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le 15 mars 2004
When I was a kid I had a slide encrypter and a Captain Midnight decoder. Later when I started with UNIX I was playing with encrypt and decrypt. Some one came up with PGP (pretty good privacy) and other encryption stuff. Then there are the movies about Enigma. All this is fine but how does it work? What practical use is it? Where do I start?
Start here with ICSA Guide to Cryptography. Contents:
First Principles and Overview
Historical Systems
Codes and Machines
Data Encryption Standard (DSE) and Information Theory
Public-Key (Asymmetric) Cryptography
Implementation Mistakes
ICSA Product Certification
Internet Cryptography
Security: Policy, Privacy, and Protocols
IP Security and Secure Virtual Private Networks
Cryptography in Electronic Commerce Systems
Role-Based Cryptography
Cryptanalysis and System Identification
Biometric Encryption
There is much more information that can not all be mentioned on this review. And do not forget there is a CD included with more up to date information.
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