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4,8 sur 5 étoiles23
4,8 sur 5 étoiles
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le 10 juillet 2014
La serie des OutXXX m'a emballé, je l'ai dévorée sans difficulté et avec grand plaisir. Beaucoup de rythme et d'imagination.
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le 4 novembre 2013
***** Wow! I was blown away!!

Frankly, I am usually not a paranormal kind of person; that genre seems to go in one ear and out the other. Imagine my surprise when I started reading Brandt Legg’s Outview and was totally hooked from beginning to end!
I am, however, a sucker for great characters I can relate to, and this author certainly does not disappoint. Enter Nate, a teenager experiencing repeatedly violent visions/dreams and worrying he’s going insane. Added to the mix is a beloved dead father, a distant mother, a brother who’s been committed to a mental institution, two Vietnamese-born best friends, and a fatherly neighbor, Sam. Totally believable and, in the case of his best friends, extremely likeable, this cast instantly helps draw the reader into Nate’s life. More and more, Nate discovers that not only is he not insane, he actually possesses mystical powers. Now, normally, this is the point where I would jump off, but not so in this book, because the way these Buddhist-like, reincarnation-oriented powers are explained and demonstrated is totally authentic and plausible. Now, that takes talent!
In short, this book grabbed me—Legg’s beautiful, movie-like descriptions of different time-traveling, portal-based lands were wonderful; his philosophical take on the evils of corporate and political greed and power, riveting and spot-on, and his basic storytelling outstanding. A true, 5 star recommended read!

S. R. Mallery, author
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le 2 décembre 2013
This was a very entertaining book on many levels, following a teenager grappling with all the trials and tribulations of growing up mixed in with the fear of madness as new found psychic abilities reveal themselves. The concepts of reincarnation and destiny are things many of us think about and this makes Outview an absorbing and fascinating read, made all the more real by the unwanted excursions the lead character is forced to make into some of the horrors of his past lives. This is a very well-thought out, well-written work that balances sophisticated ideas into a page-turning story that adults as well as teenagers can relate to. A deserved 5 stars!
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le 23 octobre 2013
I bought this book from another retailer and enjoyed it so much that I felt compelled to leave a review here also. Outview is a riveting story of the personal journey of a young hero whose world turned around in a sweeping revelation of a paranormal life and destiny he could only have imagined after the death of his father. In this revealing, magic-woven, fantastical fiction that I could almost relate to, Brandt Legg takes us to a whole new dimension of time-travel, mystery and the haunting demons of a past life that your young hero could only have imagined in so real a world. I can say how much I enjoyed this story. Recommended!
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le 9 décembre 2013
Outview is fast paced great book. It has one of the best beginnings I've ever read and the whole book is just awesome. It's a young adult story but I think everybody could read and enjoy it.
It's full of twists and turns, the plot is wonderful and I had to read all at once the last one hundred pages.
The characters are vivid and complex, especially Nate, who really jumps out of the book. In some parts I felt like everything was true and that was not just fiction.
It's a highly recommended read.
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le 11 novembre 2013
It's a good thing I read this on a holiday weekend so I can still get some work done at home! I could not stop reading this well-written book by Brandt Legg. I enjoy reading books that tap my senses and this does it. There were times I felt I was actually in the scene and I was lost in imagination. Nate's episodes are intriguing and deep to say the least. I would highly recommend this wonderful read to teens and adults. 5-Stars and more.
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le 10 avril 2015
Several years after his father died from an unexpected heart attack, sixteen year old Nathan Ryder started having “outivews”, living traumatic, painful deaths of people from the past. Fearing for his sanity, not wanting to end up in a mental institution like his older brother Dustin, Nate keeps his problem a secret, until the “outviews” start happening during the day. He finally decides to let his best friends, Kyle and Linh, in on his secret. Between them, they start unraveling the truth about the “outviews” and the death of Nate’s father. Was it a heart attack, or murder? Unknowingly, their search into the truth alerts a government agency, and now they’re running for their lives, trying to stay alive. But all they want is Nathan, because he’s one of the Seven.

The plot of this wonderfully written story resonates in my inner being, as I’ve always believed in reincarnation and the mental abilities that we, as humans, have forgotten in our pursuit of greed and power. I’m not sure I believe in multiple incarnations at the same time, but who knows; maybe I’ve run across myself before and never knew it. I do know that my late husband and I shared several past lives together.

Between a budding love interest, betrayal by a trusted friend and the relentless pursuit of the government, this story kept me very involved. I loved all the unique characters Nathan met in his search for who he really is and what abilities he possesses. This is the first book in the series and it ended with me wanting to know more. If you love young adult stories, with a mixture of paranormal and intrigue, this book is for you. I give it 5 feathers.
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le 16 octobre 2013
"Outview (The Inner Movement)" by Brandt Legg is a book that works on many different levels.
It concerns mostly two teenagers, one of them in a mental institution, and his brother in the 'real' world.
Kept apart by their mother they manage to connect and start to uncover family secrets.
Book one in the trilogy shows them coming into their own, fighting for survival and growing in their personal power and awareness.

However, this book has much more to offer than the coming of age part and the action.
Disguised in the shape of fantasy and science fiction elements in this novel I recognise many modern spiritual, esoteric and supernatural concepts, explained to the youngsters by more experienced ones, giving the small picture a wider dimension.
Re-incarnation, psychic powers and astral travel, to name a few, are integral part of the story and influence the personal development and growth of our protagonists.

I am personally quite open to some of these concepts and so I found it very easy to relate to the characters and the story - which in itself also reads like a good fantasy thriller. Whether you see the concepts as real or only as mythical and slightly philosophical fantasy part of the story, they lend the characters additional depth and make the story more magical.
Awareness, good and evil and wisdom are basic concepts that everyone can relate to, whether they are supernatural or instinctive.

The trilogy has the potential of classics, such as the Celestine Prophecy or Conversations with God, only the book is more entertaining and can be seen as pure entertainment, too. The story ends rather abrupt and will be continued in the next book, which I already downloaded onto my kindle, eager to see where the story is leading
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le 21 octobre 2013
An imaginative and intriguing novel which will pull you right into the pages.

Great plot twists and turns have been created which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The characters are super in this well-paced metaphysical thriller.

Legg certainly has shown the capacity to craft a great page-turner- you will be gripped to this fantasy adventure.

Superb- well worth a look! 5*****
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le 29 mars 2015
I bought this book because the cover is pretty. As some can tell from my reviews, I can be a little shallow about that--not that I avoid books with bad covers like the plague or anything, but I do use the cover often as a tool to judge how I think about the book before reading it. And, well, this cover made me think it would be an atmospheric read. And I was right. The cover conveys the sense of a visionary author, and the storytelling delivers us just that. The descriptive passages were full of life, and yet, it's worth noting that the author doesn't slow the story down. He's succinct and lets his carefully selected words and beautifully crafted sentences do the work.

I absolutely loved the way this story is hinged on a powerful secret left in the hands of a teen boy. More powerful people than him don't like that very much! There's a lot of mystery swirling about, and if Nate wants to save his brother, solving that mystery is going to be an important task to accomplish. There are so many surprising twists in this story, and I enjoyed every one of them. I recommend this book for young adults and everyone who enjoys reading young adult books :)
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