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le 4 mars 2014
This sequel to Outview takes up the story, with Nathan and his brother Dustin having escaped from federal agents following Nathan's discovery of his supernatural powers and that his father had been murdered by the government. He is given a picture of the near future by his Future Self in which two of his best friends (or, more aptly, girlfriends), Amber and Linh, are dead, Dustin has disappeared, their mother been arrested, and a terrorist outrage committed within a mall which is attributed to Nathan and Dustin. They have to change that future. We are then led by the author through a brilliantly-woven environment of multiple universes and possible destinies in which Nathan and company must tread carefully in order to achieve their goals; Nathan has to try to map out a different path into the future, resulting in constantly-shifting possible future scenarios and outcomes, in his attempt to construct a different resolution. The story is full of scintillating action, shape-shifting, levitation, time-travel, mysterious objects such as the gold box retrieved from Nathan's father's desk, and a number of fearsome battles as Nathan and the Movement are pitted against the secret organization, Lightyear, and its leader, Luther Storch. As Nathan and Dustin step through time portal after time portal, and journey to different versions of the future in the attempt to change its course, we are told they are a couple of teenagers engaged in a life-and-death struggle against the "military-industrial-complex". The story is full of surprising twists and turns, especially towards the end in terms of who might not be who they seem to be, and we are left in suspense for the sequel, Outmove. Definitely one not to be missed.
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le 6 novembre 2013
The spectacular ride that began in Outview continues in Outin, and it becomes even more exhilarating. Nate is still being hunted by Lightyear, and he is faced with predictions of horrifying events for the future that he must try to prevent. The future is constantly changing with every decision, and his life and the lives of many others, including his friends', depend upon the choices they make.

Nate also enters Outin for the first time, an amazing different dimension that is unlike anything you could ever imagine existing in our physical world. It is truly breathtaking. Legg uses words to paint a magnificent picture of Outin just as he does when describing the beauty that is on earth in our dimension.

With the help of mystics and others in the Inner Movement, Nate tries to escape the grasp of Lightyear, while attempting to plan out how they can take it down. The story is intense, and there are some unexpected events and surprising revelations. Meanwhile, Nate is discovering more soul powers and is learning more about his past lives that may help the Inner Movement. And I kept wondering who Nate is meant to be with: Amber or Linh? Personally, I've been hoping it's Linh...

The most pressing theme that I noticed in this book asks the question: can evil be stopped without using violence? In the real world, I don't believe that is possible. But perhaps, in Nate's world, it is.

I am dying to know what is going to happen in the next book!
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le 16 octobre 2013
"Outin" by Brandt Legg is the second in his inner Movement trilogy (or maybe series?) and another fascinating blend of sci-fi / fantasy novel with paranormal and spiritual components.
The story picks up where the first book ended. Nate, his brother and friends are still on the run from Lightyear and on their journey are helped by many helpful mystics. In this book their first escape brings them through a portal to the dimension of Outin, a magical realm.
Several mystics or sages explain Nate about the dimensions, the concept of time and many new age/ spiritual / esoteric concepts that are nowadays becoming increasingly popular and part of many people's believe system. Legg does an excellent job at explaining these concepts and uses them to bring relevance to the plot. I found these parts particularly interesting and well written, although depending on each reader's believe system some concepts will be perceived as fantasy (which also works well).
Again, there is a fascinating blend of philosophy, dystopian elements and some thrilling action. Written for young adults this instalment has a smoother flow and benefits from the establishment of the characters and the concept in the first book.
Legg is more playful in this novel with his incredibly imaginative and magic world creation. I hope many young and older readers will dive into the story and take to heart the many wise observations and rather encouraging messages that are woven into the dialogue and the character development.
Most of all however this is a very entertaining story which sadly will be concluded in the next instalments and for now leaves us with an open ending
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le 15 octobre 2013
"Outin" by Brandt Legg is the second in his inner Movement trilogy and I can't wait for the third one. This is another fascinating blend of sci-fi/fantasy novel.
We pick up where the first book ended. Can Nate defeat the most powerful government and military the world has ever known with peace and love?

The portal opened onto the dark beach and Wandus greeted Nate and in his wonderful voice the reader can really hear his words of wisdom. "You have journeyed long since we last met, my friend. To death and back, to love and betrayal, anger and elation, peaceful victory and violent defeat... yes, you are old in your eyes now." I feel old. I'm lost and confused." He smiled. That is when the greatest treasures are closest." Like many of the mystics who are wise and grand in this book, Wandus is a favorite of mine.

Legg is so imaginative and the windows into other dimensions are exciting and filled with so many creative futures and many things can go wrong. There are many great characters that are fully developed, whether loved or hated, they all compliment each other. Each alternate future holds keys to solving who is Lightyear? I hope many readers of all ages will read this story with many encouraging messages that are throughout both books. Begin with Book 1 "Outview" it sets the stage. I can't wait for book three as an old favorite enters again. Yay Rose!

I received this copy for an honest review and as with the first book I loved it! 5 stars and impatiently waiting for Book 3
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le 15 octobre 2013
I was give a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Having read the first instalment of this trilogy, I was eagerly anticipating this second novel and it certainly didn't fail to build on the brilliance of the first.
Continuing the exciting but intense journey of Nate, this book is a must read if you enjoy thrilling, fast-paced action. This story drew me painlessly through the pages as I eagerly followed the fantasy and danger faced by Nate.
The previous book was excellent and this continues as brilliantly with new characters as well as old favourites in cleverly described settings.
Having now completed two of the three I can't wait to read the final book in this fantasy series.
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le 21 octobre 2013
Outin (The Inner Movement)

I was give a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

After reading the superb first book by Legg- thoughts, hopes and ideas are in place for a great second novel. The second book Outin meets all expectations and reaches beyond- fantastic!

Fans of the first book in the series need to pick up this thrilling read. The story is full to the brim with adventure, mysticism and spiritual undertones. Readers will be gripped to the pages and intrigued as the tale develops.

Again, great characters with a mix of magic, suspense, fantasy and plot twists.

Highly recommended 5*****
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le 14 octobre 2013
Outin is the sequel to Outview and is the second in Legg's trilogy. This spiritual/sci-fi/fantasy novel continues on where Outview left off. We follow Nate and his brother as they are on the run while trying to prevent a disaster of epic proportions all while trying to save those closest to them. Legg's maturity as an author is evident in Outin as the sequel flows even better than the first. Legg will continue to draw you into his world of new age/spiritual concepts. I look forward to reading, what I fear will be, the final installment in this series. I am intrigued to find out what Legg has planned for his next project.
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le 16 octobre 2013
A great second installment from author Brandt Legg, writer of 'Outview.' This book continues the adventures of Nate and Yangchen and the story of the Movement. The book is about young adults but can be enjoyed by all ages. It neatly intersects sci-fi, adventure and paranormal and is a very well-written and compelling story. Brandt Legg has improved on his impressive debut and should only continue to flourish as an author. Recommended.
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le 17 octobre 2013
After thoroughly enjoying 'Outview (The Inner Movement) Book 1' I couldn't not read 'Outlin'. This is a great continuation of what's building up to be a classic fantasy series. 'Outlin' starts directly where 'Outview' left off and hurtles you along the story. Again filled with wonderful characters and great spiritual and fantasy concepts 'Outlin' leaves you gasping for air and eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment.
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