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le 19 mars 2012
Le texte est très bien écrit, donc agréable à lire, l'histoire est belle et donne un vrai aperçu des peuples vivant en Afghanistan, tout en mêlant une pointe d'histoire. Un très beau livre pour ceux aimant les voyages
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le 5 juillet 2007
"Man how you could leh she tek dem way?"
""How you mean I leh she Jeffrey?
"Chicken you believe this man! How I could leh she tek them way as if I could stop she. I only ten years old! She nearly twice my age and twice my size."

Over the years there has been as expansion of Caribbean authors, and we hope to see more of their work published. Melanie Springer was new to me but her novel has so impressed me and kept me on the edge of my seat as I waited to see what was happening next.
A colourful portrait of our island Barbados in the summertime at one of the busiest seasons of the year, and that is obviously, The Crop Over Festival. Melanie in a class of her own and in novel Pearl, you will see as she entertains you with great humour, heart-beating suspense and at times an overwhelming of sadness for some of the characters dear and not-so-dear characters.
As in most West Indian societies the young boys in their teen like to tease the older girls as they are growing up and allowed to wear more sophisticated clothes if you want to call it that or special attire in the form of what is new on the market. Pearl became a victim after being laughed at by her brother and his friends and anything she did. They were always making fun of her but she had the upper hand on them, and she let them know that she was going to report their bad behaviour to their elders. Frightened the boys Omar, Chicken and Jeffery got jittery and started making some plans to work some 'obeah' or witchcraft on her.
It is long before Pearl one day is found in her bed by Omar, but she does not budge. While the festivities of Bridgetown Market, Party Monarch at Cattlewash Cohoblopot and even Kadooment are in full swing Pearl is still in that bed in the same position. I do not want to spoil the story for you by saying much more, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed as you read on to the last page.
Reviewed by Heather Marshall Negahdar BARBADOS
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