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le 17 août 2012
I am extremely interested in books about drawing techniques for drawing enthusiasts and artist. I thought I would have great fun reading this book. Well, I did not. The comic is awfully small on my Kindle (it prevents me from reading the text); I thought it would get better by looking at it on my tablet (10 inches) or my phone (5.5 inches), but nope, the reading experience is still awful.

This is a technical issue (images are too small), hence why I rated the book 2/5 instead of 1/5. I award 2/2 stars for the contents, but 0/3 stars for the book itself. I am not happy with my purchase and I really hope this book will get updated soon.
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le 21 janvier 2012
Scott McCloud might not let his mark AS a comic artist, but he will certainly achieve eternal world recognition for his work ABOUT comics.

Pursuing its reflexion from Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form, the author continues to amaze in his cunning and easy to grasp depictions of the sequential art. Takling every genre, he doesn't stop at the surface, and break technical subjects into funny pictures and self-explanatory doodles. You learn and you have fun in the process!

The best thing about it is that most of his reflexions apply to any kind of graphical art, be it painting, movies or video games.

This book is already a classic in its genre, appealing to anyone, expert or not, dissecting a whole part of our human brain, how it works, and why comics are more than a child matter.

There's little doubt McCloud will be the same for Comics as Huizingua or Callois were for Video Game: a pionneer and a visionnary, on a yet-to-explode new way to understand ourselves.

The eBook in itself has some imperfection. A few pages are blurry, yet readable. The pages aren't displayed in full screen. And, at the time I write those lines, the Kindle 4 isn't able to keep the zoom level on all pages. Meaning you have to zoom again every time you go to the next. Quite an chore for something that should have been easily implemented, and obviously needed for image-oriented eBook like this one...
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1000 PREMIERS RÉVISEURSle 12 octobre 2013
Si vous avez aimé "Understanding Comics", du même auteur, vous adorerez le troisième livre de la série (je ne possède pas le deuxième tome, ce n'est pas forcément nécessaire). C'est en anglais, mais les références culturelles utilisées sont généralement connues, et d'ailleurs parfois européennes ou manga. L'auteur maîtrise son art et ses connaissances culturelles sont pour le moins solides. L'auteur est agréable a lire : tout est en BD, par exemple. Un très bon livre pour fans de BD, mais aussi pour toute personne souhaitant renforcer ses compétences en graphisme et composition d'image.
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