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Now, Voyager [VHS]
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le 1 mai 2005
Over all this reminded me of a one liner in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" (1966) where Hero says," For us there will never be happiness." Philia replies," We must learn to be happy without it."
This is not as dark as "Dark Victory" (1939). But it is just as intense. And there is no way that you will get me to mention ""Don't ask for the moon--we have the stars" in this review. What makes the movie so intriguing is that you can recognize the characters in real life. I think one of the shockers for me was when Charlotte Vale was forced to remove her eye glasses to find she did not need them. I tried it my self and could not see a thing. Of course by this time most viewers have their glasses off by this time and tissues on their eyes.
See Paul Henreid just as intense as Henry in "Between Two Worlds (1944)"
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