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le 21 mai 2012
Small book, but full of excellent tips on how to write productively, and regularly, without the kind of procrastination panic that is all too common. Goes through all excuses systematically, dispelling common myths, and helps develop the tools you need specifically for your situation. Separates book-writing strategies from academic articles with well-thought-out specifics for each. Helps you view writing as just another part of your job, and calms any psychological qualms about it.

Not only will you write a whole lot more, but you'll have a good laugh about it, this book is hilarious. Try not to get too distracted from its good advice. I wish for myself it had been written 30 years ago!
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le 21 janvier 2013
This book is a SHORT book on how to write A LOT.

The title of the book is in contradiction with the approach of the writer.

This is a problem because the content is not comprehensive either.

There a couple of fantastic quote.

However for the most part, the book advises to you to sit down and write, but provides little practical tips to get there.

Easy read.
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