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Scrawny To Brawny: The Complete Guide To Building Muscle The Normal Way (Anglais) Broché – 30 avril 2005

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Book by Mejia Michael John Berardi

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A review by someone who did the whole program 6 octobre 2009
Par Mark - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché Achat vérifié
Many of the reviews on here seem to be from people who are just starting or who gave up on Scrawny to Brawny. I went in determined to do the whole four month program and am proud that I finished it up through the last day.

Phase I is the Corrective Phase and, I feel, the best part of the whole book. A series of precise tests show you your weak points and then you spend 2 to 6 weeks correcting them. This is especially important for skinny guys who can seriously hurt themselves if they start squatting loaded barbells without the underlying tissue support. The stretches and small lifts are HARD work and I really felt my ligaments and support muscles getting stronger. I had a "bum knee" which tended to feel weak or have pangs before I started this program and since I finished it, that never happens. Great workouts.
The food portion was far less successful. Similar to others who have mentioned this, I could not humanly consume the amount of calories they wanted each day. On the very first day, I found myself laying on the sofa groaning in gut pain at 9pm because I was so engorged. And I was still supposed to eat another meal before bed. I cut back just enough to make my consumption actually possible without vomiting from then on, but my body fat still soared in this first month. I continued to monitor food amounts each month as directed by their Decision Making Matrix, but it was shocking to start off the program with the first serious paunch I'd ever carried.

It was in this month that I strained my back doing one of the lifts and had to take a couple weeks off and start using a lifting belt to continue. Keep in mind that most lifts are illustrated with a single photo and the description of how to execute them assumes some familiarity with the equipment and proper form. I'd taken a weight training class in college and used dumbbells a lot before but strained my lower back lifting a barbell above my head and arching too much. If you're going to sink the significant amount of money that's called for (see below) into this program, you might also plan on a once-a-month meeting with a personal trainer just to assure you're doing everything properly, unless you're versed on full body barbell lifts.
Also, they wanted me to do several chin-ups at a time during my workouts and I could barely do one. There was no guidance on what to do if you're not ready for an exercise yet. Do fewer? Do them halfway? Who knows?
On the plus side, people started making comments about how much bigger I was this month. One co-worker even flattered me that I was getting "huge".

This month focuses on building strength for the last big push of muscle enlargement. Good workouts with noticeable growth on my legs and butt.

This was the weakest part of the program. Workouts moved up to four a week to increase growth and left me feeling tired most of the time, even on days off. I'd start workouts not feeling 100% because I was still tired from my last workout. Muscle growth kind of stalled as a consequence, even though I really put everything I had into it and was still eating enough to keep my body fat higher than average.

The general info presented here (less the excess calories) is solid. i learned a lot and appreciated the mix of technical info with practical tips. Although not a lot larger, my legs and butt are more shapely than ever before- I don't have chicken legs for the first time. And the corrective phase was very effective in building a strong core.

I have a partner who is pretty independent, no pets nor kids, and I work half-time. Still, the shopping, preparation, storage, packing, unpacking, cooking, and washing up after the meals took almost all of my free time. Commute and changing time at a public gym would be added to that for those who don't work out at home. If you have a full-time job, a spouse who wants date nights, kids and a pet, you will find it very, very difficult to complete this program.
Between equipment and extra groceries, I probably spent a couple grand on this program, and that was getting super lucky deals on used equipment via craigslist. At the end of the program, you're just left with the suggestion to sign up for their expensive online extension rather than any practical plan on how to convert what you've learned into a normal lifestyle.

The diet of almost all lean proteins got very monotonous after a while, even for someone who has spent much of his life in the food business and knows how to make simple food tasty. Before you even think of ordering this book, prepare and eat six meals tomorrow, all of them primarily consisting of lean protein (fat free yogurt, chicken breast, fish, turkey burger, 95% or more lean beef, egg whites...). Protein shakes do not count- those would be on top of your six meals on workout days. Then imagine doing that for four months straight, seven days a week.
Finally, the low amount of carbs in the diet really affected my energy level and mental quickness by month four. I just hadn't had the easily convertible energy of carbs for so long that I felt generally hazy and tired. After one day of going back to my normal eating patterns, I was surprised by a noticeable jump in my alertness, interest in intellectual pursuits, and energy for everyday activities.

My neck, thighs and calves are the same at the end of the program as they were at the beginning (although all did peak larger at different points along the way). My shoulders gained four inches, my chest gained two inches, my waist gained three inches, and my butt and arms both gained an inch. My body fat ended one percentage point higher than when I started.

Looking back at this review years later, I'm giving the book one more star. The reason is that I continue to use it as my primary source for workouts, although I cherry-pick exercises more now based on what areas I want to improve, & I mix in a few things from another source. The underlying ligament & tissue exercises remain incredibly challenging & make me feel more balanced & stronger after just one day. The large lifts now (after some learning experiences mentioned above) provide me reliable weight gain & give a good guide for amount of time to rest between sets & for which exercises to match up to balance opposing muscle groups.

I am far less strict on the nutrition program than I was when I actually did the program- I eat when I'm hungry. When I'm in get-in-shape mode I limit my carbohydrates to fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and I cut out most fat, but that's it. Still, going through the nutrition program as guided all the way through really helped me understand the effect different elements had on my alertness, energy, & muscle growth.

So while my overall gains upon finishing the program did not seem worth the massive time commitment, it did teach me important core concepts about diet, exercise, rest, & supplements as a skinny guy which remain fundamentally useful years later.
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Extremely Solid Workout and Nutritional Information! 24 juin 2007
Par GC - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
This is my first review on Amazon, and the only reason I decided to write one on this product was because of how excellent it turned out to be, and because some of the negative reviews that I read might scare some people away from a geniunely useful book.

I've owned it for about two years now, but I've been working out for a lot longer than that for my high school and college athletic careers, with very little to show for it. S2B has dramatically changed the way that I work out-the frequency, the types of exercises, and the volume I incorporate in my workouts. On this program, I went from 6'2 170 pounds to 6'2 195 pounds in about a year on this program, and got vastly more strong. I now do reps with weight that I used to be unable to lift once.

I've seen a few reviews that claim that they have gotten very fat etc. from employing the nutritional advice advocated in the book. There are a number of reasons why this might have happened, but the authors explicitly say that it is an outcome-based nutritional process that you update every two weeks. If you are gaining too much fat--then stop and adjust the diet! Perhaps some of the authors of these comments are not lifters in the true ectomorphic, high-metabolism "hard-gainer" mold or they did not perform the workouts with the proper intensity. I know that if you use the nutrient partitioning/timing that Dr. Berardi recommends, and you eat a lot of nutritious food (aka load up on salads, very lean beef, chicken, fruit) and perform the workouts just as they appear on a consistent basis with hard effort, you will put on muscle and while it is impossible not to put on a little fat with it, in most cases it is barely noticable.

Even if you are not a prototypical ectomorphic hard-gainer, the advice offered in this book is great for building strength and size. The authors advocate a focus on compound lifts using free weights, without a lot of machines or smith machine work that might be good for the ego but aren't good for working the joints or the multiple stabilizing muscles throughout the body. All in all, a solid, informative, entertaining and easy to read book. I would highly recommend it, although the information can be slightly disorganized and the many interesting research references contained in the book are not cited. (There is a book called Njtrient Timing that describes the principles Dr. Berardi employs for sale on Amazon that is also a great book and sheds a little more light on this very interesting and useful subject). Hope this helps!
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Skinny bodies are a thing of the past! 8 mai 2005
Par Golden Pharaoh - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Absolutely fantastic! The frustration over being an ectomorph is something that only the truely skinny can understand. I had just healed after two sessions at the gym that took me a week to recover. During that time, I reevaluated my weightlifting; what was I doing wrong? I had eaten good foods and trained at least 3 time a week with only a little definition to show for it. Then, I heard about this book. I ordered it not expecting much but, boy, was I wrong. The information in this book specifically directs its focus towards us skinny guys. The emphasis is on compound lifts in the body of the training program but they also use the first four weeks to level out your muscle groups to prevent injury and so you look more balanced (this cured my weak back muscles!).
A nice thing too is that the book devotes half of itself to nutrition. Other books will only give you exercises and have you go on your way which always leads you to thinking what you're doing wrong. They list out how you should eat and when; let it be known that this portion is a major lifestyle change.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their body. So what are you waiting for "skinny"? Get to work!
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Whered all the good reviews come from all of a sudden? 1 décembre 2005
Par Rynosaur - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Oh, this email the author sent out.. offering to send something in exchange for a good review. Shady.


I want to start this email off by posting something marginally disturbing. Below

is a recent review of our Scrawny to Brawny at Amazon.com.

"I regret buying this book. It is mainly for someone who can survive on

supplements or soup. Most of the routines and guidelines are very hard to do and

you would look silly doing them anywhere people are present! I do no recomend

this book!"

Now, for any of you who actually read the book, you'd know that this reviewer is

likely on crack! Soup? Squats and bench presses are silly to do? Uhm, ok.

Heck, I wonder if this reviewer even read the book or has ever exercised in his


But, I guess everyone is titled to his or her own opinion.

So what's the point of me sending this ONE review to you?

Well, the point is that ignorance, unfortunately, speaks its opinion loud and

often while reason often keeps quite and shakes its head. And not only do

ignorant opinions like this lower the collective intelligence quotient of

mankind, they prevent others from getting any better.

Think about it - I've received thousands of emails from S2B readers telling me

how the S2B program changed their life. In fact, right now Im doing an interview

series with our S2B stars, individuals who put in the time, comittment, and

dedication necessary to reap outstanding results. So I know the program is one

of a kind. And I know that most of you reading this think so too.

But, when someone like you looks for info about the S2B book, the get to read our

friend's review above and may not pick up the book, even though they despirately

need it.


So here's how I'd like to combat this, with your help, of course:

I'd like you to get on the web and make your rational opinion heard. Post

something positive about the book at amazon.com, amazon.ca, one of the many

message boards online, etc.

And when you do, send me the link to your post. For doing me this favor, I'd

like to send you something. I'm working on a new book called Precision Nutrition

and although it's not yet finished, I'd like to send you a chapter from the book.

The chapter is all about individualizing your nutritional plan based on your body

and your goals. I know you'll love it!

So, make your voice heard - post something positive on the web, send the link to

me, and I'll send you that chapter.

And let me leave you with the words of Plato:

The price good men pay for indifference is to be ruled by evil men.

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Stop Stalling! ~~~~ Just Buy This Book!!! 30 novembre 2005
Par F. Klesitz - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
As an owner of an in-home personal fitness service, convincing my clients to eat a "clean" diet and perform "compound" exercises is my most difficult task.

If only I had a dime for every time I heard these complaints:

"But Frank, why can't I just do leg presses?"
"But Frank, Bill Phillips (Body for Life) recommends a cheat day; you mean I have to eat healthy all the time?"
"But Frrannkk, I like working my Mon/Wed/Fri Chest and Arms routine."
"FRAAANKKK, free weight exercises will surely hurt me."

ARRRGHHH, I couldn't take it anymore!!

I'd hand someone a program like this.....

Deadlift 5x5
Front Squat 5x5
Bench 4x6
Clean and Press 4x6

...they'd look at me like I was crazy.

"But Frank, where are the bicep curls, triceps extensions, hip abductions, finger raises, and eyelid exercises? Muscle and Fiction recommends eight zillion sets of inverted forearm curls on my forearm day." After hearing this, I'd come close to smacking them with their post-workout candy..err I mean protein bar.

Then came Scrawny to Brawny by Dr. John Berardi. I own an extensive library of fitness/nutrition books, have attended many seminars, and worked with countless valued clients. No book has come close to explaining what it takes to become a chiseled beast in the gym. Please, take the money you'd spend on a ½ jug of Whey and buy this book.

If you do the exercises and stick to the no-nonsense feeding (not eating) program you will get huge. No BS, no cut corners, and no gimmicks.

Thanks JB, you've personally changed my life and well as my clients.

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