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le 10 juin 2014
"I believe in Bonnie and Clyde" and I believe in Amy Harmon!

I became a HUGE fan since "Running Barefoot" and "Making Faces" just blew me away. Every one of her book is a pearl and "Infinity + One" is an other masterpiece. I baught "Infinity + One" with blind faith, not knowing what would be the plot and I'm so happy I did it.
Amy has me wrapped around her little finger.

I love her writing style. It's elegant, light, effortless (or so it seems)and deeply beautiful (I'd like to write weepily beautiful). And her books are always insightful (I know, no pressure for your next book Amy, sorry :-).

Back to "Infinity + One" now.

Finn (Infinity Clyde) is an ex con who was at the bad place at the bad time. He's been convicted to four years prison for unknowingly helping his brother in an armed robbery.But he is so much more than that. He is a brilliant mathematician. I loved how Amy made mathematics seem like beautiful poetry. It's a tribute to her talent really because I assure you I'm not usually moved by paradox and equations.

Finn will rescue Bonnie Rae, country singer and acclaimed star. Right after his heroic move, he questions his decision: "He sat on the Blazer's rusted bumper, torn between his own survival and the survival of the weeping girl he'd walked away from."

Bonnie Rae is in a bad place, grieving the death of her identical twin, Minnie Mae. Her entourage, especially her Gran, has used her talent to bring in money, uncaring for her own feelings."They didn't tell me(her sister's death)until after her funeral, a week later. And Gran didn't want me to cancel the dates."

Her whole world fell apart "When I got home, nobody was there but my mama. Daddy had moved out, Cash was in jail and Hank just out of rehab." "Time may heal all wounds but it ain't no plastic surgeon". Her Gran is determined to reap all the money she can from Bonnie's celebrity "My job is making money. It's just... everything I thaught I was working for was a lie. Gran had stolen every part of me."

When both meet, they'll embark on a road trip across US. Bonnie just wants to find herself, to find "real", to think. She immediately trust Finn "Big, bad, long haired and tatooed. A bit uptight." She soon realises she was "starving, hungry for companionship, affection, connection."

They'll overcome many ordeals on their road trip and it'll cement their connection and deepen their feelings. It'll become a healing journey, a time to come to term with their twin's death.

Amy made me smile and hope in human goodness with all Bonnie and Finn's helping gestures. They were like The Good Samaritan. Bonnie honours her sister's memory " Behind everyone in need Minnie saw an opportunity to make the world a better place.It was like she knew she had only a little while to leave her mark."
Amy made me cry too "Do you ever feel like you've forgotten something only to realize it's not something, it's someone... I'll check to make sure I haven't left my purse, my phone..Then I realize it's Minnie. I've lost Minnie."

This book, like "Making faces" and her other books made me feel cleansed. Like the earth after a storm when the light is softer, the air is lighter and nature's smell is so powerful it soaks our soul and leave us with peace in our mind and a smile on our face.
That's the power of Amy, her special grace.

Don't ever stop writing stories Amy, I like them too much.
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le 14 juillet 2014
5 Infinite Love stars ♥ Staying awake until 3AM because you can't stand the thought of ever putting down the book you're reading, that's what I call a five star story. Bonnie and Finn's love was so pure, so raw, so real, I was mesmerized by their connection.
After all, Infinity + 1 does equal two...

"You've read the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died;
If you're still in need
Of something to read,
Here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde."
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500 PREMIERS RÉVISEURSle 5 décembre 2015
Bonnie Rae Shelby, jeune star de la chanson, a tout pour elle (du moins en apparence). Finn Clyde croise sa route lorsque celle-ci décide de se suicider en sautant du haut d'un pont. Bonnie n'a nulle envie d'être sauvée, et Finn n'a nulle envie de se retrouver responsable de quelqu'un. Pourtant, ils vont partir tous les deux pour un road trip improvisés vers Las Vegas.
L'histoire en elle même ne m'a pas captivée. Pourtant, j'adore les histoires sur fond de road trip. Mais là, cela n'a pas fonctionné, je me suis ennuyée. Globalement, je n'ai pas trouvé l'histoire crédible. Les évènements loufoques ou irréalistes s'enchaînent, me faisant de plus en plus lever les yeux au ciel. De plus, Bonnie fait toujours des choix merdiques qui les mettent en danger ou à découvert, sans se soucier des répercussions pour Finn. C'est une vraie gamine et je n'ai pas compris comment Finn peut s'enticher d'elle.
En outre, je n'ai pas ressenti d'émotions, je suis restée une spectatrice distante. Au bout d'un moment, j'ai même trouvé le récit trop poétique, trop forcé et pas assez réaliste. J'ai ressenti cela avec les dialogues et les pensées personnelles des deux héros.
Au final, je n'ai pas été embarquée par l’aventure de ces deux personnages.
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le 25 juillet 2014
Après Making faces et Running Barefoot, c'est le troisième livre d'Amy Harmon que je lis et pour moi c'est le meilleur.
Il a une bonne intrigue et contient de très beaux textes.On sent que c'est un livre sur lequel l'auteur a beaucoup travaillé.
On développe beaucoup de sympathie pour les personnages principaux, qui ne sont qu'au nombre de 2.
C'est en même temps un bel hommage aux jumeaux !!!
A lire,vous ne serez pas déçus!
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le 12 juin 2014
I irrevocably am a huge fan of Ms Harmon's unique stories. Her writing is brilliant and her work is Art.
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le 26 octobre 2014
Ça aurait pu être vraiment être top, mais l'âge des personnages ne correspondait pas à leurs actions qui se classeraient plutôt dans celles d'adolescents. Et puis l'histoire de Bonnie & Clyde est devenue trop présente à partir d'un moment. Ça manquait de crédibilité. Malgré cela, l'écriture de Amy Harmon est toujours aussi belle et j'ai passé un agréable moment.
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