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le 16 août 2014
This is a great combo set. The parenting book is so down to earth and practical, reality based. It provides parents with very useful, actionable tips. There are some that are obvious, but in my experience as a parent, it is the obvious tips that somehow escape our awareness most easily.

There are many clever, outside of the box, ideas. On the whole, these ideas, tips, tricks and techniques are appropriate for any age group. The kids' book, Ducky Duck, was very cute. It had a good moral to the story: Love yourself for who you are.

It is surprising how much good this can do if children learn to do this at an early age. It would surely make life much more enjoyable for everyone. As for the text itself, it is very catchy. This will help to not only attract and keep any child's attention, but also transfer the information into long term memory. In my opinion, this is a great buy for parents and grandparents alike.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of How to Coach A Debate Team
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