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A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility (Anglais) Broché – 21 août 2007

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A Shameful Act In 1915, the Turkish government systematically organized the wholesale slaughter of a complete race, the Armenians. Under the cover of World War-I, through the secret organization of unofficial gangs of Kurds, released prisoners, German officers and Turks who had lost their lands in the war against Balkans, over 1 million Armenians were murdered. Full description

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HODGEPODGE OF MISREPRESENTATIONS I was disappointed by the triviality and deception visible in most of ... 15 avril 2015
Par Ergun Kirlikovali - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché

I was disappointed by the triviality and deception visible in most of the contents of the book. Knowing Akcam's background ([...]) and how he was funded by Armenians ([...] ), perhaps I should not have been surprised. After all, a convicted terrorist escaping from prison in Turkey, seeking asylum in Germany, using his German Sociology PhD as foundation for his History "professorship" in America, all seem to have extremely dark points with which Akcam still did not come clean yet. But that's the messenger; let us delve into the message now.

Akcam chooses to ignore Turkey's legendary religious tolerance providing a home for the expelled Jews of Iberia, during the notorious Spanish Inquisitions in 1492, and then again for the fleeing Jews of Nazi Germany during 1930s, and for many other ethnic and/or religious groups in the past millennium. It must have also escaped Akcam that the Greek Orthodox and Armenian Gregorian churches survived a millennium of Turkish cohabitation and/or rule, which is a far cry from the fates of Muslims of Spain, Greece, and Armenia. That the message here is diametrically opposed to Akcam's claims must be clear to any fair mind. All of these are forgotten in Akcam's partisan book, censored by Akcam's passionate efforts to demonize Turkey and Turks at all cost.

The claims of Armenian "genocide" cannot be substantiated by historical evidence. About 70 scholars published a signed statement on May 19, 1985 [...]) in the New York Times and Washington Post, stating that the Turkish Armenian conflict of World War One was one of "...inter-communal warfare fought by Christian and Muslim irregular forces..."

Genocide characterization is a long discredited political claim, not a court verdict by a competent tribunal after due process. The “Allied Media”, along with Protestant missionaries sent by ABCFM (American Board of Missionaries for Foreign Missions) in Boston in the last century-and-a-half are two of the main culprits of this complex human tragedy. The other responsible parties are Armenians (through their revolutionary--read terrorist--parties like Black Cross, Armenakan, Ramgavar, Hunchag, Dashnak, Nemesis, and others,) Tzarist Russia, Imperial Britain, and Colonialist France. Reading Akcam's book, one would never realize that Turks still expect an apology from these six major culprits since the end of World War One. Akcam reverses history and makes the mere defenders of their homeland the culprits of all evils of war.

While The missionaries caused all this bloodshed in the name of God, via their divisive, polarizing, and poisonous sermons and teachings, newspapers like the New York Times and others chose to become an accessory to this crime, in the name of religious solidarity with Armenians and/or promoting U.S. foreign interests, with its reckless publishing of anything and everything anti-Turkish without checking its veracity--145 such articles in 1915 alone while allowing not even a single Turkish rebuttal. Imagine that. Akcam uses all this in his book as a plus for Armenians; talk about spin doctors.

The Armenians, on the other hand, created all this mayhem in pursuit of their dream, the establishment of Greater Armenia, the first would-be apartheid of the 20th Century where 15-12% Christian minority would be ruling over 80-85% Muslim majority in lands carved right out of the Ottoman Empire. Akcam does conveniently forgets this in his book while he talks about a homeland for Armenians.

Convinced that the era of Turks was over as the Turks were practically beaten and finished, the Armenians chose to take arms against their own government and Muslim neighbors, terrorize the Anatolian countryside--in an effort to ethnically cleanse the area of its Turks, already devoid of its Turkish men of age 15-55 who were fighting on many far flung fronts defending the Ottoman Empire against brutal attacks and invasions. Try finding a snippet of information on this in Akcam's book while he discusses Armenian aspirations and plans.

Armenians joined the invading enemy armies, namely the Russians in 1914, The British in 1914-1920, and the French in 1917-1921, and established their own military academy in Bulgaria in 1906 ([...]) Akcam should see the Armenian confession and revelation (Houshamatyan of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Centennial, Album-Atlas, Volume I, Epic Battles, 1890-1914, The Next Day Color Printing, Inc., Glendale, CA, U.S.A., 2006) to make a believer out of even Akcam.

Do these uniformed and armed Armenian cadets at an Armenian military academy in Bulgaria in 1906--i.e. 9 years before 1915 -- look like "poor, starving, unarmed" Armenian women and children to anyone? We all have been duped, it seems, by the propagandistic clichés of Akcam and his Armenian financiers. Wasn’t there and suffering then? Of course there was and plenty to go around. But Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Circassians, Laz, Jews, and everyone else in the area suffered, not just the Armenians, as Akcam claims. Furthermore, let us not forget that the Armenians fired the first shot with a treasonous scheme and determination. Censoring Armenian hate crimes and war crimes, embellishing Armenian suffering, and totally ignoring Turkish suffering is unscholarly, unethical, untrue, and inhuman. If Akcam wants us to grieve, then we should grieve for a massive human tragedy, not just Armenian tragedy. That spirit is totally lost in the book.

The latter three, of course, caused all this unspeakable bloodshed in the name of imperial expansion: Russia to gain access to warm seas, Britain to consolidate to trade routes to India, and France to gain a foothold in the Middle East. Again, not a nugget of information on this important backdrop.

As if none of this happened, and 518,000 Muslims, mostly Turks, were not tortured and killed by the blood-thirsty Armenian revolutionaries, the genocide claimant Akcam continues to promote a racist and dishonest version of history in Akcam's book.

The term genocide describes a special crime that is precisely defined by the U.N. which can only take place if intent to destroy , ([...] and also[...] ) in part or whole, a community with common traits, is proven after due process, at a competent tribunal . For such an intent to exist, there must be a history of racial hate and discrimination, which comes to a boil at one point, such as it did during the Holocaust (1942-1945), the genocides in Rwanda (1994) and Bosnian town of Srebrenica (1995.) It is common knowledge that no such systematic, scheming, and lasting hate campaigns ever existed in the 623-year-long the history of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, quite the contrary exists, where the Armenians were dubbed "the loyal nation", which picture changed in the early 20th Century when Armenian resorted to revolts, treason and terrorism. Akcam turns all this around on its end with some "creative interpretation" of archives, some authentic, some forged, in his book.

There was no competent tribunal employing due process of any kind scrutinizing the embellished Armenian allegations of genocide--save the Kangaroo courts of 1920 in occupied Istanbul--and there exists no court verdict. This does not seem to stop Akcam from outrageously claiming that it is genocide, totally ignoring Armenian war crimes, revolts, treason, terrorism, hate crimes, territorial demands and their Turkish victims.

Akcam resorts to partial quotations from sources that support his "belief" that 1915 events were genocide. This is hardly a scholarly research, as one can start with a contra-genocide position and still use the same sources and list even more quotations that support it. Similarly, one can use Akcam's references to disprove genocide, which goes to say that Akcam has taken almost every citation out of context to serve his conviction. You are welcome to study this detailed analysis and review of Akcam's book by Yucel Guclu which refers to Russian State Historical Military Archive in Moscow, State Historical Archive in St. Petersburg and The French archives in Paris, Nantes and Vincennes and other such archives that Akcam ignored. This inevitably reduces Akcam's book to crude propaganda material. Akcam seems to be on a mission; he is provocative, delusional, and selective in his sources and interpretations--as if he wrote this book to settle a score with Turkey for convicting and imprisoning Akcam on terrorism related charges.)

Guclu says in the end: "Akcam's central thesis and accompanying facts are unconvincing. What happened back in 1915 was a tragedy but by no means a genocide. It was wartime and both sides suffered great losses, sorrow and pain. No program of genocide was ever proposed, planned or carried out by the Ottoman government. No empirical evidence to document these claims has ever been uncovered in any archives. To the contrary, the relocation orders demonstrate that no policy of genocide existed, the Ottoman government did all it could to prevent killings and to settle the Armenians away from the war zones. The author takes his conclusions ready-made from others, instead of forming them himself from the sources he used. It is the historian's task to examine motives, causes and consequences without rancour or partisan loyalty; this Akcam does not do. It may be that he finds difficulty in correlating evidence, or even of interpreting a piece of evidence correctly."

May I also suggest that you watch the documentary titled "The Armenian Revolt."
([...] ) to get a flavor of what you are missing in Akcam's propaganda book. This film is a more objective account of the events of early 1900s, between Ottoman Armenians and Ottoman Muslims. I understand the frustration of the Armenians to be compensated for their suffering but they must also admit the Armenian complicity which brought that suffering upon Armenians and the Muslims by taking up arms against their own government and neighbors and joining invading enemy forces (Russian, French, and later British and Greek). Akcam cannot white-wash the Armenian hate crimes and war crimes by simply ignoring them in his book. Any truth-seeker will quickly realize that there is a gaping hole in Akcam's book that does not explain why Turks and Armenians, who cohabitated Anatolia for a millennium, suddenly turned on each other. Akcam's book promotes "official" Armenian narrative, hence it is sheer propaganda material.

In the documentary "The Armenian Revolt.", one can watch numerous historians who do not endorse Akcam's conviction that1915 was genocide, world renown historians like Bernard Lewis, Justin McCarthy, and others. I also recommend Guenter Lewy's book, "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: The Disputed genocide" for any honest truth-seeker to learn both sides of the story—one can listen to his speech ([...] ), a balanced, fair, and objective account of 1915.

Akcam claims that the only thing Ottoman Armenians wanted was the Reforms. What a falsehood. Is that why the Armenians built this military academy as early as in 1906 in Bulgaria then: [...] ?:

Akcam asserts if the government had implemented the changes they agreed with Dashnak Party, It would have been no revolt whatsoever. Is that why then the first prime minister of Armenia, Hovhannes Katchaznouni, lamented the Dashnaks in the 1923 ARF-Congress in Bucharest, Romania, saying Armenians should have stuck to the agreement with Turks in last 1914 and not try so hard to back stab the Ottoman Empire? ([...] )

Akcam claims that most of the revolts that took place in various towns in Anatolia were simply the resistance to the Tereset (temporary relocation) order of May 27, 1915. Akcam clearly has no knowledge of Nalbandian's book where it is stated that Armenian revolts have started as early as in 1862. We clearly know that the motive for revolts was not just reforms, but an independent Armenian State on Turkish soil. Akcam also blindly dismisses the Armenian terrorist activities within the Ottoman Empire in order to discredit TERESET order. Akcam, apparently has never heard of Black Cross (1871), Armeniakan (1876), ramgavar (1882), Hunchak (1887), Armenian revolutionary Federation (1890) , Nemesis (1918) and other terrorist organizations responseible for hundreds of revolts, thousands of terrorist acts, and more than half a million Mulsim, mostly Turkish, deaths between 1862 and 1922, peaking in 1914-1915. We can still find solace in the fact that Akcam, in the face of overwhelming documentation, could not bring himself to deny the wide support that was provided to the Tsarist Russia and Western powers to Armenians.

According to Akcam, the special organization, Teskilat-I Mahsusa was responsible for killing Armenians and the regular army was instructed not to interfere when Armenians were massacred just out of the towns where they were living. Total falsehood! The most important expert on TM, an American historian named Philip H. Stoddard, who went to Turkey during 1950 to speak to the surviving members of TM and published his research on TM in his PhD dissertation at Princeton University in 1964 (also translated to Turkish[...], available at amazon) makes a liar out of Akcam. TM was established as a counter measure to the British efforts to stir Ottoman Arabs into rebelling against their own state on the side of Britain and was active mostly in place like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia (Iraq-Jordan-Arabia) Afghanistan, and India. Their mode of operation was to convince and support British Muslims (and British-influenced-Ottoman-Muslims) to rise up against Britain. TM has absolutely nothing to do with Armenians. It is the fertile imagination of Armenian propagandists that TM was after Armenians ([...] .)

If Armenians (and Akcam) are so right, then why would they not open Armenian archives to researchers? What are they hiding there? Turkey opened its archives 30 years ago and more than 100 countries sent their researchers there (except Armenia, of course.) So what are Armenians so scared of? If they feel their case is so strong, then why not take Turkey to ICJ ( International Justice Court, in Den Haag) ? They cannot, because if they do, the world will finally hear the Turkish case which was pretty much censored up until this moment. Once the world sees the Turkish archives, its waterproof evidence, then Armenians can kiss goodbye their beloveth (but bogus) genocide. Remember ECHR decision of December 17, 2013 where the highest court in Europe decide that genocide was not prioven so it could not be compared to Holocaust? That's the plain truth, isn't it?

This book is a hodgepodge of misrepresentations based on a racist and dishonest history supported by Armenian folklore compiled by a spin doctor paid by the Armenian lobby (The Zoryan Institute, the Cafesjian Foundation, Robert Aram, Marianne Kaloosdian and Stephen and Marian Mugar , and other Armenians) to promote Armenian interests. It is a waste of time to read it.
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Armenian sources note that the Russian army forcibly relocated about ... 16 avril 2015
Par Erdogan - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Armenian sources note that the Russian army forcibly relocated about 300,000 Armenians during WW I, half of whom perished during the process. Have you ever heard of Armenians accusing Russia of ethnic cleansing? (Source: Richard G. Hovannisian, Armenia on the Road to Independence. 1918, Berkeley-Los Angeles-London: University of California Press, 1967, p. 67)

Get your facts right! Stand up against one-sided racist genocide claims.
27 internautes sur 42 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
A Shamful Book 16 avril 2015
Par bassoy - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Taner akcam is a dubious, prejudiced person who for this reason has been sadly rejected even by his own family members. He is an ex-Turkish terrorist, sentenced to five years imprisonment in Turkey. He fled to Germany where he is accorded a quick doctorate degree in sociology, then exported to the well paying Zorian Institute in the US where his academic label has been changed from sociologist to historian, becoming thereby an "Armenian genocide"menian propaganda tongs; a machine-professor.
The content of his book is contrived for an "Armenian Genocide" through the use of selective documents, with little academicc value.
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Great source on the Armenian Genocide 19 mai 2015
Par Michael Rettig - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Broché
Great source on the Armenian Genocide. When considering this book, note that the negative reviewers are Turkish. The denial runs deep but truth prevails through this book.
5 internautes sur 9 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
a very good, well researched and o the point account of ... 22 avril 2015
Par José Sarukhán - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Format Kindle Achat vérifié
a very good, well researched and to the point account of the planning and execution of the first genocide of the twentieth century. We have the moral obligation not to ignore and to remember these "dark sides" of the history oh humankind
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