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Message initial: 5 sept. 13 06:25:43 GMT+02:00
The Playstation itself is regio-free but it would good to know, if the game killzone is also available in different languages like english, german etc.

Publié le 5 sept. 13 15:32:01 GMT+02:00
S. Tarara dit:
I think so. I'm from Germany myself and I ordered here this pack, so at least I'm hoping :D Altough all games come as one EU-Version, since a few years now. So, let's hope together ;)

En réponse à un message antérieur du 5 sept. 13 17:24:15 GMT+02:00
I guess so too, otherway we can sell killzone in french ebay for 40¤ and still save lots of money :-).
But would be nice to know.

Publié le 5 sept. 13 17:37:05 GMT+02:00
S. Tarara dit:
haha, yeah, you're right. Still, I assume that it really should have English in it, at least! And if English is supported, then I won't sell anything. In the end, it's KILLzone, an truly amazing game with graphical power, where you don't have to understand anything but killing :D C'mon, that's hardly any "problem" ;)

Publié le 13 nov. 13 13:49:55 GMT+01:00
Martel dit:
If the game are available in different languages and if we can choose the language, it's awesome.

Publié le 15 nov. 13 12:02:26 GMT+01:00
Jenkinson dit:
Can any1 from France confirm this? Does playstation games usually have multi-language or just French?

En réponse à un message antérieur du 15 nov. 13 12:45:51 GMT+01:00
PAIN dit:
Yes it does generally.

Publié le 26 nov. 13 16:59:01 GMT+01:00
it's always mutli-language in france!! i'm french so i can confirm and it shows in my English that I'm french lol

En réponse à un message antérieur du 27 nov. 13 17:24:07 GMT+01:00
Martel dit:
LOL. Toujours en français et quelque soit le jeu ou le pays où l'achète? C'était pas ainsi sur ps3.. peut on choisir de mettre en vost également?
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