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Le « Roman Republican Legionary 298-105 BC » de Nic Fields, illustré par huit planches originales de Seán Ó'Brógáin, s’attache aux légions manipulaires classiques, celles qui ont vaincu les Samnites, les Carthaginois et les armées des royaumes hellénistiques.

Il est question d’organisation, d’équipement, d’entraînement mais aussi de techniques de combat et de ravitaillement en campagne. Un Osprey classique et de qualité.
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le 16 août 2015
The perfect companion for all military history enthusiasts is: THE ROMA VICTRIX WINE BEAKER Calix Imperium, Coupe à vin en étain ROMA VICTRIX

This latest offering from Osprey covers the Roman legionary from the Camillan reforms, following Rome's defeat in the Third Samnite War, to the reforms of Marius, following the Jugurthan War. Or put another way, the legionary who fought some of the most well-known battles in history--Trebbia, Cannae and Zama--which expanded the influence of Rome into Greece, Spain and the Middle East. Those looking for a history of the conflicts themselves will have to look elsewhere; this book concentrates on the men on the front-lines.

Warrior books have a fairly standard layout. There is a chronology of the period with chapters on "Recruitment and Training", "Organization", "Equipment and Appearance", "On Campaign", "Experience of Battle" and of course a "Glossary" and "Bibliography". This title also has a short chapter on the "Origins of the Manipular Legion".

I like Dr. Fields writing style and his practical scholarship. It's crisp and clear and whilst well-grounded in the latest academic research, he is prepared to speculate when there is a lack of evidence. But, importantly, he makes clear how much of a stretch he is making.

As well as a nicely written text the book is supported by eight pieces of original colour artwork. These are spread through the book and are strategically placed to illustrate details in the text. Mr. O'Brogain has illustrated a number of Osprey books and I was impressed by his work in Galloglas. In this book I was totally knocked-out by his close-up of legionaries and pikemen sharing blows at the Battle of Magnesia. This is the picture used on the cover and he has captured their mood perfectly.

All in all this was a really informative read (despite this being a subject I have a great deal of familiarity with) with some excellent artwork. I would mainly recommend it to those less familiar with the topic as I didn't notice any new information on the subject matter--at least not for me
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