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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 14 janvier 2004
I would never have thought of reading Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, "Far too intellectual for me," I thought, until in casual conversation, someone recommended it to me as their favourite book. I bought it and it sat on my bookshelf for while until I ran out of things to read and picked it up. From the first sentence, I loved it. The characters and the sights and smells are described in such a way that you can imagine it all in front of you and the world takes on a different face as you read the book. It tells the story of the children born on midnight of India's independence through the eyes of the main character, who himself is one of these children. It is a delicious mixture of fantasy and history and impressions of the Indian subcontinent with certain sentences so beautiful and apt, you want to memorise them.
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VINE VOICEle 10 mai 2010
Magic realism, gripping book, beautiful style, unforgettable characters, words are not enough to describe the magic operated by the book and the unforgettable experience it was to read it. It's probably one of the best, and most original, books I've ever read, one that will always stay in my mind. This book is a must, a reference. Read it.
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le 3 septembre 2012
It is really challenging for me to review and sum up this massive, multi-layered, multi-dimensional book. I would like to say also that this is the most complex book that I have read in the few past years. Was it a great book? The answer is "YES"! Would I read another book from the same author? "YES".
The plot revolves around Saleem Sinai's birth and life. Saleem, the narrator and protagonist of the novel, is born on the stroke of midnight at the exact moment when India achieved Independence. This accident of birth gives him (and other children born during that magical midnight hour), unique, special gifts. Saleem's gift is his "nose" that allowed him at first to go into people's heads and know what they are thinking. He is also able to telepathically communicate with the other midnight children forming a kind of "ham" radio link of sorts with the rest of the children. Now after an eventful life, he is breaking into pieces, literally falling apart, and he wants to narrate his story to his lover before he dies. His identity, however, is switched at birth. As a result, he is raised by a prosperous family in Bombay, while his counterpart and future rival, Shiva, is raised in poverty.
The book is about Saleem, but it is also about India because for some magical, inexplicable reasons, Saleem and India destiny are intertwined with each other. The book opens up with Saleem's grand parents in Kashimir, and then his parents and finally Saleenm and other midnight's children.
I won't say too much because I don't want to spoil it for you, but keep in mind that there are layers upon layers of fantasy/historical dates and moments etc.
Reading this book was like watching both a fantasy movie combined with an historical movie. I really loved it. It was hard to start off the book and get into that but after the first 200 pages I started to enjoy it and therefore was unable to put it down. There are so many characters walking in and out of the story. The book is overly detailed you might get lost, but no worries about each small detail just keep going and at the end you'll see everything will fall into place and be clear in your mind. This is definitely a book I highly recommend for those of you who likes both fantasy/historic.
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le 30 octobre 2013
Le style est un peu surprenant, mais il contribue à nous immerger dans la culture indienne, à travers une histoire familiale sur plusieurs generations, tres impressionnante car riche en rebondissements ! Les différentes intrigues sont parfois compliquées à suivre, et le vocabulaire est souvent difficile à comprendre (l'anglais made in India est VRAIMENT différent).
Ce roman permet de retracer un tournant dans l'histoire de l'Inde, à savoir l'Independance en 1947 (Midnight's children sont les enfants qui sont nés vers minuit le soir de l'Indépendance) , à travers un récit fantastique. 2 genres donc, qui s'entremêlent plutôt bien.
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le 9 juillet 2013
It was a second hand book and it wasn't in good shape as it was written. However, this is a very nice novel and the author is great.
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