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le 8 mars 2010
I bought this book after reading a lot of comments on Amazon.com (I go there when I need to decide on which books to buy as Americans post a lot of comments, a pity the same ones are not posted on other Amazon sites). I was looking for a book about juice fasting and ended up buying the Juice fasting bible and this one because they seemed to have more positive comments than most. I found Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for life an extremely useful book but it is all about detoxing, not my first priority, which was juice fasting, therefore the 4 stars and not 5. I do believe that I should do some detoxing only it is so very complicated.... I will start with some juice fasting and maybe one day I will be up to the detox. Cherie has a great writing style, which you don't often find among health writers and unlike journalists who write about these topics, she does know what she is talking about.

This book includes quite a few detox programmes like the Colon Cleansing, Liver, Gallbladder and Kidney cleansing and even a Mental and emotional cleansing. As far as the juice and soup recipes go I will try a few but I have to say that my husband and I find it very difficult to take the green juices. And some of the soups include milk, something I dislike profoundly. No matter how much healthier green juices may be we will stick to the recipes of The Juice fasting Bible which include some fruit and taste a lot nicer. What is the point of doing something extremely healthy which you hate and will eventually give up? Celery juice we find rather hard to drink, no matter how many other ingredients you mix with it, the taste and smell always seems to be very present.

If you are looking for a detoxing book I can really recommend this one, if juice fasting is your priority.... not really, you won't find any fasting in it or you have to consider the detox programme as a fast. One last thing, Cherie seems to use a centrifuge juicer something which amazed me because I thought that if you are really serious on juicing for your health you would recommend and use a masticating juicer. I own an Oscar but I would recommend you do a lot of research before buying one. They are not cheap and the Oscar has a few problems.
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