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Polar H2 Emetteur avec élastique femme Noir

de Polar
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  • Dimensions du produit: 12,7 x 10,2 x 5,1 cm
  • Pile(s) / Batterie(s) : 1 Lithium Metal - incluse(s)
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Étanche - tissu doux - attache par crochet - compatible tous produits Polar

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HASH(0x99ff9f3c) étoiles sur 5 Works with everything Easy use and cleaning 10 octobre 2013
Par Rolf E. Carson - Publié sur
Taille: M-XXLCouleur: Noir Achat vérifié
This works reliably with every machine I could find in the military base gymn I use. I tested it with Lifefitness machines, Precor EFX, Cybex Arc 750A and Arc 750AT (my personal favorite for no injury HIIT), Nautilus Stairmaster. The battery in the H1 lasts longer, but the H2 puts out a stronger signal and every machine I have used it with picks up within 10 seconds.

Band adjustment is simple. Simple maintenance:Remove the sensor unit (snaps on/off), rinse lightly and dry, rinse the strap off and hang up to dry. If you are doing serious cardio, or especially if you are doing High Intensity Intervals/Tantrum training, this is a must to avoid injury.

The price is right and it sure is nice not having to grab some awkward sensor handles to get your heart rate readout.

Update 10-10-2013: I used this today with my favorite Cybex Arc 750AT for an hour of steady 160 BPM. Now I have another reason to love the Arc, unlike many other machines, it adjusts within about 10 seconds to changes in your heartrate in programs that require a sensor strap. This new H2 did not drop the readout at all through the entire workout. I will continue updating my experiences with this unit.

Update 10-14-2013: The gymn just got new Stairmaster Stepmill 5 machines this weekend. These have more programs than any machine I have used. The H2 works well with these too.

Update 12-22-2013: I just love this product. I normally do HIIT and other intense cardio 5-6 days a week and this has really helped me track my workouts and progress. My 100% is supposed to be 173 but I exceed that in my HIIT routinely and hit a peak of 187 last week in 3 of my 14 intervals. If you are doing workouts this intense--you had better have an accurate HR readout and this does it. BTW, if you are are calculating your initial 100% HR, the Karvonen method is best. As you progress from there, calculate and track your Recovery Rate and reset your 100% HR from there. LiveStrong has great information on this and important cardio training information.

Update 10-29-2013: My gymn just received new Precor AMT (Alternative Motion Trainers) and I used one yesterday--it picks up the H2 signal immediately. I also tested with the Lifefitness 95T treadmill and found no problems there.

Update 12-27-2013:Wow have I been using this HR belt! I usually do 5 days of High Intensity Interval Training, 1 day of steady state and 3 days of weights. Usually I do no less than 8-12 long intervals (3-4 minutes & 2 minutes resting in between). I have maxed my HR out at 187 last week. Yesterday I did 12 4/2 minute intervals and hit 183 twice over the course of an 1 hour & 10 min. Today I did 15 3/2 min intervals and hit only 181. If you look up the Insanity workout you will see that is similar in terms of pushing your HR to very high levels for extended periods, however, that program includes shorter break periods. From my readings I have learned that your HR going down from max is where one derives the benefits--hence my longer rest breaks to allow my HR to get down to 120-130 before hitting it again. I am having to push harder every week to get my HR up in the 180+ zone. ****It is critical**** that you be aware of your cardiac health condition prior to doing this extreme type of cardio! It has taken me over 6 months to get to this point. You should establish your max HR according to this newer formula: "A revised formula for max heart rate comes from the journal "Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise" from May of 2007. The authors believe that this formula results in a more accurate maximum heart rate than the linear 220-age formula. They state that "maximum heart rate = 206.9 - (0.67 x age)."

Once you have started your program, I recommend using the Karvonen formula of finding your HR Zones: Max heart rate(MHR) - resting heart rate(RHR) = heart rate reserve(HRR)
(HRR * training%) + RHR = Training target heart rate

In any case, you will get much better results from your fitness program on the cardio side by having accurate HR readouts that this H2 provides. And if you are doing extreme workouts, it will keep you safer knowing your correct HR at any given moment. You will be really amazed what your body can do if you keep at it. Finally, this belt works with HR signal readouts to any of Polar's FT series of HR/Fitness watches.

I am now working at such a high cardio level that I am using the Cybex Arc 750AT exclusively. The effort required to reach my 100% keeps going up. Yesterday I worked 4 minutes up/2 minutes down starting @ 170 watts and ending up @ 210 watts after an hour (10 intervals) with my HR hitting 176 during my final work period. I finished 15 minutes later with 1520 calories and a steady incline of 20 (maxed out). Today was my 3 min up/2 min down day and I finished with 1560 burned. This machine goes up to 750 watts (crazy!). I tried 400 watts @ 150 RPM for a minute in my final interval and went from 128 to 173 HR in a minute. Now that is some panting at the end. I completed 1424 cal in an hour for my steady state day last Saturday. I think I may be able to hit 1500 this coming Saturday. Needless to say, my legs are starting to bulge:-) In any case, it bears repeating that if you are going to workout this hard, you had better be watching your heart rate closely. This HR belt has been wonderful for me.

Have continued pushing my limits--even going up to 500 watts on the Arc Trainer for 30 seconds a couple times. My routine has grown to this point--alternating 1 day 3 minutes up 2 minutes down each successive interval going up 5 watts starting at 170 watts and ending up at 225 watts and around 174-178 HR and ~150 RPM in the up section/80 watts in the down. After an hour of that I do 2 minutes @ 275, 1 minute 350, 45 seconds @ 400 or more typically ending with an hour and 15 minutes total time and around 1500 calories or so. The next day I use 4 minutes up and 2 minutes down with a steady 185 watts during up and again 80 watts in the down. On the upside my HR in this mode might hit a max of 174-176. After an hour of that I do a couple lower interval sets to cool down, typically at 170 watts. I have yet to exceed my 1 hour steady state record of 1424 in an hour--I really should be able to hit somewhere over 1500 in an hour without pushing too hard. Will see what happens this coming Saturday.

***The readout from the H2 has started jumping around for about the first 5-10 minutes now--until I start getting good and sweaty (my shirt is totally soaked after an hour fifteen. I have tried wetting the back of the strap as best I can before starting, but this makes no difference in the settling down time. It is possible that the strap is to blame--part of the rubbery material is separating on the back of the strap to one side of the backside of where the module snaps to it. I might get another strap to see if that helps--if not, I might put in for a replacement under warranty. In either case, I will continue to post updates here.

Replacing the strap took care of the heartrate readout jumping around. It has now been well over a month that I have been hitting the gym at 0430 when it opens. I am still maintaining the same routine and consistently averaging over 1500 calories before I hit the weights. I still have 25 pounds to go. The key to reaching your goal--whatever it is--is mental discipline to do it though you do not feel like it. That is the one thing that made the difference for me. I also have concluded that monitoring your heartrate during cardio is the very best way to measure your progress.

This HR monitor is still working just fine--still going to the gym at 0430. However, my weight loss has slowed down now that I am bulking up with heavy sets. It sure is something though fitting into a 15-year old suit and having it fit perfectly except for a tight fit across the chest. I am thinking of getting the FT75 to go with this. Keep on pushing yourself--you can do it!

I am still experiencing steady improvement in my fitness and the H2 is still working fine. This last weekend I achieved a new high of 2037 calories during 96 minutes on the Arc 750AT. I have now also ramped up my 4-minute interval day to 190 watts for the up cycle. My floor is still 1500 cal before hitting the weights circuit anywhere from 4-6 days a week. I have gained quite a bit of muscle weight which is why I still am sitting at around 225 weight. Once the warranty runs out, I will get a new battery in this monitor unit--HR monitoring is crucial for me in the cardio section.

After just over 2 years of serious use I just changed the battery. I expected that process to be more difficult as described by other users. It was quite simple. Just search YouTube and you will find videos of the procedure. Here are some useful tips: Adjusting the band for correct fit and tension for good contact is critical for an accurate readout. Thoroughly wetting the back of band where it contacts your chest beneath the sensor area is essential. Proper placement high up enough on your chest is crucial too. Once in a while you need to wash the band in cold water. I normally only thoroughly rinse the band after use and hang it up to dry and wash it every few weeks. On another note--one of the regular gym ladies just commented to me as I walked past her, "It's working!" Be consistent and make plenty of excuses to go work out--you will get results!

An important note for those of you that may experience inconsistent HR readouts--use plenty of water to wet the back prior to your workout and you will have no more problems with the readout. Since I just purchased a Bluetooth headset to use with my phone for music during my workout, I discovered that use of the headset precludes the readout from this strap. Just use a wired headset and you will have no issues.

My H2 HR monitor is still working as well as ever. Meanwhile, I am now regularly doing 78 minutes total of cardio work on the Cybex Arc 750AT--my normal base is over 1600 calories and I am on my way below 220. Today, actually yesterday (night shift in the NOC), I did 19 intervals total--3 minutes up--as high as 169 HR and down to 122 or below in about a minute. If you are really doing serious cardo work and especially intervals/tantrums to very high HR levels it is important to closely track your HR via an accurate method. I am 52 now and I can hardly believe how far I have come. This H2 has been simply invaluable in my cardio program and that has helped boost my weight training/strength training.

11-17-2015 Gym personnel just brought in new Arc Trainer 770A/ATs! Can hardly wait to use these--they go up to 900 watts! One of the workouts available on this machine increases resistance as you increase speed. I will also check out some other new machines they have in here and try the H2 with those. The one continuing issue I have is that I cannot use my bluetooth headphones and the H2 at the same time. When using the H2 I must use wired headphones which is a bit of a bother. I continue to be surprised how few of the serious gym rats here use HR monitors. I will report back on my results with some the new machines and the Arc 770.
10 internautes sur 11 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99ffb174) étoiles sur 5 Works with True PS850 treadmill 24 décembre 2012
Par I'm Batman - Publié sur
Taille: M-XXLCouleur: Noir Achat vérifié
Contrary to what the unhelpful tech support staff at True Fitness told me, this heart rate transmitter works flawlessly with the True PS850 treadmill and is much more comfortable than the Polar T31 heart rate transmitter that True Fitness recommends you use.
8 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99ffb588) étoiles sur 5 Solid Polar HRM replacement sensor 28 février 2013
Par Tom - Publié sur
Taille: M-XXLCouleur: Noir Achat vérifié
I purchased the H2 to replaced a strap/sensor that quit working after 6 years of pretty regular use. The H2 worked without any setup with my Polar F11 HRM. I went with the H2 because according to Polar's website, the H2 is compatible will all Polar products. The H1 would probably have been fine, but I also like to use the strap/sensor at the gym on various aerobic equipment and wanted to cover that usage. In this respect, the H2 has been quite good, working on treadmills, elliptical trainers, and a rowing machine at my gym. These sensor is also immediately registering HR where my older strap often needed 5 to 10 minutes before it "settled down."

I have noticed that there seems to be a period after about 40 - 45 mins of use where the signal seems to be lost by gym equipment (but not my older F11 watch). Then, after 5 mins or so, the equipment picks up a signal again. Maybe this is a positioning/sweat issue. This is only an issue because when I'm using the strap on treadmills and elliptical trainers, I'm usually using it so that the machine will adjust elevation, level, or speed to maintain a desired heart rate. So its kind of a pain to forget about it, then realize I'm 20 beats below what I was intending.

Hopefully the strap will be remotely durable like my old one, but even at half the life, if the strap continues to work with all the gym gear and when running, it will be a bargain.
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99ffb4f8) étoiles sur 5 Very stable 6 avril 2013
Par okmen - Publié sur
Taille: M-XXLCouleur: Noir Achat vérifié
A perfect upgrade to the old HR belt.
I have not once experienced any HR drop during my running which use to happen a lot with old version.. Would recommend for sure
4 internautes sur 4 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
HASH(0x99ffb564) étoiles sur 5 Polar 2013 H2 Heart Rate Sensor Polar 15 juillet 2013
Par Diego A. Romero Quintero - Publié sur
Taille: M-XXLCouleur: Noir
More comfortable and better fit, do not requires water for contact of sensors. Better transmission and range without interruption providing more movement freedom.
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