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Soul Stories (Anglais) Relié – avril 2000

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Multisensory Perception

It was a gray winter afternoon. The black, sleek car was traveling fifty miles an hour when it hit the ice. Like a graceful dancer, it began a slow, horizontal pirouette as it slid toward a steep embankment and then disappeared over it. Inside, a young woman screamed as the car rolled again and again like a ball careening downward and spinning at the same time. That woman was my sister.

One hundred miles away, an older woman with gray hair suddenly rose out of her chair.

"Something has happened to Gail!" she gasped.

The telephone rang forty minutes later.

"Your daughter has been in an accident. She is not hurt badly, but her car was destroyed."

How could this have happened? The woman who rose in alarm, my mother, could not see her daughter struggling for her life as the car crashed again and again against the frozen ground and, at last, into a barren tree. She could not smell the crushed bushes beneath the battered car, or the gasoline from the ruptured tank. She could not hear the bending of metal and the shattering of glass, feel the impact of the car as it tumbled, or taste the blood in her daughter's mouth.

She did not have to. She used multisensory perception. Multisensory perception is a direct link with information that the five senses cannot provide. It eliminates the distance between the one who knows and what she knows. It eliminates the time between them. My mother did not need to wait for the police to tell her that her daughter's life had been in danger. She knew it as clearly as if she had watched, heard, smelled, felt, and tasted the experience herself. She engaged another way of knowing.

The businessman was late for his plane. He waited impatiently for his ticket, and then drove quickly into the huge airport garage. The first level was full. So was the second. Up and up he spiraled, one narrow ramp after the other, becoming more worried each moment. Level three was full, and so was level four. As he approached the ramp to the last level, desperate now, he suddenly stopped. A large sedan came speeding around the curve, going the wrong way. Neither would have seen the other before the crash.

How did he know that car was coming? He could not see it, hear it, or smell it. His ability to taste and touch could not help him. This is also an example of multisensory perception. Multi means more than one. Taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight are different ways of sensing, but they are all part of a single system. That system is designed to detect one thing -- the world that appears to be outside of you. If you only have five senses to navigate, you are limited to this system.

When the brochure first came in the mail, the woman did not give it much attention. It was about a conference that was too far away, too expensive, and not about the things that were most interesting to her. The next day, she felt an impulse to read it again, and the next day, too. She could not put it out of her mind, nor the curious feeling that she should attend. Without knowing why, she registered and booked a flight. The first day there she met a man who was struggling with cancer. She had a passionate interest in the healing process. With her assistance, his cancer disappeared, and they coauthored a book on healing.

Where did her impulse come from? She had two systems to provide her with information. The first -- her five senses -- didn't give her information about what might happen at the conference. Another system did. That second system is multisensory perception.

My friend Jeffrey had come to a dead end. He wanted to study "deviant personalities" from a positive point of view -- what makes some people more fulfilled and happy than others. His graduate program in criminology only studied them from a negative point of view -- what makes some people more violent than others. One night he dreamed that he visited the house of two friends (whom he actually knew). They were not home, so he let himself in. On a table in the living room he found a magazine called Eye. It told him exactly what he needed to know.

The next morning, he hurried to tell his friends about this dream. They weren't home. He knew where they kept the key, so he let himself in, although he had never done that before. On a table in the living room he found a magazine called Focus, which included a schedule of programs on a national public television station. As he looked through it, he suddenly realized that he could study positive "deviant personalities" by interviewing them on television! He did just that. He called his program "Thinking Allowed."

Jeffrey's dream told him how to find what he needed. So did the woman's impulse to go to the conference. The businessman's hunch told him what he needed to avoid. These are examples of multisensory perception. Jeffrey, the woman, and the businessman listened to their multisensory perception. That is why Jeffrey has his television program, the woman is the coauthor of a book, and the businessman stayed out of the hospital.

Having multisensory perception and using it to help you are different things. This is important to realize because we are all becoming multisensory. If you understand that, you will be looking for ways to use this ability. Actually, this ability is not new. What is new is that everyone is now getting it.

In the past, we called this ability by another name.

Copyright © 2000 by Gary Zukav --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché .

Présentation de l'éditeur

In his bestselling book, THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, Gary Zukav's driving concept was 'multi-sensory perception', an innate sense that allows people to experience the world beyond the five senses, to listen harder to who they are and ultimately to save one's life. Now in SOUL STORIES, Gary Zukav brings this concept and many others vividly alive, with marvellous true stories of how they manifest themselves in individual lives. This book is enormously practical in the way the author builds on each specific story to a discussion of its application to the reader's needs, leading to a deeper understanding of authentic power and inner peace. And best of all, it is wonderfully readable and even more accessible than THE SEAT OF THE SOUL. --Ce texte fait référence à une édition épuisée ou non disponible de ce titre.

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Simplicity teeter/tottering on brilliant 19 mai 2000
Par shadeofboo - Publié sur
Format: Relié
I think everyone entered this new millennium seeking truthful answers to difficult, internal questions. The stories in Gary Zukav's book "Soul Stories" are at the heart of simplicity. Life problems/situations can seem monumental and so very complicated that one would think that the answer or solution would have to be equally complicated... Gary's message, or answer in his book, is to connect to your intuitive feelings/emotions not your intellect. If you are looking for a book that contains precise answers, strategies or a quick fix, you will be disappointed. The book metaphorically reminds you what it feels like to walk through warm, green grass or on a new plush carpet barefooted.... or to go back to sleep in the morning after a warm shower. The stories seem so simplistic that, at times, the book is more of a meditative aide than informative. The message: practice kindness, what you express will be experienced, seek harmony, trust and love... reading his book, one gets the feeling of sitting down with a childhood, best friend that you haven't seen since high school. Brilliant, in that it restrains the thinking brain while you explore your soul.
39 internautes sur 41 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Authentic Empowerment..... 18 septembre 2000
Par Rebecca of Amazon - Publié sur
Format: Relié Achat vérifié
Gary Zukav has found a better medium for explaining his beliefs. Stories have been the best way to explain every idea since the beginning of time.

I have also reviewed Gary Zukav's The Seat of the Soul in detail and reading that review may be helpful in understanding the premise behind Soul Stories. In The Seat of the Soul he explains his basic beliefs and goes into detail about authentic empowerment and how to reach beyond our five senses to become a multisensory person. Throughout Soul Stories, he also promotes the belief that the Universe is alive. To me, this is the presence of God in our lives.

Gary discusses intuition, forms of reasoning, the earth school, emotional awareness, responsible choice, harmony, cooperation, sharing, reverence for life, forgiveness, love, trust, marriage, children, kindness and inner richness. It is not surprising that he also includes some health advice, our souls do live in our bodies, so why not create a perfect environment for the soul? We are individual souls sent to earth to fulfill a task or to learn a lesson, which will benefit us in the next life.

Yes, I agree that you make your own future through making daily choices and when you have an "intention" you can create a good or bad experience. This book is a blending of Eastern religions with a generous helping of real experiences and a pinch of Christianity. I recommend that if you purchase this book and take this soul journey that you turn on your intuition, logic and perception. Be aware that although there are many truths in many religions, the ultimate truth comes from God. To know truth you must first know God.

Gary has done an excellent job in raising awareness of the need to nurture our souls, however he has combined many religions into one book. It is up to us to find our own way on this journey. God created our souls; and therefore he can lead us on the path to Truth. If you are searching to find out what Gary Zukav believes, then this book is very enlightening in that regard.

I think his best idea is to view life as a school and that we are here to learn. I also appreciate his encouragement to make the best decision in each moment of our lives. He has changed my life in that regard! I hope you will continue to find truth and meaning in your own life.

~The Rebecca Review
27 internautes sur 28 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Books Can Be Catalysts 1 janvier 2001
Par Un client - Publié sur
Format: Relié
It's that time of the year when I tend to look at the last year and think about what I'd like in the New Year. I picked up a copy of Gary Zukav's "SOUL STORIES" and I'm well on my way. It's a light collection of stories and thoughts about living your life from your heart. Zukav talks about the "Old Male" (old-fashioned and traditional) and the "New Male" (uses his intuition and recognizes a new order to things) -- I saw pieces of myself in both of these! I particularly enjoyed the chapter in which Zukav meets Oprah Winfrey -- it's a beautiful demonstration of how easily cooperation happens and how you never know all the ways in which your dreams and goals will be expressed.
In my wanderings through book reviews, I came upon another excellent book that supports people in living from their truth -- "WORKING ON YOURSELF DOESN'T WORK" by best-selling authors Ariel and Shya Kane. A real catalyst to help light your fire. If you're looking to use the New Year as an opportunity to step more fully into your life, I highly recommend Zukav's and the Kanes' book.
21 internautes sur 21 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
Discovering the Soul 8 juin 2000
Par Aroutioun Agadjanian - Publié sur
Format: Relié
One cannot discuss either of these two magnificent books of Gary Zukav - Soul Stories and The Seat of the Soul without another. They are two different powerful information sources but they actually represent one profound insight first given to the readers as a philosophical outlook in The Seat of the Soul and then explained and enriched by beautiful examples as a sincere spiritual monolog in Soul Stories.
What's striking is that the author of these delightful books full of love, spiritual light and true humanism, once served as a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer during Vietnam War. Indeed one cannot fight evil with evil, because there is no sense in fighting darkness with darkness. Only love, only light can defeat darkness.
Read these two life-changing books at the same time. What might seem unclear in The Seat of the Soul will be most probably beautifully explained in Soul Stories. But do not just read them, savor each single page, make your own conclusions, recall your own "spiritual stories" and you will never forget these books. Good Luck on your journey of Discovering the Soul.
30 internautes sur 32 ont trouvé ce commentaire utile 
The Path of the Soul's Progress Towards Its Purpose 20 juin 2000
Par Donald Mitchell - Publié sur
Format: Relié
This book is unusually effective in raising spiritual issues into normal awareness, and does so in a friendly and pleasant way. Each story builds nicely on the preceding one to tickle your memory about experiences that you have had or heard about, and to raise your awareness about the questions these experiences raise. You will undoubtedly gain new insights and new ideas for addressing these issues the next time you run into them. Everything is done very gently, so you can decide for yourself what you want to believe and pay attention to. The book is both extremely deep and considerate at the same time.
The theme of each story is basically built around the concept of uncovering what is in your soul, and then helping your conscious self to come into alignment with your soul. There is a beautiful analogy in one of the last stories in the book about what it is like to go from being in the desert (where life is harsh, dangerous, and full of fear) into the land of milk and honey where everything is rich, comfortable, and relaxed. When we feel like we are in the desert, we are deserting our soul's purpose. When we feel like things are wonderful, we are at one with that purpose.
Professional editors tell writers not create books like this. They say that readers need to have all of the dots connected. Well, although the book is not weighted down with lots of logical support for the theses that are developed here, I found that the stories were beautifully connected together -- far better than if they were all part of one story.
All but a few of the stories resonated with me. I look forward to thinking more about the ones that did not, in order to discern their intended meaning.
One of the best parts of the book dealt with relationships, and the ways that two people can come into and out of harmony with each other at the spiritual level. This gave me a whole new way to think about my relations with others, one that I cherish.
If you love books about spiritual issues, you must read this one. If you are not sure whether you want to read about spiritual issues, you should give this book a try. It will fit comfortably with what you would like to think about. If you think you don't want to explore spiritual issues, perhaps you should give this book a try anyway. It may at least help you better understand people who are interested in developing their spirituality.
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