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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 24 décembre 2007
I Am Legend was a decently good book in my opinion, a little hard to follow at some points,but what do you expect reading a book about the last man on earth. It had a good story line, and a fairly good ending and i would recommend reading it. It was also very interesting with the fact that the author took real superstitions about vampires and was able to put scientific meaning behind each of them. Lastly, i don't recommend anyone to go watch the movie, seeing as it sparsely follows the storyline of the book, and has a completely different ending!! I'd also recommend reading Tino Georgiou's bestselling novel--The Fates--if you haven't yet!
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Suite à une étrange épidémie, très contagieuse, les êtres humains sont devenus vampires. Un seul survivant reste intouché, Robert Neville, calfeutré dans sa grande maison au coeur d'une ville morte, qui cherche de la nourriture et des matériaux pour survivre le jour et empêche les vampires d'entrer chez lui la nuit. Une lutte épuisante, que nous suivons, étape par étape, et déchirante, quand Robert reconnaît un voisin, un camarade de classe, ou un commerçant qu'il côtoyait dans sa vie de tous les jours avant l'épidémie.
L'histoire ne nous laisse pas de répit, c'est un livre qui se boit, qui se lit en deux jours sans sommeil, et qui préfigure bien d'autres livres dans cette veine ensuite, dont l'excellent The Passage , qui reprend l'idée du virus, mais lui donne un tour très différent - on y retrouvera cependant l'ambiance féroce de "I am legend".
A lire, si ce n'est déjà fait !
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le 13 mars 2011
First published in 1954, this SF-novel -situated between 1986 and 1989- has been filmed 3 times. According to SF-fans, no film, not even the one starring Will Smith, betters the original, this book, which this reader finds truly scary.

A mysterious, deadly disease has spread worldwide and there is only one survivor, Robert Neville (RN) living in a suburb of LA. He lost his wife and daughter in the pandemic. His immunity may stem from surviving a bite from a vampire bat in Panama. Who knows? There is no one left he can ask.
In daylight Robert is safe and can move about on foot or by car through deserted streets, take whatever he needs from abandoned supermarkets, shops, libraries, to defend himself against what happens when night falls.

Because after dark RN is on the defensive and prays for daybreak to come. Each morning he checks and repairs damage to his home inflicted by crowds of mutated victims of the pandemic led by a former colleague and friend, who resemble in many respects the vampires described in Bram Stoker's classic novel `Dracula'. After nightfall the living dead gather outside his barricaded home protected by light bulbs, homegrown garlic and crosses. They howl all night for him to come out, throw stones, try to invade his home to feed on his blood...

RN is both a despairing and an organized person. With his house made nearly impregnable and gradually managing his chain smoking and binge drinking (with 2.000 cartons of cigarettes stacked in his late daughter's bedroom and unlimited access to booze in daytime), RN becomes a researcher, using the massive, silent library and specialized shops to get the material needed to figure out what exactly is the matter with the mutants he finds dead on his lawn each morning. Etc., etc. Dear readers, this reader has disclosed only 30% of what happens and follows.

This is a short but very, very rich book and a superior piece of nonsense, which is what SF is about. Richard Matheson (b. 1926) is an SF-icon and a very productive and successful book-, screen- and short story writer. This reader is no great fan of SF, but this is a true masterpiece!
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le 17 juillet 2008
I first watched the movie and then, after researching about the original novel, bought the book. I was very intrigued by the story line and my expectations of the book were not disappointed.
Actually, the book is much better than the movie, particularly as the ending of the book takes an unexpected turn.
There are a few things that bugged me about the story though, which ultimately prevented me from giving this book a higher rating.
Although the main character and his struggle with sanity and accepting the obvious changes of reality is wonderfully developed, the supporting characters in this book, human and otherwise, are not nearly developed enough for me to be totally convincing and in-line with the first, solitary part of the book. The end, although unexpected and intriguing, seemed very rushed and little elaborated to me. Nothing during the course of the book had actually even hinted at this somewhat surprise ending.
Overall it is a good read, I can recommend it for leisure time reading with an unexpected twist.
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le 28 juin 2013
... but one I may have read too early and too late to fully appreciate its ground-breaking quality. However it is a very very good survival book, in a world completely overtaken with vampires.
Robert Neville still lives while his family is undead and dead, Robert Neville is tortured by his sex drive, Robert Neville smokes and gets drunk - as a 12-year old girl, I couldn't empathize much. As a 35 year old, I admire Matheson's maestria and psychological insight. The things that give him hope, the things that almost destroy him. His scientific frenzy, elegantly answering many of our XX century reader's minds. And an ending that is truly original compared to more recent such stories.
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le 1 novembre 2012
C'est un livre d'anticipation qui emmène le lecteur dans les confins des questionnements identitaires. Comment survivre la perte des siens, la fin de l'ordre, la fin de son monde et du monde dans un environnement hostile et effrayant?
L'histoire étonnamment moderne, quoiqu'écrite en 1954 nous ramène vers nos questionnements actuels sur la science et sur la survie humaine. Sommes nous trop arrogants? Allons nous subir le courroux de l'au delà?
Je n'ai pas réussi à poser le livre avant de l'avoir fini, un classique avant gardiste.
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le 7 avril 2009
Tout d'abord, rien à voir avec le film (Ce livre est beaucoup mieux !), et rien à voir avec une histoire de vampire. L'histoire est assez courte, et pourtant très riche et originale. On suit le parcours d'un homme qui ne perd pas espoir, et cherche désespérement une explication. Il y a donc plus de réflexions que d'actions. Latmosphère créée est géniale. Au final, on croit que c'est possible !
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le 12 août 2012
Un peu déçue par la qualité du produit mais il n'étais pas cher donc je m'en contenterai. La prochaine fois, je serai plus vigilante sur la qualité du produit.
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le 25 janvier 2014
le livre est conforme à la demande et le téléchargement a été rapide. Format impeccable pour ma tablette pour pouvoir lire partout.
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le 19 février 2011
Bon livre qui tient en haleine le lecteur.
A la suite de I am legend, quelques "nouvelles" du même auteur.
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