more like singing instead of the glass-gargling screech of previous Bathory albums). He even performs a variety of choruses for background vocals, which adds an eerie and epic effect to the overall music (it's all him, but it sounds like an army of choir singers). The production is a big improvement...still not as good as bigger metal bands, but definitely steps above the first several albums. The one complaint I have about this album is the eighth track, the hidden outro...it's the exact same outro used on "Blood Fire Death." Not having heard "Twilight of the Gods" (the third in the "Viking trilogy"), I don't know if this was done to keep the three albums in a conceptual framework to tie them all together...if so, then it's okay. If not, then it's just redundant. Aside from that, "Hammerheart" is an album to end all viking-metal albums. It is a call to arms, a call to glory, and a call to Valhalla. If you are a fan of epic-sized grand-scale metal, listen ot Bathory's "Hammerheart." You won't be disappointed.
9 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x925f1f78) étoiles sur 5 A few things you should know about 'Hammerheart' 4 janvier 2010
Par Un client - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Metal doesn't get any better than this *stunning* tribute to the Northern archetype and the freedom it entails.

From the opening grandeur of 'Shores in Flames' and 'Valhalla', Quorthon turns to a more quotidian, personalised account of Norse existence, with 'Baptised in Fire and Ice' and 'Father to Son' exalting the bonds of blood and nature that tied ancient pagan communities together. The latter has blatently nationalist lyrics, which would probably have moralists expressing 'concern' if released today. But for all the efforts of the vampires of the Guardian (a bourgeois UK paper) to sink their pale teeth into metal, PC will never have any place in this form of music. It's amusing when 'AntiFa' punks try to judge metal by the same standards as their own repressive scene...'Hammerheart' will continue to inspire when such paltry souls have crumbled into dust. These punks will never understand that true nationalism means loving your own, not hating others. And nor will 'genre metallers' (looking for their latest fix of 'brutal technical' or 'tr00 kvlt') find much to interest them in Bathory's later work.

'Hammerheart' stands forever beyond modern dogmas - it lives in the old freedom of the North, which Tolkien called "the free days of old" and which C.S. Lewis described as "a vision of huge, clear spaces hanging above the Atlantic in the endless twilight of Northern summer...remoteness, severity." Quorthon pays tribute to this Northern spirit explicitly on 'Home of Once Brave', but the entire album is saturated in a spirit of pure northernness.

This is Bathory's greatest album, and Quorthon's most priceless legacy. Having created this stunning masterpiece, he can sleep well indeed.
7 internautes sur 7 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x925ff348) étoiles sur 5 **** Yeah! 31 octobre 2011
Par Kouzelna - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
How to review Hammerheart, the greatest metal recording of all time?

I bought Hammerheart when it came out, around 1907 or something like that. I was a huge Bathory fan since I was 13. Basically, since the first time I heard them. That was the age of cheesey "hair metal" bands, when pop radio co-opted "metal" and turned it into... well, y'know. A few U.S. bands kept the faith (Chastain, Flight of the Griffin, Cirith Ungol, etc.), but mostly L.A. kids like me had to turn to Europe for the genuine goods. Bathory was a Godsend, and as with many of these albums, you could only buy them from tiny hole-in-the-wall places that also sold guns without serial numbers, various other paraphernalia, and whose doors would close when the owners got arrested for stabbing people at various local gigs. But we were just glad they were there.

After 3 albums of (ahem) interestingly produced death metal, (they really were albums back then, not CDs or tapes - it was before refrigerators, computers, iPods or sliced bread), Bathory released what is considered the first true Viking Metal album in Hammerheart's predecessor: Blood, Fire, Death. Viking Metal is basically metal mixed with death and/or speed metal, mixed with a little bit of folk leaning on the Scandinavian style of folk music and (same) mythology. Production typically includes sound effects as well, like horns, battle sounds, swords clashing, etc. This was the predecessor to Dragon Metal, which leans heavily on these types of effects). Anyway, "Blood, Fire, Death" was a great album but leaned heavily on Speed for influence - Hammerheart, in complete contrast, was different. And it's for this reason that it became a landmark.

By departing from pretty much all speed influences, Hammerheart marked the world's debut of pure Viking Metal - basically, Viking Metal defined as a style in and of itself, whereby writer/creator Quorthon (R.I.P.) shared his heart and his pride about his homeland. It is truly a landmark album, by any standards you could use to measure. Little known, is that it was recorded and produced in Quorthon's garage... while it was still under construction. Yet, by Bathory standards, and just about any other standards considering the material, the production was a cut above by far. And what's more, it seems the stars aligned and God smiled upon his efforts, because no better sound could've be created - it matched the songs perfectly, and created a mood that's scare been duplicated.

The magic of Hammerheart is, unlike so many CDs that sound only like music... Hammerheart "puts you there." Ask anyone who's put a review here, they'll agree - that's why they left a review. Hammerheart actually transports you from where you are listening... TO the battlefield. You find yourself "in the moment." Sword and axe in hand. Surveying the slaughter and flames and mud of the battlefield. Hearing the people scream. Watching the chaos unfold and conflagrate. The drums pounding and your blood boiling over.

This is a CD it's best I don't listen to in public - like on the downtown city bus - because I inevitably find myself singing aloud. I'm not on a bus, I'm on a warhorse charging into battle, hacking off limbs and smashing through enemy lines.

Hammerhart is a series of anthems, served up with fury and the deafening slam of a warhammer. I could go into each track, but that would be pointless. And besides, a brother already did that above). What's true is that if you love metal, any type at all, you owe it to yourself to give Hammerheart a long, loud listen. Word of warning - on previous Bathory albums one had to crank the stereo to its mightiest heights just to hear what the **** was going on. But Quorthon put a little magic into this one. And one New England Audio Research midrange driver later, uh, I realized the effects on this album will smoke your speakers if you're not just a bit cautions. So error on the side of caution before you crank the knob.

Have I said anything at all here? I hope not. The tankards of ale rise, then fall, but if anything... I hope I've convinced you to reach out to your mouse and click away, your new CD arriving in just a few days ready to blow your speakers and make your neighbors hate you. This CD is worth putting on your top shelf. 32 years of listening to metal, attending concerts all over USA and Europe, and consciously defying to grow up in my musical tastes... Shores in Flames (first track) continues to reign supreme as my Number One Metal Song of All Time. And this CD is in the top ten.

I think you'll agree. Get this CD and hear what metal is really all about. And enjoy a frothy one on me while you do).
10 internautes sur 11 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x925ff444) étoiles sur 5 The GREATEST metal recording of all time (no kidding) 3 juin 2008
Par Wuchak - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: CD
Make no mistake, Bathory's HAMMERHEART is one of the best metal recordings EVER! When I first heard HAMMERHEART it utterly blew me away. I bought a copy for a friend and didn't see him again for four months; he said he listened to it EVERY DAY of those four months -- it's that good! This recording is simply the quintessential realization of metal's potential.

Bathory is, for the most part, a one-man "band" masterminded by 'Quorthon', a pseudonym for Ace Thomas Forsberg of Sweden. Forsberg released a total of 12 legitimate Bathory albums and a handful of Bathory compilations (as well as two hard rock recodings under the name 'Quorthon'). The music on these recordings ranges from black/speed/punk metal to epic/moody/doom/power metal, obviously depending upon Forsberg's mood. HAMMERHEART is definitely his magnum opus. Please DO NOT judge this album by his other works like the first two satanic/horror/speed platters or the one-dimensional OCTAGON (which was Slayeresque but with lousy production and non-memorable ditties). Trust me, HAMMERHEART stands alone.

The songlist includes:

(1.) "Shores in Flames," a blow-by-blow account of a savage Viking village-raid.
(2.) "Vahalla" which shares the basics of Norse mythology in an epic way.
(3.) "Baptised in Fire and Ice" which features fitting punkish-styled verse vocals and a brilliantly implemented low-tuned bridge.
(4.) "Father to Son" which starts out calm enough until a startling and crushing start/stop riff speedily kicks in.
(5.) "Song to Hall Up High," the debut Bathory ballad; Quorthon can't really sing, of course, but all his vocals strangely fit the music, passionately and naturally.
(6.) "Home of Once Brave" an emotional slow-paced juggernaut marred only be Forsberg's inexplicable rip-off at the end of the closing riff for "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (still, I admit, it totally fits!).
(7.) lastly, there's the hallowed "One Rode to Asa Bay" a potent historical relating of how Christianity was introduced to the Viking culture, which was the death-knell of fantastical Norse religion.

"One Rode to Asa Bay" is a long but simple song; it's also one of my favorite metal pieces, a masterpiece, in fact. It stands up there with the very best metal songs you can possibly cite (e.g. "Hallowed Be Thy Name," "A Dangerous Meeting," "Crown of Sympathy," "The Cry of Mankind," "A Celebration for the Death of Man/In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion," "Wings of Time," "Beyond the Realms of Death," etc.).

The production isn't the greatest; in fact, it was literally recorded in a garage in suburban Stockholm (the so-called "Heaven's Shore Studio" -- yeah, right); but it in no way mars this work of genius.

I strongly encourage fans of all styles of metal to add HAMMERHEART to your listening arsenal, unless of course you only prefer bands like Poison and Warrant (giggle).

Personally, I won't even take calls from supposed metal fans who don't own HAMMERHEART and hold it dear.
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