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le 1 décembre 2013
This is the third novel in the Inner Movement series. Lightyear was just a division of Omnia, and in this book, we find out more about Omnia and how evil and powerful they really are and have been throughout history. I was eager to read this to see whether or not Nate and his allies would be able to defeat Omnia. There were so many odds against them. What makes things even worse for them is the Inner Force, a faction of the Inner Movement, who believes that violence is the only way to stop Omnia. In many ways, they are almost as dangerous as Omnia itself.

Omnia has taken over, and people are being unjustly imprisoned, sent away, and killed. There are some horrifying moments in this story, particularly when Nate visits another dimension called Carst. As with the last two books, there are several exciting scenes that will keep you glued to the pages.

So many questions that you have probably had since the beginning of the series will be answered in this book. I kept wondering what exactly the Jadeo was and who Nate was really meant to be with.... And if you were curious about the dark mystic, then you will finally get to meet him.

This is a really fascinating series that does not disappoint. If you have already read the first two books, you definitely won't want to miss reading this one!
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le 30 octobre 2013
Note: this is the third book in the series. To avoid possible spoilers, check out Outview (The Inner Movement) and Outin (The Inner Movement) books first.

"Outmove" picks up the story of Nate Ryder and the spiritual "Awakening" of the Human race some time after the dramatic ending of the "Outin." He is almost nineteen, he is the formal leader of the Movement, that since "had grown into a worldwide revolution," and his life has never been more complicated.

Lightyear, the organization that has been hunting Nate and his friends in the previous book, has been defeated, its leader, Luther Storch, dead. The victory came with a price of many deaths and losses, and brought new problems: "Lightyear had just been a tiny division in an organization old with power, deep with connections and stunning in its coldness and greed--Omnia." The conspiracy Nate has been fighting against became a full-blown worldwide takeover by this ancient power broker.

With its almost limitless resources, Omnia can seemingly counter most anything Nate and his merry band of mystics and awakened can come up with. What is worse, the Movement is split into two factions: the main one, that takes the path of non-violence, and the Inner Force, the violent faction within the Movement, that holds to the idea that ends justify the means.

"Outmove", the third novel in the "The Inner Movement" series, is much more action-filled than the two previous books. There are narrow escapes, prison breaks, plane chases, you name it. The battles are fought across times and dimensions, between the multiple incarnations of the same souls; the multiple possibilities of the outcomes become the prize. This is also where it gets pretty trippy. Even if you have been following in amazement the complex weave of metaphysical into the nature of reality in the two previous books, this one beats them all. Death is no longer the thing to fear, it's just a transition. Except for one possible death, Nate's. If he is to die in this incarnation, on this earthly plane the "Awakening" will fail. Nate "was king, bishop, knight and pawn in a multi-dimensional chess game that would decide the fate of humanity."

Some of this book reminds me of the Zelazny's novels. The handling of multiple realities inside a single narrative is a tough thing to do, but Brandt Legg does it pretty darn well. A few parts really stand out: the President Taft bit was brilliant, for example.

There is also a tighter integration of the spiritual and such concepts as personal and societal freedoms, population control by the powers to be, public opinion, etc., in this novel. As things come to a boil, and the shadowy forces make their move, we can see that those little parts of our freedoms we give up right now in exchange for security are not so little after all, they are simply a first step that leads to loosing more and more of our freedoms down the road. Our belief that "If you aren't hiding anything, you don't need privacy. You only need your right to privacy if you have something to hide," is a group complacency born out of fear, passivity, and lack of information. "Outmove" makes this point rather clearly.

"Outmove" is a fast-moving yet thoughtful read. As always, it will appeal to the New Age crowd; however, with this installment, it will find a much larger audience among those readers who prefer to think for themselves. Recommended.
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le 28 octobre 2013
I love Brandt Legg's books and was thrilled when I saw that his next novel was finally out! If you have never read any of his work, you're in for a real treat!!! "Outmove" is the third exciting novel in Brandt Legg's series (the previous two books are "Outview" and "Outin"). In this third book, Nate, the protagonist, becomes the leader of the revolutionary movement against the dark forces of Omnia. He's wiser and stronger now, but he still needs to get advice from four more mystics to complete his quest. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But that's just the beginning.

What I love about Brandt Legg's books is the deeper level of thinking and deeper issues that he invites us to explore, all in a very easy-to-read and entertaining way. "What if?" and other hypothetical questions are always fun ones to ponder, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do that when you read this book. What are the best ways to drive innovation? What societal structures are most conducive to innovative thinking? How does money affect societies? What could the alchemists really accomplish? And why didn't JP Morgan board the Titanic, like he was supposed to? And this is just a quick little sampling of the kinds of things this book will make you think about. What a fantastic journey!

The nature of creativity, spiritual understanding of the world, material advancement vs. preservation of old traditions, reincarnation, free will - all these are issues that Nate has to deal with as he pursues his quest. As a reader, you will be right there with him. And like, Nate after the first two books (no, no spoiler here about how this book ends!!!), you will emerge a wiser person. Highly recommended.
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le 26 octobre 2013
"Outmove" by Brandt Legg is the third in his inspired series about the battle between good and evil and between the material and the spiritual world.
In a unique blend of magic, mysticism, fantasy, spirituality and action adventure the book follows a group of young people who are members of the Inner Movement, a group that strives to bring piece and harmony to the world. Their enemy is Omnia, an evil organisation that tries to control the world and which has done so through the times.
In this amazing world that Legg has created we are jumping through times and dimension portals. The group needs to step up their game against Omnia with its new technologies and advances, i.e. the discovery of a Soul Code. Outmove, the concept of this title, is the name for this step forward of the group, an action of faith and one of the soul.
The book reflects much of actual spiritual teachings about the power of the mind, purity of the soul and concepts such as reincarnations and it uses them in a story of bravery and adventure. The actual story takes us through time, e.g. to the time of the sinking of the Titanic, and it mostly concerns the hunt for Jadeo, a sacred box that has importance to the movement.
Full of evil and inspired characters the book is not just spiritual but also great fun and very entertaining in its adventure part.
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le 27 mars 2014
Outmove (The Inner Movement) Book 3 by Brandt Legg

Verified purchase on amazon.co.uk

Another great novel from Legg - A spectacular finale to top the first two metaphysical books. Gripping adventure tales and characters that live in a surreal but very real fantasy world.

The story is very well paced and the character development is exceptionally well thought out throughout the novel. I really enjoyed the book and the way the author displays his writing craft by letting the words and ideas freely bounce off the pages, pulling the reader into his tale.

Maybe the interesting thoughts, which the reader is left with from all Legg's works is the possibility that these things could actually happen. An alternative reality may exist, just waiting to be revealed as you open your mind. Nate will take you on an experience you will never forget.

A super series for all lovers of fantasy/new age books. Really looking forward to more books from this author.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone that wants to get lost in an alternative reality.

A truly amazing 5*****
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le 31 octobre 2013
Nate Ryder, and the world wide movement of spiritual awakening that he heads, confront a larger and even more powerful sinister organization, Omnia, in this, the third climactic volume in the Inner Movement series. The fast paced action has also been racheted up a few notches.

Excitement and surprises show up around every corner and the twisty plot involves more than one interesting science fiction idea, including questions about the nature of time, reality, free will, and good and evil.

But to get the most out of this wild ride, you really need to read the other two books in this series first: Outview (The Inner Movement) and Outin (The Inner Movement).
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le 30 janvier 2014
As the final instalment in The Inner Movement trilogy, Outmove lives up to expectations.

The reader hits the ground running as the book opens and continues at break-neck speed. The familiar and realistic figure of Nate brings a humanity to a futuristic world where travel through time and space occurs.

Nate's adventure is fraught with danger and those close to him share his feelings of danger and fear. The emotional side to this novel helps to involve the reader and creates an empathy for these travels which appear so alien to us in isolation.

The ending was unexpected but is fitting, cleverly mastered as is the rest of this thrilling trilogy.
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le 27 octobre 2013
Outmove proves to be the climax of a series of shocking yet entertaining adventures in a realm that isn't here and now. If you've followed Brandt Legg from 'Outview' to 'Outin', you'll already be excited about this 3rd instalment in the Inner Movement series. This is where the real adventure begins...

If this is the first time you're reading Brandt Legg, then get prepared to have your mind blown away because you're about to delve into a dangerous world that feels realer than your own very existence!
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le 26 octobre 2013
The third instalment of Brandt Legg's thrilling Inner Movement trilogy doesn't disappoint. Filled with adventure and well rounded characters, "Outmove" takes us on a spiritual journey through time. A wonderful climax to a gripping trilogy as we follow the members of The Inner Movement as they battle against the evil organisation "Omnia". Beautifully written and packed with unique concepts and riveting action "Outmove" should not be missed.
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le 23 avril 2015
A lire sans hésiter. J'ai dévoré les 3 tomes en un rien de temps. La fin, ou ce début comme c'est écrit, donne envie qu'il y en ait encore plein d'autres. Les personnages sont attachants, on ne veut plus les quitter.
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