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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X / Game

de Capcom
Plate-forme : Sony PSP
Classé: Inconnu

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  • Megaman Maverick hunter x game
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Informations sur le jeu

  • Plate-forme:   Sony PSP
  • Classification PEGI : Inconnu
  • Support : Jeu vidéo
  • Quantité pour l'article : 1

Détails sur le produit

  • Expédition : cet article peut être expédié uniquement dans l'U.E. et les pays suivants.
  • Dimensions du produit: 17,8 x 10,8 x 1,3 cm ; 113 g
  • Date de parution : 2 février 2006
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Descriptions du produit

Megaman Maverick hunter x game et un jeux importé il fonctionne sur toute les psp francaise, sauf vita & go

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HASH(0x9faabea0) étoiles sur 5 This is how you Remake a Mega Man Game... and do it RIGHT! 1 février 2006
Par Tsanche - Publié sur Amazon.com
The Mega Man X Collection was fantastic. It was a port, of course, but not a bad port. Now for the PSP we receive Maverick Hunter X which is nothing more than a recreation of a Super Nintendo classic. However, it is a fantastic recreation!

Mega Man isn't much for story. Within it, reploids have turned against the human race because of a virus. These reploids are said to have gone Maverick. Lead by Sigma (who used to lead the Maverick Hunters) they wage war on the human race. It is up to X and Zero to stop them.

To the veterans of the original 1993 classic on the SNES, the gameplay is virtually the same. In some areas it feel too familiar as the level layouts and enemy placements and patterns are about the same. It's all familiar. There are a few small changes. Most notably the location of the some of the capsules have changed. Some may be in the same spot, but give you a different upgrade. Of course, there are changes I'm not particularly proud of. For instance, the battle with Vile at the beginning requires you to "win" now as opposed to the SNES version in which it was a hopeless fight. This isn't just a strange change... it's unnecessary. The whole point of the fight is to show that X isn't strong enough yet. It's why the battle with Vile the second time has meaning... it is to show how much X has grown.

Bosses typically use the same pattern they did in the original. They might alter them a little, but not so much that they don't seem familiar. All the weaknesses are the same.

The graphics in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X are certainly nice, but in crunching a lot of pixels the art style isn't quite as good as the original SNES game. It's a shiny new game, but not really one that has the same amount of character. Despite having better graphics, the animated sprites of the SNES game actually look better both tonally and aesthetically. That's not to say the PSP version looks bad at all, it's only to say that the graphical design here doesn't add to the soul of the game. It looks and feels like Mega Man, but the SNES version wasn't just about crunching pixels.

The music is a mixed bag It's remixed from the SNES version. Some of the tunes actually sound quite good. But perhaps nostalgia has gotten to me. I like the original SNES versions better. When upgrading a classic game there's a sense that sometimes things are being changed to be too "perfect." The music and art style are those things. Everything has been given a make over but in spite of that sometimes the game feels different. It's not quite the same thing. It's just really really close. There is a reason that the SNES version is still the one that everyone holds up in high regard and why few really point to this one when discussing Mega Man X.

This is a remake done right, but it still can't outdo the original. It's worth playing for the love of Mega Man X, but at times I still prefer the Super Nintendo version.

The Good

+Remake of one the greatest 2D side-scrollers of all time
+The gameplay is still remarkable
+There is a lot more story told
+Neat extras

The Bad

-Some of the music isn't great
-If you're feeling nostalgic it's hard to put your finger on why this one isn't as good as the SNES version
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HASH(0x9faad39c) étoiles sur 5 Maverick Hunter X-- Redesign, replace, or rebuke? Or all of the above? 3 février 2006
Par Doctor Cain - Publié sur Amazon.com
I LOVE MegaMan (RockMan, actually). I bought this game expecting the story from the original SNES to still be there, just with more. What I got what a bit of a mixed bag. Good, bad, and...pretty. I'll explain in detail--

The good is that 90% of the game play is still there from the first. A few bosses, such as Spark Mandrill, have a new attack(s). Maps are about 80% the same, with a few differences, such as Capsule relocations, and major overhauls, especially in the Sigma Stages. It has a few anime cut scenes (the real 30 minute movie comes after you beat the game once), and some voices, which I hear over 14 characters voiced by just 5 actors...hm. Though greatly portrayed, X's voice gets annoying after the first 10 times of using his special weapons, as he calls it out nearly EVERY time. Despite this, the voice acting QUALITY is definetely there, and I can't think of any sub-par voice work (except I really wish the same actor from X8 did Dr. Light in this one). Vile Mode is something new to me, and I've only gone over it once, but it's a nice addition. It also comes with a demo of MegaMan Powered Up!

The Bad: The story has changed from MegaMan X1!! Sure, the premise is still there, but there are a lot of little things that happen in this game that completely compromise the future X games' story. I won't go into full detail, but I suppose my recommendation is to play the game with an open mind if you're familiar with anything before MegaMan X4. The energy bar has been reworked, and seems MUCH smaller than what I'm used to. Maybe it's just me, but it seems the charge takes a little bit longer. Other little annoyances that peeved me included suddenly-discarded power ups. Yeah, that little shooting thing you just destroyed left you an energy morsel, but when it dropped 4 pixels away from the screen, it disappeared!! I consider this more like an in-game flaw, but SOMEONE at Capcom should have done something about it...

The...pretty? Graphics, of course! The characters move very fluently, with bright, exuberant colors, and are very true to their 16-bit counterparts. The maps are also very nicely drawn, and also do the atmosphere justice, OVER the SNES one. The anime seems a bit outdated, however. There are some scenes that remind me of the slight cherub-like face of classic MegaMan yesteryear. One of my main reasons for getting this game was for the music, and it hasn't disappointed me. Well, maybe alittle. Zero's speech "theme" is played, but only for a few seconds!! The music is very nicely done, similar to X7 and Command Mission, and nearly all the themes can be identified if you've got a keen ear from X1. (On a side note, unlike the original, there is no Sound Test...at least, not that I've discovered yet)

In conclusion, it's a pretty decent game. However I will always support the SNES version, since it's story was told, and comes, first. I think with this game, Capcom proved you can improve, but not beat an original.
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HASH(0xa0b17b40) étoiles sur 5 Mega Man X Remixed! 7 mars 2006
Par Ryan Simmons - Publié sur Amazon.com
Capcom really did an outstanding job with this release. It features the same classic gameplay of the original and they do the original justice by enhancing the game without destroying the gameplay that makes the original such a Classic. Hardcore fans may dissaprove of the story changes but this is why in the opening sequence Capcom notes that this game is, "Based on Mega Man X" therefore they are asking the fans for permission to retell the story from the beginning and improving it with better dialog and plot developments and interplay between X and the bosses.

I played the original for a few hours from the Playstation 2's outstanding Mega Man X Collection and right after playing the original I jammed on my PSP so I could see the differences from a fresh perspective. The level changes are many and mostly minor and moving the Dr. Light capsules as well as some energy and heart tanks around made the game more challenging for those who have memorized the maps of the original. The delay in powering up the buster reported by earlier reviews was nonexistent or so minor a change I really did not notice.

As a fan of the original since the days of the SNES I was not dissapointed one bit.
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HASH(0x9faad3a8) étoiles sur 5 Time for some fun with X, Zero, and... Vile? 5 mars 2010
Par Someone else - Publié sur Amazon.com
This game is a really good remake of the very first Mega Man X game, with an extra treat - Vile mode!

However, some of the armor capsules were moved to make things more interesting, and it tends to up the difficulty a little bit, which is not a bad thing. The biggest update to the game is the inclusion of Vile mode, which allows the player to take control of X's long time rival and borderline maverick, Vile (hence the name). Oddly enough, a Zero mode was not included. All in game dialogue is done with voice actors, which is a nice touch, and if you've played X8 or Command Mission, you'll recognize many of them.

X controls nearly exactly the same way he did in the first game, though it seems harder to obtain the hadouken in this version - I kept hitting the birds, making me retry the section more than seemed reasonable.

Possibly my favorite part is Vile mode. At first, the difficulty feels extremely high, but by the end of the game, Vile seems overpowered (which is not a bad thing!). Vile does not receive upgrade capsules the way X does. Instead, he gets a speed upgrade and an armor upgrade by defeating two particular bosses. The difficulty level really seems to drop after the speed upgrade is acquired. Vile also must choose three weapons to take into a mission before he begins, and cannot change these until he returns to base. There are three weapon classes: Hand, Shoulder, and Knee, each of which have around fifteen variants, so you can customize Vile to your liking and play style. There's only one downside to Vile mode - it's a little short. On normal difficulty, the final battle falls just short of epic, due to Vile being slightly overpowered. All the upgrades are scattered around yet some more from X mode, making it more fun and rewarding to go exploring. Vile also has his own stage music, which plays during almost every single level. It's a nice, aggressive tune, which fits Vile's personality perfectly and doesn't get old too quickly.
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HASH(0x9faad75c) étoiles sur 5 Awesome X 20 avril 2008
Par Verith Sorn - Publié sur Amazon.com
Megaman Marverick Hunter X is F***ing awesome. It's ONE of the best titles out there for the PSP, so if your shopping here for a good game on your little hand held, this is it, but let's go over a small review first:

GRAPHICS: 8/10. Color, lighting, frame rate, special effects, shading, characters and backgrounds all looks great. You can say this looks slightly better than the Sega Dreamcast graphics at best.

AUDIO: 7.5/10. Sound effects like gun blasts and explosions are superb. The voice acting is well done and some of the are very familiar as well. Though the music we remember from the good old days of course have been remix, but that's not a bad thing. It's just that when your playing the soundtrack just seems forgettable.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10. Tight and responsive controls, no lags and the frame rate of this catches up the action extremely well. Which means no slow downs whenever the game gets chaotic. Platforming, shooting and the ability to choose bosses to battle against is all still there, but with a few minor tweaks from Capcom to improve playing style.

REPLAY VALUE: 9/10. This game will get you going for about 3 to 4 times before you can put it to rest. The game offers a lot of versatility like play style. Plus there's also a new character named Vile which brings an entire different style of play (he as over 40 weapons!) and story. Finally there's also Hard Mode, though there's only minor differences between Normal Mode. For instance, regular enemies are tougher to kill, you take more damage, health items restores less and most bosses gain a few "special attacks."

OVERALL: 8.75/10. Fun, simple and tons of replay value. Great game, very addictive....
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